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  1. Who will make the 1st level on LBP2?
  2. Infotain Me (Song Licensed for LBP2)... What do you think of it?
  3. They are going to be needed, voice actors!
  4. LBP2! I hope its not like LBP
  5. Lbp2 beta Prank level
  6. A problem with LBP2...
  7. Your own "LBP2" Box Art
  8. LBP2 Logic
  9. O. M. G. LBP2! The official 'freak out about LBP2' Thread!
  10. Community Spotlight
  11. LBP2: Dreaming Up Your Own Creations
  12. LBP levels on LBP2...? what about LBP2 levels on LBP?
  13. LBP2 Music
  14. Why Modnation?
  15. The next annoying fad!
  16. Things you noticed in the trailer
  17. Anyone else feel the same?
  18. LBP2 HQ Renders
  19. And, here I was, about to start a level project on LBP...
  20. Remaking/updating your lbp1 levels for lbp2?
  21. Anyone else think Sleepyhead will be the next Get It Together?
  22. New Pop-It Features!
  23. Survival levels and H4H
  24. Level ideas for LBP2
  25. Release
  26. Can you Edit pre-existing lvls and add the new stuff from LBP2 to it?
  27. LittleBigPlanet 2 Plot
  28. Completely UNexcited for LBP2
  29. DLC redesigned?
  30. Amount of levels you'll be allowed to post
  31. My unofficial box art!!!
  32. Who here has been making LBP2 levels ?
  33. Lbp2 cool levels: - [Enter your suggestions]
  34. There will (probaly) be GRAVITY!!! 8D
  35. My LBP2 Unofficial Fan Made Trailer (HD)
  36. BETA codes? (no news)
  37. Fan made LBP2 Box-art
  38. What is the first thing you are going to do?
  39. I think LBP2 will lose it's awesomeness...
  40. Ideas for LBPC "Sackbot Challenge" competitions!
  41. GOTY dlc
  42. Which creators should be working for Mm?
  43. Sackbot Factfile
  44. What is the first creation your going to make?
  45. Story Levels
  46. What's your favorite new feature?
  47. My own unofficial fan made LBP 2 trailer.
  48. What will you do to contain your excitment?
  49. My LBP2 poem
  50. Why have sackbots at all ?
  51. LBP2 : New style, New Themes
  52. How hard would it be to get Mm to do a interview with me?
  53. Update LBPC picture transitions and smilies (please)
  54. How many of you have gone costume crazy?
  55. Improve the quality of Voice Overs by using a pop filter! HOW TO
  56. Fan made wallpaper
  57. What do you want to do in OC with sakbots?
  58. Need some opinions!
  59. How many of us have pre ordered the game? I have :)
  60. Will you update your best levels when lbp2 comes out
  61. Are you going to buy costumes now that they have more use?
  62. Wild Mass Guessing
  63. Now I'll never get the 'Creator' Trophy!
  64. Will LitleBigPlanet Become Obsolete?
  65. vote Littlebigplanet 2 as your most anticipated game of E3!
