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  1. Eternity Crystal beta testing
  2. Crown removal update
  3. Top 10 LittleBigPlanet 2 levels of 2013 so far: FreeAim's picks
  4. Looking for feedback/suggestions.
  5. Is A 3D LBP3 good for the series?
  6. Remember transparent stickers? They are back!
  7. Help with theft?
  8. How to become a popular creator?
  9. New Level: Blast Chamber
  10. Need help on Cross Controller Prizes? I'm taking requests
  11. Music please
  12. Bridge Gate: A Tale of Two Gangs (help wanted)
  13. Free content for creators
  14. Any Pioneers Left?
  15. Anyone willing to record
  16. Help from People on how to create better
  17. LBP2 community still big?
  18. Why do we not have the guitar yet?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  19. Need Testers/Creators!
  20. Searching: Can you help me find specific levels?
  21. i'm confused
  22. Cross-controller won't download :I
  23. Tunesday music gallery consideration
  24. problems, solutions, ideas and idiots
  25. I can no longer review levels
  26. Voice actors needed please help?
  27. Looking for friends.
  28. [Poll] What do you prefer as level collectibles?
  29. lbp.me and that ****ed cat jinxy
  30. Need people who can sing!
  31. Cross-Controller Pack- Do I need the PS Vita?
  32. Writing a Level Review bugged?
  33. Time it Takes to Create Levels
  34. Your Random LBP Boredom-Relieving Activities
  35. Why do i get no plays yet trash levels do?
  36. Why dont people read game instructions?! DX
  37. Wormholes vs. Controlinators!?
  38. A new forum about lists
  39. I want to report someone...
  40. Level series - Do they work?
  41. Will my costumes transfer from my LBP on my PSP to my LBP2 on my PS3?
  42. Has Anyone Created a True RGB Display?
  43. I'm really tempted to do this...
  44. Thoughts on the Boo button.
  45. LBPC - The Game 2
  46. Any redditors out there?
  47. Visible tags in community levels
  48. A contest for the Astronaut Costume
  49. Level links
  50. Delete this
  51. Would increasing the number of MM picks help the community ?
  52. Ideas for new lvl
  53. Your Favorite LBP 2 Levels Ever (So far...)
  54. need some help finding prize bubbles?
  55. Materials?
  56. March of the Bees up for download! (song from MTG contest series)
  57. Thanks for robbing me from my disc content in LBP2 EXTRA Edition...
  58. Looking for mature players who like to hang out and create.
  59. Story Level Unplayable
  60. Haven't been playing for a while and...
  61. Level idea advice. (For those with creator‘s block)
  62. Anyone Want To Help Me By Making Some Music?
  63. What Is Your Greatest Creation Strength?
  64. Hearting your own level?
  65. Versus levels
  66. Our Journey
  67. Terrible Oni location?
  68. move pack costumes
  69. Using LBP Content in a Game Designer's Portfolio?
  70. Who would be a Good LBP Creator?
  71. Heroes of the Craftverse (Fighting game Project)
  72. LBP3 or MM's 3D game?
  73. What's so wrong with long levels?
  74. I need help with nagging.
  75. How to make a good level?
  76. Geeked about Hub
  77. Is there a single creator with the 500,000 yays pin?
  78. Electricity, Plasma, and Fire Are All Just Paint Balls
  79. Do all new good levels have custom music only?
  80. LBP2 Lvls better than some games
  81. compressing "my objects"
  82. No Team Picks this week?
  83. Suffering From Creators Block
  84. You Know A Level is Good When...
  85. Celebrate Halloween! (LBP STYLE!)
  86. It Cannot Just Be Me
  87. How to get level ideas
  88. Community Prizes. Love 'em or leave 'em?
  89. Hey StevenI. LBP Hub: before or after PS4 launch?
  90. I anyone needs help?...
  91. My LBP dilemma......lbp 2 or maybe 3 :)
  92. Adi and Clarie's Livestream tonight - Including LittleBigPlanet
  93. Need someone with a move controller for move pack!
  94. LBP levels with realistic weapons
  95. I <3 LBP Day
  96. Pond Skater Help Move pack
  97. Kaleidas Maze Question
  98. Why was Co-Authors Removed?
  99. Level testers, and friends to play with
  100. Winter DLC
  101. [EVEN MORE NEW DETAILS]Tearaway costumes not showing up in LBP2! Almost fixed!!!!
  102. LittleBigplanet 2 speical edition question ASAP
  103. Shoe Collectible
  104. Switch Material
  105. The Christmas Level Hunt on LBP Fanatic
  106. LBP2 Ost - Sleepy Hallows
  107. Anything impress you anymore?
  108. Building a Better LBP - Ideas for the Next Game
  109. Any love for the Vita/PS3 cross-controller pack?
  110. How to Report a Costume Theif
  111. Those random LBP encounters
  112. Premium Level Pack Playthrough
  113. #BringMMBacktoLBP!
