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  1. Sticker Panels not showing up for online peeps?
  2. Problem with movers
  3. Odd Player Sensor
  4. Hi, is anyone else having this problem?
  5. Help with making Advanced Elevator LBP2
  6. What do people like?
  7. Sos asap!!!!
  8. Stuck in the start screen
  9. Adding a cut scene
  10. Magic Mouth Question
  11. desperately need a vehicle
  12. Level bans?
  13. Wide angle camera
  14. I just don't know?
  15. Two things that are killing me.
  16. Directional Buttons Useless
  17. How can I speed up pistons while the player is in a set area?
  18. Are Magic Mouths glitching out on me?
  19. Can't Stay Signed In
  20. Cutscene Levels - Help
  21. Creatinator Help
  22. Hazard Costumes?
  23. Can't log in to lbp.me!
  24. My Silly Questions List
  25. aiming objects which emit from sackbot
  26. Colour changing stickers/objects
  27. Can i get LBP1 materials on a USB stick and install?
  28. Select a Character
  29. Need some help with sackbots
  30. checkpoint help!
  31. Alternative Ending HELP!
  32. Story Levels "Goodies & Prizes" Glitch!!! HELP!
  33. How Do you Make Sticker Animations without the move pack?
  34. Menu camera help!
  35. proper etiquette for using community prizes in a published level
  36. Controlinator Help
  37. I have a project I've began sketching for but I'm not sure how/what to do. HELP!
  38. Need to make a sequencer stop
  39. Controllinator Points Glitch
  40. Skipping ahead when testing a level in Play Mode?
  41. Selector is "inverted"
  42. Move Pack Sequencer Instruments?
  43. Problem with teleporter
  45. Hiding a chip completely from sight
  46. Different build date?
  47. Help with hostile sackbot logic
  48. Counting Number Of Tags-Hard Logic Question
  49. Help-inverted lights and blackspots
  50. Controlinator Help
  51. Switching Wireless Logic
  52. Is it possible to make a top down view rotating platform? (solved)
  53. Ghost sackbot
  54. Making in-game instructions
  55. Need help making a Mini-Game D:
  56. How do I import photos from my harddrive to lbp2?
  57. Having problems with recorded Magic Mouths on sequencers? Share your voice!
  58. How to animate solid materials?
  59. How can I make a 1-4 player spawn system?
  60. Server Issue?
  61. Help With Rpg Inventory
  62. How In The Devil.....
  63. How to use ( power-ups, etc. ) by pressing this button w/o riding the controllinator?
  64. Reseting in out movers?
  65. Basic Logic Problem
  66. How Do You Make Buttons As Texts?
  67. LBP Vita?
  68. Wierd glitch plaguing my intro
  69. Some help with some effects..?
  70. Comparing tag distances?
  71. Attracto Problems
  72. How To Disable a Controlled Sackbot's Jump?
  73. Rain sound effects
  74. Mech Shotgun
  75. Need help with some basic logic!
  76. Is the LBP2 Move Pack free if you own a PS Move Controller?
  77. Movie Cameras are acting up?
  78. Sackbot disabled glitch
  79. Showcasing level
  80. I need help!
  81. Magic Mouth Speech Bubble
  82. Sackbot Behaviour Chips are activating, but not acting...
  83. Lighting Bug and also timing things to Music
  84. Republishing a level
  85. Camera following emitted Sackbot
  86. 1.13: four pre-startup crashes, and counting.
  87. Question About The Toy Story DLC
  88. Analogue Coordinate System possible ???
  89. Race countdown logic?
  90. Player Count Sackbot Emit
  91. I'm out of ideas!
  92. Cardboard Tube
  93. Creating artistic levels?
  94. How to make a controllable book?
  95. Steampunk yet LBP2-esque train ideas!
  96. Sackbot Facing
  97. Volkswagon Shaped object?
  98. how do you use extra layers?
  99. Music Sequencer?
  100. Question about materials.....
  101. Need new ways to move "up"...
  102. Sackbot with Creatinator
  103. Level Badges
  104. LBP 2: I can't use my saved costumes ? Please Help !?
  105. HELP with ending level upon death
  106. 2nd Thin Layer
  107. How do i make movies?
  108. Changing layers
  109. How can I make this car better?
  110. Player Ownership & Score Board
  111. Ideas for my new level?
  112. LBP2 Profile Transfer using Data Transfer (ethernet) - HELP PLEASE
  113. Extra Layers Cascade Glitch?
  114. Need Health Help
  115. Sticker panel visibility - how is it prioritised?
  116. Are there usable items in the Move Pack if you dont own a Move?
  117. Help LBP beat em up all attacks at the same time
  118. Rolling help
  119. Guitar tabs to musicsequence.
  120. 25 Online Versus Wins trophy help.
  121. Playstation Plus, LBP2
  122. LBP2 Move Pack not downloading?
  123. How to make 3D background layers?
  124. How do people feel about forced deaths?
  125. Tentacle object?
  126. Unwanted Sounds
  127. Hologram Limits
  128. Do you know about a good music level?
  129. A Q on how to create certain effects
  130. Where to begin learning about making music?
  131. How to make a gun
  132. Community Spotlight
  133. how do you make curvy conveyors?
