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  1. Doc's Workshop - RTS Cursor Molvement
  2. How to make your own shirt(video included)
  3. How to make a simple counter
  4. Safe 2 Use Midget-Glitch in Create Mode!
  5. How To: Control Two or more Things with one Controlinator
  6. How to buffer events (and use it with a counter)
  7. Detecting changes over analogue signals (detect increase / decrease)
  8. How to make an opening/closing door.
  9. How to make floating magic eyes
  10. How to make a creatinator destroy anything {neat little trick}
  11. Final Fantasy XI Logic Tuterial (Breadcrum Advanced Follower)
  12. How to prevent a selector cycling back on itself.
  13. How to make a sackbot roll
  14. How To Understand And Create Your Own Logic [PART 1]
  15. How to make a sackbot double jump(Simple way)
  16. How To Understand And Create Your Own Logic [PART 2]
  17. How to fix infinite jump using the wall or any other contact (sackbot) [SIMPLE]
  18. How to make Sackbot automatic slap sensor
  19. [Glitch] How to Create a Beam of Light Without Any Lamp in your Level
  20. [Glitch] How to Merge Objects with a Checkpoint
  21. Score coding. (Data Transfer and more)
  22. How to add a in game taken picture here on the forum. [EASY]
  23. How To make A Wireless Damage Sensor
  24. Walkthrough Material Tutorial
  25. My Tutorial Level
  26. How to: skins creating
  27. Another way to make objects top down.
  28. Special Effects
  29. How to be a confident Newbie
  30. Designing a Great Platform Level - A Language Toolkit
  31. How to make Simple Beatboxing (Music)
  32. Limit Flickering When Using Animated Holograms and Basic Character Animation Tutorial
  33. Memory Saving Animation
  34. LBProject2Torials
  35. How to glitch Hamster Tubes
  36. Figure of eight platform
  37. How to build things #1-Telekenisis
  38. Importent notice about unicode contols icons and update 1.06
  39. begginers guide to Logic Enginnering P1
  40. LBPlanet2Logic - How to Make Layer Shifting Platforms - (Feat. BrosefJenkins)
  41. LBPlanet2Logic - How to Make Your Controllable Sackbot Shoot Objects out of its Arms
  42. LBPlanet2Logic - How to Make a Controllable Sackbot (Can Collect Score Bubbles)
  43. Speed Sensor -quick speed trap tutorial example
  44. How to create fonts if you're non creative like me
  45. Clean voiceover.
  46. Paint like a.. semi-pro!
  47. tricks with opaque meterial
  48. Changing Movinator Cursor!
  49. The Ultimate Move Pack Tutorials...
  50. Little Big Planet 2 Video Tutorial Requests?
  51. Sticker Panel Animation (The easiest way)
  52. Use Brain-Crane in your levels without Move
  53. Custom Animated Characters/Character Boxes
  54. 8-way directional movement from analog stick and d-pad
  55. How To Make Huge Checkpoints, Powerups ect(Brain Crane Required)
  56. Move Paint Tool: Detailed Paintings
  57. Illustrated guide to Movinator Rotate/Twist controls
  58. Tutorial on Glitched aeroplanes! (Preview)
  59. Racing Detector
  60. Sackbot Checkpoints -- My Way
  61. Fixing Wonky Advanced Movers
  62. How to Make More Realistic Grass
  63. "Local Cam" 3rd Person perspective/Top Down rotation
  64. a trick with sillhouette material and outline
  65. Sackbot / Player - Fall damage
  66. Save on Thermo/Add infinite detail
  67. Creating The Ultimate Scoreboard
  68. Music Sequencer Thermo Reference (MSTR)
  69. Mechanical Iris Tutorial
  70. sponge that sticks to walls but can be pulled and dragged
  71. How to make a Homing Missile
  72. How to Make Structures Collapse - Tutorial (Youtube)
  73. How to make Bubbles! (without bubble machine)