  66. In-Game Machinimas!
  67. Vehicles! What will you make!
  68. Designing levels around the create capabilities of LBP2?
  69. Hello...what's this?
  70. Sending Out Teh Guides?
  71. LBP2 Gallery - 80+ images
  72. First thoughts on LBP2
  73. Lbp2 objects -
  74. Your uses for the sackbots?
  75. LBP Soundtrack
  76. How many of you...
  77. lbp2
  78. Can we Emit SackBots?
  79. LittleBigPlanet 2 Room
  80. TV Advertising
  81. High Scores
  82. LBP 2 articles
  83. LBP 2 is quiet... too quiet...
  84. Vote for LBP2 for Most Anticipated Game of E3!
  85. What if you could get a piece of LBP2 before it's released?
  86. What pre-order bonuses are available for LBP2
  87. Should MM make a open world kind of level?
  88. Is anyone willing to wait longer?
  89. Can you tell me if this is true?
  90. LBP2 Comedy Shows using the new camera?
  91. LBP2 Camera has fading effect?
  92. Pre-Game Sackboy Costume Contest
  93. What (comfirmed) features are you excited for?
  94. Something I am fascinated by...
  95. What will happen to the old content?
  96. E3 presentation discussion
  97. What you think about the LBP 2 footage
  98. Rex vs. Ray in lbp2 (mgs4)
  99. Question about beta?
  100. The next bomb/shark survival in LBP 2... :/
  101. New LBP2 Font?
  102. How do movers work?
  103. Question about backwards compatibility
  104. LBP2 story mode backgrounds- What we know so far...
  105. Do you think that LBP2 is going to attract back some creators?
  106. Play, Create, Share REMIX!
  107. What do you think is the best part of LBP2!?
  108. Carrying over from LBP 1?
  109. Is there too much hype?
  110. I LOL'd how WE didn't NEED a LBP2 Before....
  111. Ideas on when the beta comes out.
  112. LBP DLC Transfer to LBP2? (I have a minor problem)
  113. YouTube message from LBPUK
  114. Game of the Year Issues
  115. ITS A CONSPERACY!!! (and a good one to...)
  116. Too Much?
  117. LBP 2 Pre-Order
  118. your LBP1 moon on your LBP2 moon
  119. Question for LBP2
  120. LBP 2 Competition Idea
  121. LBP2 Ruin Gameplay?
  122. Music composition
  123. An odd coincidence...
  124. A couple of questions about sackbots
  125. Mm question asking
  126. Play Create Share Remix LBP"
  127. How excited are YOU for LBP2?
  128. Does anyone feel like I do.
  129. A dream
  130. Lady Gaga in LBP2
  131. Move required for LBP2?
  132. As if anyone could be more bored...
  133. Telling your friends about LBP 2
  134. Will Stephen Fry be narrating in LBP2?
  135. What will you bring to LBP2? Huh?
  136. LBP 2 Pre-order
  137. Where will you pre-order?
  138. More Muppets Costumes
  139. Music Copyright Problems?
  140. a little problem im having with the lbp2 projects and planning threads
  141. Trying to Explain LBP2 to Mom
  142. Just to Confirm!!Help
  143. With the new lighting engine...
  144. Question..
  145. Does any one know exactly what music will be in lbp2?
  146. LittleBigPlanet 2 Fan made sticker kit (By me)
  147. LBP2 Coming to the EuroGamer Expo
  148. Creator Curators and other names revealed?
  149. LBP 2: A Train Wreck Waiting To Happen?
  150. Confirmed Costumes in LBP2
  151. Games in LBP2
  152. Need some help...
  153. First thing you're gonna do in create mode
  154. Game Jam Levels Im LBP2?
  155. Favorite New thing in lbp2 that you know of?
  156. Cars In Race Levels?!?
  157. Help
  158. Best pre order costumes poll
  159. Can we Change the Pitch of Songs and Use them in LBP2?
  160. Pre-Ordering LBP2 C.E. Shipping
  161. Any Requests?
  162. Official Playstation magazine features LBP2. WITH SCANS!
  163. I just can't take my time with a level I'm creating
  164. Goo?
  165. LBP2 vote of the year!
  166. The LittleBigPlanet2 Blog!
  167. A question on backwards compatibility
  168. LBP2 decorations !
  169. repetitive games people will create
  170. An lbp2 costume.
  171. Yay pre-order
  172. In need of major help!
  173. Europe Release Date and Collector's Edition
  174. When do you think we'll unlock major stuff in Story Mode?
  175. LBP2 Favourite feature poll
  176. Quick, LBP2 was NEVER announced... what would we be doing?
  177. LBP2 art photos of Play magazine
  178. New trailer costumes
  179. Sackbots holding objects.
  180. 10 Things I noticed in the new LBP2 Trailer
  181. New LittleBigPlanet 2 Adventure Trailer
  182. Surprise!
  183. Who all will be getting LBP2 when it releases?
  184. I'm a few hours away.
  185. The biggest little big dissapointment of all time.
  186. coustume tutorial revolution
  187. LBP2 Cool Page System
  188. Will LBP2 ruin multiplayer gaming?
  189. Probably the most epic rant on here.
  190. A Possible Slight Problem With Local...?
  191. What do you think?
  192. Will LBP2 levels run on LBP1?
  193. Direct Control Seat/ Mover Orb questions
  194. My LittleBigSite!
  195. Lbp2 info!
  196. Direct Control Seat Mapping
  197. LBP2 Logo Font?
  198. What will you build
  199. LBP1 DLC on LBP2?
  200. Movers
  201. Power ups...
  202. LittleBigPlanet 2 OFFICIAL UK release date
  203. Impact Switch Question
  204. Question
  205. I Wonder....
  206. Please answer my QUESTION!
  207. I called it.
  208. My LBP2 wallpaper I made!
  209. LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta News...
  210. close please
  211. Question about circuit boards
  212. Questions about Sackbots
  213. LBP2: "The Summing Up"
  214. 48 hours...
  215. Music in LBP2 Adventure Trailer
  216. Post All LBP2 Wallpapers Here!
  217. LBP BETA link!!!
  218. If...
  219. Beta forums?
  220. How do I join the LBP2 BETA group?
  221. Is anyone else afraid?
  222. Will we ever see Sackboy again...?
  223. Chance to Win PlayStation Move, LittleBigPlanet 2!
  224. The Music Editor
  225. Even if you don't get into the Beta...
  226. Play Station Move Levels (Pictures + New Content)
  227. How do cross-level-checkpoints work?
  228. Lbp2 demo on ps store?
  229. Is 39.91 good for LBP2?
  230. Anti gravity
  231. 3 vs 1 multiplayer levels
  232. Have you ever dreamt of playing LBP2 in your bathroom... ?
  233. Should I bother...?
  234. LBP2 Gameplay Video
  235. Subway Firedrill
  236. LBP2 @ Eurogamer expo 2010
  237. Little Big Planet 2 Story Mode Information
  238. Song confirmed?
  239. What kind of music will you create?
  240. Little Big Planet 2D (Fangame)
  241. I'm making Wallpaper for the community Now!
  242. Is Mm at PAX?
  243. The LBP2 Theory of 4 Games...
  244. Makeing trains should be less frustraiting
  245. Do you NEED collecters edition to get these "Bookends"?
  246. I Spy With My Little Eye... A New Song?
  247. So.. who is preordering?
  248. Media Molecule's LBP2 Creators Stole My Idea!
  249. Retaining copyright?
  250. Level amount