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  1. Little Platformer by Jackofcourse
  2. Ninja sackboy 101 by blaze123joy
  3. The Fire Factory by supasheep
  4. My LBP level's
  5. Tiki Twins
  6. Sandstorm!
  7. Testing and Feedback!
  8. some random stuff, not really a level...
  9. Aquabyss (updated)
  10. Little Nameless Adventure
  11. LittleBigAutumn by Coxy224
  12. The Lost Crystal Caverns
  13. Up & Away In Sky Town (psp)
  14. Angels and Demons
  15. Want to help promote LBPCentral?
  16. The Frozen Kingdom of Skadi by Lleonard
  17. (Beta) Eureka! A Sack Full of Adventure!
  18. the impossible by blaze123joy
  19. Clambering Crawlway by Jackofcourse
  20. The Recommendations Thread
  21. Lair of Dr. Gaxler
  22. Check out my boss battle
  23. Yes, use F4F The Right Stuffing by tsr13 (PSP)
  24. Lair of Dr. Gaxler
  25. Check out my 1st level just a little taste of what i can do.
  26. The Harp of Seasons
  27. assassins creed lvl (blaze123joy)
  28. found new glitch!
  29. The Many Worlds - By Yours Truely
  30. Desirable Trial by Coxy224
  31. Scroll of Eden: Mountain Path
  32. [LBPC]_LittleBigVolcano
  33. miniture golf(blaze123joy)
  34. Bird of Paradise by jeffcu28
  35. Run for Fun (my first lvl)
  36. Now and Then by amazingflyingpoo
  37. Bangin Buckaroo by Drewtva
  38. The Garage: Create & Race by MattAstr
  39. Mountain Climber Extreme! By ReDeYeRaGe
  40. Euphoric Physics
  41. Yes, use F4F Apollo 13.5: Sacks In Space by tsr13 (PSP)
  42. F4F: Super Duper Sack Jump!: A LBP PSP Mini-Game
  43. High-Tech, Low-Tech By: Yours Truly
  44. 2 NEW LVLS(blaze123joy)
  45. The Garden of Golden Apples
  46. Pwned
  47. F4F: Moon Meteor Madness
  48. F4F: Cave of Legend [500XP up for grabs!!!]
  49. Sackventure:The Adventure Begins
  50. Creator's Edition Showcase
  51. little random level by gareth2689
  52. F4F:color me crazy!re-made (sorta)
  53. Donkey Kong - Preliminary Beta
  54. Yes, use F4F The Interwebs by tsr13 (PSP)
  55. free score bubbles level
  56. unearthed place
  57. Sackventure: Chapter two Journey to the shrine
  58. The Sack-Tastic Adventure
  59. The Epic Level: Anti-H4H Scorpians
  60. Dream Or Reality? by Arrestor (New Version available: "Dream or Reality? 2.03")
  61. Little big ark by fry9182
  62. Little big ark by Fry9182
  63. Teeter Hotter
  64. 'Hello' and 'My First Publication'. Airship test. Feedback welcome.
  65. Scorching Scamper by Jackofcourse
  66. Boss Challenge I by J_Crockford
  67. Kickoff by Banjo5150
  68. new level in the works.
  69. Flock
  70. funstreet,shopland, world of crazy!