  74. Direction Detection A.I in sackbots
  75. Health system with feedback loops
  76. Simple Makeshift Randomizer
  77. how to make invisible walls/path
  78. Slap Sensor - Walkthrough
  79. A multi-story, callable elevator tutorial
  80. Some Tutorials made by me
  81. How to make realistic light saber handles
  82. Motion Sensor!
  83. Variable Probability and Adding "Luck" to Your RPG Logic
  84. How to prevent logic from being off
  85. Step by step to making a good level
  86. New glitch: Invisible Sackbots with visible costumes!
  87. Endless Breathing Glitch (Fish Glitch)
  88. Advanced Plane Tech
  89. LBP 2 Tech: Missles
  90. LBP2 COSTUMES!.. How to make a basketball costume!
  91. Controlinator Trickery
  92. Step by step to making a movie
  93. Tube/Pipe sucking logic. (Uses Attract-o-tweaker)
  94. How to make a Sonic the Hedgehog looping
  95. Attract-O-Tweaker made more glowy!
  96. Sackbots: Moving Through Platforms
  97. How to: Make a dash function for sackbots.
  98. Completely Useless Glitch
  99. Waypointing
  100. Emitter tutorial
  101. A better Flame/Torch effect.
  102. Another way of Waypointing
  103. How to create 3D Rotation
  104. How to tame the wildest beast of LBP2 Logic (aka Signal/Object ownership)
  105. Sackbots alive and moving around underwater
  106. How To Make The Object Stay on Mid-Air Without The Dark Matter
  107. Making a Platformer: "Easy as pie!"
  108. Recording sequencer music on a PC
  109. Adding Car Detal...
  110. [25/06/2012] The LittleBigPlanet Create Guide
  111. Decided to start it too :D
  112. Using The Music Sequencer
  113. Aesthetic tips - Decoration tricks!
  114. Sackbot Tutorials for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced LBP2 Creator
  115. Working With The Emit/Destroy Technique
  116. How to add emotion to a sackbot
  117. Making stairs
  118. Random Sackbot Spawn (basics)
  119. Interesting Attract-o-tweaker property
  120. How to make a basic health bar
  121. How to make a Helicopter with Spinning Blades
  122. Simple - Using sequencers effectively
  123. Making Working tanks treads! (No pictures, sorry)
  124. Tutorial: Getting a Powerpoint or Keynote in LBP2
  125. Jump logic, the simple way.
  126. Build your own 3D/Extra Layer Tool (cascade)
  127. Top-down shooter tutorial (Part 1)
  128. Natural Direction Detection for Sackbots
  129. Top down shooter tutorial (Part 2)
  130. All about Repulsorlift Tech. (Useful for hovercraft, landspeeders, and even UFOs!)
  131. Tutorial- How To Become Popular In LBP2!
  132. LBPvP Tutorial
  133. How to capture photos and save on your computer! (FOR ALL LBPs)
  134. Transfer of analog signal through impacts
  135. Lag Free Merge Tool
  136. Nudge Tool Give-Away and Tutorial Level
  137. Zeus's Behind an' Stuff - A Guide to Special FX!
  138. How to make a vacuum with the creatinator!
  139. Invisible Materials
  140. YT: LBP2CHANNEL tutorials
  141. Glow-On-The_Glow! (PotC DLC Req.)
  142. Better Decorating Tutorial (great aesthetics)
  143. How to make the camera follow the sackbot you're controlling
  144. Covering the basics - How to build a level (Part 1)
  145. Tutorial on sky effects
  146. Record movement without need of Playstation Move. (Even better)
  147. Mini-tutorial: How to pause the sequencer.
  148. Covering the basics - Part 2!
  149. Artistic Levels without Lag
  150. How To Do A Thingie
  151. Movable view
  152. Youtube level/tutorial recommendations
  153. Very Awesome 3D Tool
  154. How to make a piston STOP.
  155. Delaying buttons!
  156. Lock something with a password
  157. Equally Spaced Objects
  158. Division of Signals