  134. Q about followers
  135. Where can i download an official update for LBP2?
  136. Saving Sequenced Music
  137. [SOLVED-Video Inside] How to get a sticker panel to follow and orbit a player?
  138. No Druid in the Shop?
  139. how do you make the tv effect? i searched and cant find
  140. "50 Unique Plays" Trophy help
  141. [SOLVED] Getting the flame off the candle
  142. get beautiful background
  143. how to create this
  144. Sharing DLC between different accounts?
  145. Level link issue [Updated]
  146. question about the Move control scheme
  147. Ingame News
  148. Making A fuse
  149. Need Help With Randomiser Logic
  150. Level checklist of sorts?
  151. will my levels be there if i get the SE version
  152. Altering Counter Increment
  153. Help with camera object[Solved]
  154. Player Sensor woes (UPDATE: FIXED)
  155. review pin
  156. Do you know about a good music level?
  157. Some way to cheat the Dive In! system?
  158. Sackbot Copy Owner
  159. where is the Movinator?
  160. Need help with placing Prize Bubbles!
  161. Move question
  162. Playstation Move: Another Wonderful Question!
  163. Move level camera question
  164. My Object Goes Slightly Downwards with Corner Editing...
  165. The thread is closed?
  166. how do you set your controls ?
  167. how can i cycle emiters?
  168. Search Movie in LBP
  169. Need help with checkpoints
  170. Yet Another Lap Counter Question
  171. Special Characters in Level Titles?
  172. Interaction with Hologram
  173. Adding in or Cutting Out?
  174. invisible checpoint?
  175. Multi-Size Sackbot
  176. Transerfering PS3 (LBP question)
  177. i need to make objects to be stcky on command
  178. Dressing up video doesn't load.
  179. Cartoon levels
  180. Need a bit of Help with Counters
  181. Random Movement
  182. 4 Leg spider mech
  183. how to animate a solid material
  184. Static object?!
  185. Best time to publish here??
  186. enemy shooting at player
  187. LBP1 problem still persists
  188. Different randomizer output every time.
  189. [HELP] Artificial gravity with Sticker Panel material and collision
  190. Emitters within emitters to save thermo... downsides?
  191. Object ownership issue
  192. Shadow Glitch?Bug?
  193. Grabbable Objects
  194. Incredibles costume pack...
  195. versus game: entrances and checkpoints
  196. Play a sound when emitting an object
  197. Sound Help
  198. Is there a way to use DLC you already payed for on new PSN ID same PS3?
  199. Colour of a set line of text
  200. Need Logic help.
  201. not so advanced logic question
  202. Health Pickup help
  203. What if someone got an Mm pick, deleted itl, and republished it without any changes?
  204. More Bugs :D Yay!!
  205. I Cannot Collect Stickers Or Community Objects!
  206. Problem with material tweaker
  207. 2 Thin layers with a motor bolt
  208. Invasion: LA The Remake Beta Sign Up
  209. Follower problem
  210. Air Hockey Logic ( I'm Lost!)
  211. top-down controlinator help
  212. multiplayer spawn issue
  213. Recording Audio
  214. Quick Question on Impact Sensors
  215. Need to make grab perminent
  216. Costume Helper. I help with costumes!
  217. Problem Backing up/Loosing objects
  218. Local Space Joystick Rotator, of sorts...
  219. Reset Level Portions Upon Dying???
  220. Destroyer Help
  221. Health Bar logic
  222. 2 Player Camera Issues
  223. Ball and Wall/Alleyway/Bricker (or whatever you want to call it) Logic
  224. No spawn until everyone is dead?
  225. Hungry Caterpillars Song
  226. PROBLEM: Sinusoidal Animation Shape
  227. Sackbot custom checkpoint problems.
  228. Switch between sackbots with multiple players
  229. More Efficient Hit Zombie Hit Detection Logic (NOT Solved)
  230. Recreate LBP 2 Pre-Beta Space-shooter?
  231. Rotating Environment Trouble: Doors and Miscellaneous Moving Objects
  232. help with creating epic lasers
  233. Toy Story DLC Level kit missing!
  234. Good icon seems impossible?
  235. I need help with a WIP (Substitute for Incredibles mask)
  236. I need help with Music
  237. Limiting Rotation Direction with the Brain Crane.
  238. How to make a Silhouette style level?
  239. Level overcrowded, any way to fix/cheat it?
  240. Need help getting plays :l
  241. What Should Additional Players Do in Single Player Sackbot Levels?
  242. Thermo Issues
  243. [SOLVED] What is this decoration?
  244. Question about giving paintings away as prizes
  245. Mining Rock Points Logic Fail, Again
  246. LBP1 data got corrupted.
  247. In what level do you find the rust sticker?
  248. Help I want a cool sig.
  249. Backing up work
  250. Level Design And Awesomeness Help