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  1. Topdown hit test?
  2. Emitter Random help :P
  3. A working submarine
  4. Timer Issue...
  5. Direct-Controlled Sackbot queries.
  6. in and out moving object
  7. Rotators problem (anti-clockwise)
  8. Glitched Decorations
  9. Help with multiplayer glitch in my LBP1 lvl when playing in LPB2
  10. Please let this awsome community help me :)
  11. Single Direction Movement?
  12. Sackbot action not switching
  13. Level Link with Scoreboard possible?
  14. Controllinator Sackbot
  15. Major Logic Request!
  16. Gapless Emitting and Grabable string?
  17. Hologram & Timer Help
  18. I need some assistance from the community
  19. Is there a way to make a sackbot spawn with grabbinators
  20. Subtitles?
  21. 3D layer tool help
  22. Elevation Change on top down racer?
  23. Various questions
  24. Is there a way to trigger vs game timer and not have it start automatically?
  25. Lambo needs engine!
  26. Using a US bonus code on a European PS3 with a European version of LPB2.
  27. Turning off behaviour chips in sack bots
  28. emiters stopping
  29. Level link vs levels
  30. Controlinator + batteries on Sackbot's microchip; variations?
  31. LED Puzzle (BRAINMELT)
  32. Game Save Files
  33. LBP2 Logo and photo help
  34. Retracting, grabbable stairs - Possible?
  35. Creatinator interacting with creature brains ?
  36. Weird Bug when Emitting Sackbots!
  37. Link other player levels?
  38. Going back to LBP 1
  39. Sackbot + Controllinator Issues
  40. Sackbots controlling controllinators...that and F4F?
  41. Updating emitted objects?
  42. How i use another cont in my ps3?
  43. "Fun" with counters.
  44. Invisible wall?
  45. How do I explain to a sackbot that it's OK to jump across a dangerous pit?
  46. connection problems(non-multiplayer related)
  47. Making Sackboy invisible?
  48. Mic. Too Soft
  49. Why is this happening to me!!!
  50. How can i make an inventory?
  51. my ps3 drive died, need help recovering profile, story progress, levels, goodies!!!!!
  52. Camera Transitions in sequencers?
  53. Is there a way to reset high scores on your level?
  54. Remote controlinator / Camera / Spawning
  55. Create Mode Blues
  56. Timer into energy bar?
  57. Cutscene help with magic mouths
  58. getting a sensor to activate another sencor
  59. Update 1.01 Help
  60. Introductions: That Extra Amazingness
  61. Need help with AI
  62. Need help nao
  63. Timer problem
  64. Menu screen
  65. Rotator Input Issue
  66. front view?
  67. Secret valentine pin
  68. music sequencer create mode play issue
  69. Gradually rotate wobble bolt via count?
  70. Sackbots + grabbing?
  71. Infinite levels - HOW?
  72. Where is the best place to report a bug to MM?
  73. Need help finding a music track.
  74. Safe to use a downloaded 100% save for LBP2?
  75. Shooting objects=open door?
  76. "Changing" Objects...
  77. 1 Sackbot glitch ruined my level :(
  78. Create: Unintended Cancellation of Changed Settings ?
  79. Color bug
  80. Destroying a remote controlinator with gas
  81. Placing My Health Bar In Corner of Screen
  82. A Egyptian Mummy costume.
  83. speed detection
  84. Good methods for building a Finite State Machine?
  85. Slow poppit load in LBP2
  86. Load glitch!!
  87. Cutting through 1 layer cuts them all?
  88. D-Pad. How2makework? O.o
  89. Possible to control signal propagation?
  90. Whats your approach when building a level?
  91. Sound Effect glitch?
  92. Help with IN/OUT movement and Following?
  93. Black Holo?
  94. Costume Glitches
  95. Project - Recreating "tank battles" from psn store and xbox live - wanna co-create?
  96. rachet
  97. Crosshair(reticle) help needed for top down side scrolling level
  98. How to make a good looking atmosphere
  99. How can you make a ridable sackbot?
  100. Water Style Material
  101. Efficient grid mode?
  102. Randomly adding anomolies to analogue signal flow, is it possible?
  103. transmitting analog signals wirelessly?
  104. ?Telekinesis Questions?
  105. Detecting when objects stop. (e.g. spacepool)
  106. What type of atmosphere should be for my Queen Bee level
  107. 1 free pack in the store?
  108. deathless teleport vs player as a bot.
  109. Custom music
  110. Grabinator and the controlinator
  111. Emitted objects bugging out
  112. Making Controllinator Objects "Jump"
  113. Camera sequence problems
  114. Getting Sackbots to follow Player in a top down vehicle
  115. [create] sharing (copying) a level to friends without public publishing?
  116. Camera for top down racer
  117. Making a magic mouth only talk ONCE during the whole level?
  118. Link a film after a coop level
  119. Using R1/L1 to rotate an object
  120. [Legal question] MM's Music, can I use it?
