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  1. A Couple of Questions
  2. Random object movement
  3. Questions about sub-levels
  4. Contextual magic mouths?
  5. Top down sackbots
  6. magic mouths for music
  7. Target rotating magic system.
  8. Button assign in the bottom of the screen
  9. Disabling movers When Opposite Is Active
  10. limit a cursor
  11. Level Link Question
  12. Top down racer car, brake/slowingdown help
  13. How do you create 2D Animations?
  14. Breaking objects apart still possible?
  15. square root of analog signal?
  16. Syncing Music and Animation (Lights/Neon/Global Lighting)
  17. Trophy/pin issues
  18. Mover Trouble!
  19. Movie Camera inserted automatically??
  20. What type of material is the waterfall?
  21. Submarine Help
  22. want to make strategy/tower defence game
  23. Sackbot timing issues!!! Please help!!
  24. Weird collision issue with corners.
  25. Picking up Prize Bubbles with Objects
  26. Boundaries for top-down shooter
  27. Popit out of map.
  28. controlinator + danger
  29. Advnced rotator - Buggy?
  30. Creating a level on 2 different PS3s
  31. Recording Audio
  32. Loading LBP1 Account that was Imported
  33. Help with sackbots and grabinator
  34. Toggling an object on and off multiple times with a sequencer?
  35. How to get projectile sensors to affect hologram health bar
  36. How To Create A Sackbot Boss That Fights You Back
  37. Music sequencer in 9/8?
  38. How to make guns without Controllinator? + some other problems
  39. sackbot timing problem
  40. LBP1 100% help
  41. Making a custom background
  42. Cheat Codes
  43. Sackbots with powers.
  44. Sidescroller help
  45. Neon on/off dimming?
  46. Is it possible to give Holo material properties?
  47. scoreboard question
  48. Help with paintinator
  49. Sackbot Spawning
  50. My level is not a versus level ?
  51. Slap to Kill Sackbots?
  52. Grabinator help (different)
  53. Movie Cameras
  54. Thermo?
  55. Little Big Store - Having Trouble
  56. How to make sackbots act in a movie
  57. Sackbots and switches
  58. D-Pads and controlinators...
  59. Hamstertron 2000 and destroyable walls
  60. Would someone please help me?
  61. LBP1 detection in lbp2?
  62. Rotators!! HELP!
  63. Hazard Lighting Bad
  64. Sidescrolling Shoot 'em Up - Level Size and other Things
  65. Making a sticker?
  66. Sackbot Checkpoints
  67. Number stickers ?
  68. I need lots of help with Logic. (Excitebike clone, Bounce pad issues, and more!)
  69. Emitters cut off for no apparent reason.
  70. Switching object with controllinater
  71. Teleporting Sackbot and Player?
  72. Mirror Reflect
  73. Random Level Sequence Generator Help
  74. HELP: with Linking lights to more then 1 switch.
  75. Stiff pistons
  76. You stole my sackbots!!!
  77. Conveyor belt.
  78. Smoothing out material?
  79. Background Animations and Scrolling Q&A
  80. Object Sounds
  81. Creating a score zone and triggering sound effects
  82. Disabling certain commands (esp. jumping) in a sackbot?
  83. Cutscene Help
  84. Chick Flick lvl?
  85. fire randomiser once
  86. Different speeds from one mover
  87. Remotely controlled Sackbot: How to disable desired buttons?
  88. How To Make Motor Bolts Turn In Different Directions Depending on Button Presses?
  89. How does "import collected objects from lbp1" work?
  90. Two Questions I Need Answering
  91. how to make A.I. for a top down enemy character
  92. little big toyota
  93. How do you make the sizziling sound?
  94. Give bonus every X score?
  95. How not to make a level 2
  96. Points for Sackbot Falling To Their Deaths in Multiplayer
  97. Sackbot construction dude
  98. Costume Question
  99. Need help selecting either deathmatch or capture the flag for my Vs. level, via menu
  100. How to kill the controller?
  101. How do I make a sackbot unmovable/ungrabable?
  102. Sackbot Pet?
  103. Ski-lift Design Help
  104. Emitter frequency & other guff
  105. Weird sackbot 'warp speed' bug that I can't get around!
  106. "Neat" Magic Mouth Speeches
  107. Not Sure what to do.
  108. Adding time?
  109. Can anyone help me with this?
  110. Timer/Button Help
  111. Controllinator help
  112. Unclose-able Mouths!
  113. Need some help on creating a moving boss creature. Pic of rough draft inside.
  114. how do you un gray the right handed option in sackbots?
