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  1. pulsating zooplankton
  2. Recursion with Logic Probes (thermo efficient probes)
  3. Non-Latency Flow Gate
  4. Color Glitch
  5. Best way to compare percentages
  6. How to make a menu
  7. How to make Green Goo from DC comics
  8. How to do division accurately and instaneously
  9. Remove ALL wire lag (in a chip) thermo free!
  10. How to get a signal greater than 100% on LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller PS Vita
  11. Remembering Dead Enemies EASILY (kind of)
  12. How to fix Dive-In Glitch
  13. "Duck Glitch" New Method
  14. Losing all your DLC 10/27/2014 "EASY FIX"
  15. Animated Book Tutorial
  16. The Logic for School Girl Horror...Simplified?
  17. How to make your own T-Shirt