  121. Making material extend beyond the three playable planes
  122. Film Camera, Sound bug.
  123. Remote control camera problem
  124. Fps reloads
  125. Top-down Minigame Help
  126. Level Link Not Working Bug
  127. Input to make NPCs talk
  128. 4 Player Versus HUD
  129. Help with Movie Camera
  130. Magic Mouths on sequencers that WON'T STOP!!
  131. PLEASE DONT IGNORE. Assistence required with a pixel character sprite
  132. Sackboy hand deco?
  133. Why is my randomiser not random?!
  134. Can't get music to play
  135. Sackbot/Controllinator
  136. How to make objects/vehicles spawn when you spawn
  137. Stretch piano notes?
  138. Centering Camera on Remote-Controlled Object?
  139. Need help with the grapple hook.
  140. Music Sequencer Start Point
  141. What do Circuit Nodes do?
  142. followers? what do they do? and how do you shoot without a cannon?
  143. deleting entrance checkpoints
  144. Boss Speech
  145. CREATION HELP Conveyor Belts!!!!
  146. Fragile Wobble Bolts
  147. Need input! Telekinesis/Reticle system idea + rough sketchs
  148. Movie cameras on respawning sackbots
  149. analogue addition. maybe SOLVED. input appreciated
  150. Is it possible to have a spinning object expand/shrink?
  151. Placing My Health Bar In Corner of Screen
  152. Ghost mouth?
  153. Sackbot Actors: A Director's Lament
  154. 3D Layer Tools Compatibility in LBP2
  155. Eww, what is THAT!?
  156. 3 Didget password
  157. I cant get online!!!!
  158. Creating lighting effects??
  159. Dangerous Thin Layer
  160. No sense Impact Sensors
  161. Follower logic glitch
  162. Controller rumble w/ a controllinator
  163. Make sackbot equip a paintanator
  164. Starting level inside control seat
  165. Control Area?
  166. Help using object's to select emitter (create power ups in shooter level)
  167. Tips for logic organization?
  168. seamless teleport? in one door out another?
  169. Camera + controls = not happy
  170. Some questions about emitters and sequencers
  171. Voice Recording - How can I get the most clear recording?
  172. How to tell if the player has completed a level?
  173. How do you make subtitles appear using magic mouths?
  174. Stupid questions about the Magic Mouth
  175. Point-Giving Stopwatch
  176. How to Make Projectiles Destroy Enemies on Impact?
  177. Hiding the start gate.
  178. Sound Cut while tweaking Movie Cameras?
  179. Islands background?
  180. Train Level.
  181. Messed Up Cursor
  182. Emit Once for Creatinator?
  183. Meduim Ellipse
  184. Help with logic to select two of three states at a time.
  185. Rounded Corners sometimes squash sackbots?
  186. weird random-ish checkpoint hopping
  187. Can not drown or swim only doggy paddle!
  188. For the love of god please help me
  189. Captured object coming apart
  190. remote controllinator emitted to be controlled by non-emitted?
  191. Controllinatored Sackbots who can grab?
  192. Enemy AI - Predatory pack animals
  193. zipline
  194. cut scene
  195. Asian conical hat?
  196. Creature brains activating switches
  197. Logic help. Restore (reset) sensor not working
  198. Im having issues with sequencers and movie cameras.
  199. Firing a Charged Up Blast
  200. 'Try Spacing Things further Apart' WTF!?
  201. Help! I need to create a fast, powerful ball that can be thrown.
  202. What exactly IS the logic behind score givers?
  203. paintinator + sackbot help
  204. LittleBIG assistance with Mcameras please!
  205. Comparing 4 analog signals to find the strongest
  206. How to make subtitles in LBP 2?
  207. Olive Sackboy pattern or sticker?
  208. Why Won't My Character Stop Moving?
  209. Effects on scoring after using Level Links
  210. Contollinator points help.
  211. All the hazards except gas have dissappeared from my popit! D:
  212. Sorting by Colour
  213. NEED ADVICE! I can't get no satisfaction!!
  214. Vines Sticker
  215. lbp1 costume share
  216. Removing sound from entrance?
  217. Making a Car move AND jump (side-view)
  218. Anyone Know How To Create A Lightning Effect?
  219. Race start's
  220. Top down vehicle camera
  221. How do you make custom sound effects?
  222. what are pulsars?
  223. how do i make a lvl like rodent derby?
  224. Induced Latency
  225. Intro Freezing!
  226. how to: Portal glitch?
  227. Score Givers not assigning points to the correct players
  228. How to make a score subtractor
  229. HELP! My game reset! Profile no longer works!
  230. How would I do this? (PLEASE HELP!)
  231. How do you make arcing lightning?
  232. Logic Help... using two scalable inputs to adjust analog signal
  233. Need level name.
  234. How do you get this helmet?
  235. Does scoreboard have to take 3 layers
  236. A question about running analogue signals into digital inputs.
  237. Toggling To Different Weapons With One Button
  238. Creators needed!
  239. Can we resize level badges on our Earths?
  240. speed boost in top down racer + lap count
  241. Elevator doors - opening and closing
  242. Output Connectors
  243. Force single player?
  244. Teleporter not functioning properly?
  245. Help!- I can't use collected community objects.
  246. Major cut scene issues. Please help.
  247. Time limit help!
  248. 2 free packs?
  249. Help With Movie??
  250. Whats the LBP2 DLC??