  115. Does Patapon costume glows in the dark ?
  116. Character select for Multiplayer.
  117. Sackbot Checkpoint help!
  118. Many problems, no solutions
  119. Mover Platform Help!
  120. Top down rpg
  121. Automaticlly leave controllinator when game ends?
  122. "My Advice" Question
  123. Looking for
  124. so question ( aiming)
  125. Imputs in order equiling one output - Cosmos
  126. A Few Things...
  127. All Sound is lost!
  128. Music Sequencer?
  129. Costume Ordering and Spotting
  130. Taking apart a grouped font object from a community level
  131. Joystick Rotator
  132. Unable to Jump
  133. LBP dlc not transfering. PLEASE HELP
  134. Rotating trap door obsticle - help
  135. No Scores Yet, glitch or not?
  136. Camera stopped working?
  137. Help Please!!!
  138. Magic mouth timing
  139. How do you get your levels on the cool pages?
  140. Basicilly ; No connection
  141. Making the camera wait until all players are in the DCS
  142. Follower logic in a maze environment?
  143. Last Man Standing?
  144. How can i make a rocket-funland?
  145. 1up logic
  146. Creatinator Help Please
  147. How do I make trailer and photos?
  148. Movie Question
  149. Problem with an object
  150. Help with Camera
  151. Inventory
  152. Flying limit?
  153. The Controllinator
  154. Creating Cutscene/Movies - Not camrea related
  155. How do you move holgram to follow sackbots...
  156. Controllinator questions
  157. satellite dish decoration
  158. Make an NPC on a controllinator face backwards?
  159. How to link to levels seamlesly?
  160. Emitter, Controlinator and Menu questions for an ambitious project...
  161. Enemy Help
  162. Sack-bot waypoints
  163. moving layer blocks help.
  164. Fr some reason Im not getting community objects
  165. Emitter and sound
  166. Weighted randomizer output problems
  167. Problem when doing Sprite Animations.
  168. Space like background, which can transition to Earth
  169. Need Help with how to wear costumes?
  170. Random sequence generator
  171. make a material non-destoryable?
  172. Underwater obstacle suggestions please, and one other thing.
  173. Colour Glitch help plz
  174. urgent help needed please!!!!!
  175. Question about Hologram material...
  176. Does this glitch exist?
  177. Bubbles explode on impact
  178. Dealing with Jellyfish
  179. Why can i not change to single player?
  180. LBP1 GOTY Community Levels
  181. Need help with logic, timer, and other logic for making a sequenced light.
  182. Order of outfits
  183. Starting game with long cutscene level?
  184. I can't seem to do it.
  185. Counter up/down?
  186. Please help, pod problem. <i cant play!>
  187. Pool creation
  188. How do I make in/out moving bounce pads?
  189. Going to install a new HDD for PS3... is there anyway to backup my saved data??
  190. 3 levels, 1 lbp.me link?
  191. Controllinator left right mixed up.....
  192. Yet antoher question about emitters
  193. Flipping objects?
  194. Invisible plasma...
  195. projectile reflection, help pls!
  196. How do I make Dimmer-Controlled Style Car
  197. Top-Down Twin-Stick Shooter AI
  198. Controlling Animated Sprites, aka, 8-bit characters
  199. help me please :D boss logics :D
  200. Smooth moving Hologram
  201. Power Ups/Upgrades for objecs???
  202. Bulding problem
  203. 8001002B on LBP2 :(
  204. Little Big Planet 2 Wont Load Up.
  205. How to create character with holo-animation?
  206. How would you create a torch?
  207. From Cooporate to cutscene mode without "destroying" the movie.
  208. Controlinator problems when starting level in Play mode - Resolved/Solution enclosed
  209. Cutscene
  210. Recorded audio - max time limit?
  211. Checkpoint Follower
  212. Controlinator works in Play mode, but not in Create mode
  213. Gettings Sackbots to shoot non-player targets
  214. How do I build this?
  215. Bounce pad score
  216. Some Logic Help Please.
  217. How do cameras work in competitive levels?
  218. Level creator: Need help with entrance and scoreboard :(
  219. Spawning outside of camera range??
  220. Invisible Material!
  221. Settting waypoints for a vechile??
  222. Help - Players Taking Turns?
  223. Tag Sensors on Players
  224. Final Obstacle build help, race starter help.
  225. Map Borders and Camera Help.
  226. Top Down Sword Swinging
  227. Logic - push/move object from layer to layer
  228. Publishing Questions
  229. I need help!
  230. Maintaining the Speed of the Arkanoid Ball
  231. Designating specific Controlinators to players in versus games.
  232. Stuck: Survival challenge timing/optimising with speed/scale setting
  233. Digital counter issue....
  234. Random emitting stuff, and some questions
  235. SPiffing and amazing clever clogs needed!
  236. making the entrance disappear until sequenze ends
  237. Good material combination?
  238. Help with impact sensors
  239. LBP2 first week cap?
  240. How do I make a brain cluster like Kling Klong's?
  241. Need Help Emitting a Sackbot with Behaviors Tied to a Sequencer
  242. Randomisers and duplicate outputs
  243. Lights in BG Layers
  244. Cameras Skippable on Sequencer
  245. Toggle problem
  246. Toggling visibility of HP bar?
  247. Neon colour based on player
  248. Grapple Hooked Trophy
  249. DCS 'Nearest Player' issues and a sackbot that doesn't know its right from left...
  250. Ungrabbable sackbots?