  71. Yes, use F4F Armagadder by tsr13 (PSP)
  72. Woesme Kingdom
  73. The Mysterieus Stone of Egypt by wouties
  74. Quest for the crown
  75. The Blade of Maahes
  76. The LBP PSP in-game "Featured Levels" thread (updated Feb 9)
  77. Tiki Island Chapter 1
  78. Metroid: Sackboy and Samus
  79. Hidden Planet (by: Spark151)
  80. Level Feedback
  81. Lost at Sea by amazingflyingpoo **Spotlighted**
  82. Music Tycoon
  83. My first actual level: Colossal Calamity - Updated with Pictures -
  84. My new level: The Castle (creator: wouties) + New Pictures!
  85. Metroid: Sack & Space Pirates RELEASED! (Easter Egg Included!)
  86. delete
  87. Abdullah's Challenge Emporium [Medium] by Pete1991
  88. Platforming
  89. Tesdaren, Prequel of Drakenus [UNFINISHED]
  90. Treasure Hunter and a riddle of old castle
  91. LBP Secret Service
  92. The Shipwreck of Captain Skull
  93. Teleporter 1.0 by KlingonScientist
  94. F4F:Sackboys dream of fame...
  95. [PSP] Calamity Construction by Jackofcourse
  96. i'd really like to show off my masterpiece.... but i cantz :'(
  97. Rocket Test By GuitarMan73
  98. LORD OF THE WINGS by Shade-seeker RE_PUBLISHED 17th Feb 2010
  99. The Wacko-ville wheel of wierdness!
  100. Total Wipeout PSP
  101. Cosmic Pinball (No Sackball Clone) by Maboe84 (Arrestor) *Spotlighted*
  102. Tribal Transaction by TeeBaG (PSP)
  103. Representation - Minigame: The Jungle
  104. The Target (1.1)
  105. "Scenic of the Leaves" by Spark151
  106. Little level, lots of fun (My first good level )
  107. Yes, use F4F A New Hop by tsr13 (PSP) [Video added!]
  108. Sack Ops series
  109. Pirates of the carob bean By Shade_seeker **SPOTLIGHTED**
  110. Ice Castle
  111. STAR WARS AT-AT Walker (Just the vehicle for now)
  112. Feedback for Feedback
  113. The quest for beauty
  114. A Sack's Tale by Fastbro
  115. (EASIER) Pirates of the Carob bean
  116. (EASIER) Pirates of the Carob Bean
  117. PSP World
  118. Yes, use F4F ZEN by jeffcu28 **Spotlighted**
  119. Revenge of the stink
  120. Yes, use F4F Sackboy Plays LBP PSP! (V1.1) *Spotlighted!*
  121. The Grassy Peaks - By: Masterlemons
  122. Yes, use F4F R.I.P. Sack by Spark151
  123. Yes, use F4F STAR WARS: TIE in the Sky **Spotlighted**
  124. Yes, use F4F Trapped Transition *Spotlighted*
  125. The Volcanoe
  126. Fort Sugar Series *** Sacky Nominated & Spotlighted ***
  127. Shallow Springs by amazingflyingpoo **Spotlighted**
  128. LittleBigAvatar
  129. Yes, use F4F Trials of the treasure god (defanged and easier)
  130. Yes, use F4F Intruder
  131. Yes, use F4F dune buggy race
  132. Star Trek: The Emotional Picture(Updated)
  133. Yes, use F4F Visiting The Canyons
  134. A curious Sack
  135. The Flaming Chasm - By: Masterlemons
  136. Frankenfish's Castle
  137. Yes, use F4F Nimbus 2.0
  138. Yes, use F4F Dungeon Escape! Vertion 1.1 now released!
  139. Yes, use F4F A fiery embrace
  140. Timber Canyon (Sacky Nominated and Spotlighted!!)
  141. Mountain Climb (my first level)
  142. Escape The Box
  143. Yes, use F4F all my schtuff
  144. The Claw
  145. A Dingo Down Under by amazingflyingpoo **Spotlighted**
  146. The Basic Colour Race
  147. Airship Raid!
  148. Yes, use F4F A Spiders Treasure
  149. In the Spotlight
  150. Secret Laboratory 27 - by Raikami
  151. Watsitooya and The Not-So-Confusing Cave [V1.1]
  152. Yes, use F4F Solid Journey (Update 2)
  153. Zombie Invasion (v 2.1)
  154. Dig Dug
  155. Atomic Bomb
  156. Seize the Castle (updated)
  157. Trench Warfare (v. 3.0)
  158. Yes, use F4F Volcanoe of the Lost Rubies **Spotlighted** :)
  159. Yes, use F4F Return To Tinsel Town
  160. Atomic Bomb (version 2.1)
  161. Tetherless jetpack, Lethalizing Checkpoints, ect.
  162. City in Chaos!
  163. no enterance in this level.