  159. Sackboy death detector (no sackbot needed, single player only)
  160. Potential Way of Dealing with "Tag lag"
  161. Yet another way to divide signals.
  162. Weeping Angel & Player Sackbot
  163. Super-Bot Tutorial
  164. Ragdoll Death Tutorial
  165. Top-down ramps
  166. List any visual tricks you know here!!!
  167. Sound Sensor Switch
  168. Brand new little discovery about the Cross-Controller pack!
  169. Save / Load Data
  170. Tutorial Requests..?
  171. Guards: Three-Dimensional detection system
  172. :-) using decorations for other than decorations :-)
  173. My random create advice. Including Tips & Tricks! (LastUpdate 2-26-2013)
  174. Easier way for making ragdoll joints
  175. How to make a realistic (human like) ragdoll
  176. Dead-Man's Switch!
  177. Creativity - My tips and tricks :)
  178. Switching Between Sackbots
  179. Ragdoll death animations
  180. Handweapons Controllinator logic?
  181. Implementing LBP.me Photos
  182. Uploading Album Photos
  183. Merged Score Bubble Glitch - Tutorial
  184. Using Wormholes Without Teleportation
  185. Change water's appearance
  186. Sackbot switch for 1 or 2 players
  187. Stretch Objects To Any Height/Width Ratio
  188. LBPC Post/Thread Editor Mode Tutorial
  189. Short range teleportation
  190. How to make a sackbot
  191. Patrol sackbot : how to make a better AI
  192. The Weight is over....
  193. 1 use pickups
  194. How to build a 3D room/warehouse (1 of 2 :-BASIC CONSTRUCTION)
  195. Custom Gravity - Properly walking on walls and the cieling
  196. Johnny Depp costume tutorial
  197. How to makev a detailed window
  198. How to block people in LittleBigPlanet 2
  199. Attack-Sack!
  200. Adding Clouds
  201. Delayed Spawn and Activation Guide For Wormholes
  202. An alternative way to make 3D
  203. Merge Glitch
  204. Music creating tutorials
  205. WyomingMyst presents "Code Entry Systems" for LBP2.
  206. Positional Timer
  207. Accurate counter based logic
  208. Counter Linking System
  209. Simple alternative to a gravity tweaker
  210. Mirrors :D
  211. How to make your own 3D emmiting tool
  212. 3 simple override gates (logic)
  213. Limited tick repeater
  214. How to make a one/only gate
  215. How To Make A Gun Reload And Have Sound Effect (Semi-Auto gun or Auto gun)
  216. how to make a realistic lava material no dlc
  217. How to make a realistic player sensor
  218. Sound advice
  219. Rotate Stopper
  220. Logic tutorial requests?
  221. Dripping Blood
  222. Picture tools for levels
  223. Everything I Know
  224. Thick to Thack: A Pumpkin Lid that really fits!
  225. having trouble with logic?
  226. How To Make Any Material Invisible(You Can Also Draw With It and It Can Curve!)
  227. 1/2 speed repeater
  228. Merge Glitch (Alternate Method)
  229. Requests for logic tutorials?
  230. Ingame Intangible Activation
  231. Small Small Grid (For those with detail OCD)
  232. How to make invisible material!
  233. Some mini logic tutorials/tips
  234. How to Make a Level
  235. Oscillating decoration spinner
  236. Timing with division
  237. Wiring Cleanly
  238. Invisible checkpoints, entrances, powerups, etc.
  239. Helpful Bug with the Cape
  240. How to Create a Custom Money System
  241. Analogue Cycling
  242. Thinking Outside the Box in Bit Compression
  243. Other tips on how to make clean logic (and why)
  244. Working with latency
  245. Axis locking
  246. making a higher than 100% situation NOT gate
  247. learn the feedback loop... seriously...
  248. Utilizing Clock Error
  249. Send/Receive Analogue Rounding
  250. Reset to a value (feedback loop addon tutorial)