  114. Starting small and getting big.
  115. Joining random people
  116. Recommend Me Some Levels
  117. Creator's Curiosity - Video Series of Unreleased Levels
  118. Why is this guy not banned yet?
  119. LBP.me 500 Error
  120. Portraying Smoking in Lbp Levels
  121. Bugs in the latest update...
  122. Share Your Level Concept Art!
  123. Privacy issues
  124. Media Molecule Players in LBP
  125. Hacked Pins
  126. Level Testing...
  127. Valentines pack help...
  128. My thoughts on SackFolk design options.
  129. Fancy or Fun?
  130. Will Livestream Again Later (Brainstorming in Create Mode)
  131. DC Background Comic Store
  132. I need help with my MM picked level.
  133. Level challenges / the lbpc scoreboard?
  134. Question about music in lbp2
  135. Cross Controller Contest! Gaging Interest
  136. PlayStation+ saving the wrong LBP profile?
  137. Is LBP2 becoming more unstable?
  138. Should LittleBigPlanet 1 Levels Be Banned?
  139. Are the lbp servers getting slower?
  140. I am...
  141. Why Is Lava Not A Hazard
  142. Creators Block
  143. Are the forums dying out?
  144. Why I yay & heart every level I play.
  145. Is there a limit to how many levels you can have hearted?
  146. Memorizer Question
  147. Is online still active?
  148. So Tearaway mini-pack...
  149. LBP at E3
  150. Help me get back into creating levels!
  151. Create Mode?
  152. Should i get a PS3?
  153. I have a PS3!
  154. Praising the game
  155. looking for creators (again)
  156. Which Pins Would You Have?
  157. Getting "Awesomesauce" pin.
  158. Rare Costumes
  159. How many different creators have been team picked?
  160. Is the Extras Edition DLC pre-installed?
  161. Are "Team Picks" fair?
  162. How many people still play LBP2?
  163. Memorizer
  164. Do levels with the 3D Level glitch get Mm Picked?
  165. Help insane lbp2 vortex glitch!
  166. Racing AI Tech Demo (Video)
  167. Must-Have DLCs?
  168. Looking for beta testers!
  169. Latest Patch v1.32
  170. what not to do to get team picked?! (if you would be the judge)
  171. A big thank you.
  172. Nu
  173. Feel free to join me!
  174. Joining more random people!
  175. Copy a level from earth bug?
  176. Astronaut Costume
  177. Songs You Create To
  178. Profile Picture
  179. Playing LBP2 with viewers live on Twitch today!
  180. LBP2 Fonts
  181. Vita and Karting Time Saver Packs
  182. Someone else rebuilding your level in a hidious way
  183. Memorizer Confusion
  184. Errors
  185. Trying to find a certain level
  186. Top ten LBP levels
  187. What are your thoughts on the DC Comics, NMBC and Cross-Level DLCs?
  188. Power-Up ideas for a paintball war?
  189. Beta costumes questions?
  190. Adding Friends!
  191. Mini Packs?
  192. Anybody know what happened to LBP Hub?
  193. LittleBigPlanet 2 Livestreams
  194. Questions about Move/Cross controller packs
  195. Tried to import an old profile from 2009 in lbp2
  196. Secrect Concept?
  197. What do you guys think
  198. Super Mario Club in LBP2
  199. The Update?
  200. Why do pictures take up thermo?
  201. Glitchy Costume Pieces
  202. Looking Back
  203. Does anyone else not like this?
  204. OMG this ps3 flappybird
  205. I know this sound stupid but...
  206. DLC Recommendations for an Avid Creator?
  207. LBP2 cross controller pack. Do you need help?
  208. Little big planet 2
  209. Spotlighted levels
  210. Does the DC Comics Season Pass have exclusive costumes?
  211. Is the 'Soccer Asset Pack' not Cross-Buy?
  212. How long are the Toy Story and Incredibles pack going to be in stores?
  213. Untweekable Material glitch
  214. Hey all! would you guys mind checking out my hard worked on project? Youtube vid
  215. Did we not get team picks for last this week?
  216. Sealed Fate Chapters 1 and 2 on Youtube!
  217. How to not give up on a level.
  218. The Most Hearted Creators
  219. LBP 3 Home on Youtube - TheJamster1992
  220. Does licensed LBP DLC have an expiration date?
  221. Whats up with the Green Checker skin?
  222. Memoriser and score question
  223. Need Help for Cross-Controler
  224. Cross-Controller Questions
  225. LBP2 Data Corrupted. HELP.
  226. Sackboy birthday?
  227. Dive-in 25 pin...
  228. What LBP Content Will You Filter Out When LBP3 Releases?
  229. Your Overall Favourite LittleBigPlanet 2 Platformer?
  230. I am not quite sure how to feel about this.
  231. Testers Needed!
  232. Someone please help me through the Cross-Controller Pack?
  233. Do jumppads and wall jumping hurt creativity?
  234. Need Help Making Music! (Queen band!)
  235. Share your best memories of LBP2
  236. LBP2 Seems Limited Now
  237. Workflow
  238. What next?
  239. Anybody wanna create and play levels on Lbp2?
  240. Why do people include a ring of one solid color on their level badges?
  241. LBP2 keeps freezing on my new account
  242. Little big planet 2 maratón, join with me to receive Little big planet 3!
  243. Free DLC costumes! REAL DLC! REAL FREE!
  244. DC Comics DLC Trophy-Bug
  245. Need LBP2 friends
  246. Is it worth making LBP2 levels anymore?
  247. Has anybody gotten a hold of the Japanese version?
  248. Anyone have a link to a complete collectibles list for LBP2?
  249. Overwhelmed by the creations of LittleBigPlanet creators!
  250. Re-Playing Story Mode?