  164. Yes, use F4F Imagination Land
  165. Tera Cota (Spotlighted!!)
  166. Yes, use F4F Graveyard Castle
  167. Office Woes
  168. Survival at the sea! (new version)
  169. OBJECT: The Blockblaster
  170. Yes, use F4F Swamplands Pokemon Version
  171. Yes, use F4F The Monsterous Fort [public beta]
  172. Yes, use F4F Imagination Land (Version 2.0)
  173. Yes, use F4F Chain Reaction
  174. Yes, use F4F The Summit WDSD
  175. Third thick layer!!!
  176. Yes, use F4F The Empire's Striped Snack by tsr13 (PSP) [Video added!]
  177. The Sky Islands of Oneiros Ch 1 *Spotlighted, Featured, Sacky Nominee*
  178. Yes, use F4F Yeti In The Alpine! ***Nominated for a Sacky Award!***
  179. Assassins Creed-Sacktair
  180. Yes, use F4F Boot Camp
  181. Great Balls of Fire
  182. Yes, use F4F 005(Double O 5ack)
  183. Yes, use F4F Sandcastle
  184. Yes, use F4F Elevator Tutorial
  185. Yes, use F4F Magic Mirror Tutorial
  186. Yes, use F4F Environment Tutorial
  187. Yes, use F4F Picasso-esque Triangular Cat Playing Jazz
  188. ***mount freeze***
  189. jungle swinging
  190. Escape The Labs
  191. Yes, use F4F The Gardens PSP
  192. A trip in your PSP
  193. The Big Freeze
  194. Chickadee
  195. Land of the Rivers
  196. the great flying machine
  197. USS Sackboy - A Carrier
  198. Yes, use F4F Duck's Rule(v0.001)
  199. Yes, use F4F Sackula [PART ONE]
  200. Destiny by amazingflyingpoo **Spotlighted**
  201. Seize the Castle Part 1: End of the War
  202. Yes, use F4F Curses! by SalieriAAX
  203. 2layer invisible material & thinlayer invisible material
  204. Yes, use F4F The Treasure Hunter & the Secret of the Ancient Pyramid **Spotlighted**
  205. The Sky Islands of Oneiros Ch. 2 *Spotlighted, Featured*
  206. Yes, use F4F Find the Four Eggs
  207. Yes, use F4F Sackboy Short 1
  208. Yes, use F4F Sackboy Short 2
  209. Yes, use F4F level of my creations.
  210. Yes, use F4F Sugar Roots (Featured Level)
  211. Yes, use F4F S.I.A. Mission 1: 'Take' (V 1.1) **Spotlighted**
  212. Yes, use F4F LBUP Magical Forest
  213. Save Die Reload! psp version by Domik12
  214. Yes, use F4F Article 5 by Spark151
  215. Yes, use F4F Graffiti City
  216. Sackboy Short 3
  217. Yes, use F4F Sackula [PART TWO]
  218. Unpublished - Rain of Pain (Survival Challenge)
  219. Yes, use F4F 21st Century Meltdown [V1.1]
  220. Yes, use F4F Escape LBUP
  221. Yes, use F4F Detective Sack [DEMO]
  222. Yes, use F4F A Million To One [Added Photos]
  223. Yes, use F4F Detective Sack
  224. Yes, use F4F Lifespan
  225. Jailbreak
  226. Yes, use F4F One Way Ticket - Re-Published!
  227. Yes, use F4F Mount Loaf [TESTER]
  228. Yes, use F4F Mount Loaf
  229. Yes, use F4F Sack Invaders **Spotlighted**
  230. Yes, use F4F (SPOTLIGHT NOD!) Blue Behemoth Pt. 1
  231. Outer space
  232. Yes, use F4F Magical Forest(Survival Challenge)
  233. One more Russian level!
  234. Yes, use F4F Cavernous Canyon
  235. (Spotlighted!!) Jimmy's Room
  236. Race in the robomb temple
  237. Explosive powered vehicle
  238. Botafumeiro (Survival Challenge) by SalieriAAX
  239. CircuitBall
  240. Yes, use F4F LittleBigMuseum - Medieval Castles
  241. Yes, use F4F Love Lost Sonata (Survival Challenge) by jeffcu28
  242. Yes, use F4F Bootcamp
  243. Rust Over & Die
  244. Yes, use F4F My Stuff
  245. Yes, use F4F Eyes in the dark/Unfair platformer
  246. Boot Camp
  247. Yes, use F4F Pork Chop **Spotlight Nod**
  248. Yes, use F4F Time to Train (Survival)
  249. tankers
  250. Hand Made Pogo Prodotype