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  1. Logic Blog - updated 2011/02/06
  2. LBP2 Tutorial: Microchips Step by Step [WARNING: HUGE POST]
  3. LBP2 Profile Importing Guide
  4. How to Make a Permanent Switch
  5. Power/Directional/Pressure logic.
  6. How to get around Intro profile upgrade freeze
  7. How to Make LBPC Logic Pack Tools with LBP2 Gizmos
  8. Character Selector
  9. Read ASAP: Collectors Edition [CE] Voucher (guide)
  10. Sackbot A.I and Logic Tutorials
  11. High Gravity, High Jump
  12. Backing up all LBP files
  13. Lots of great video tuts.
  14. How to Share Costumes
  15. Creatinator Costumization.
  16. HOW TO: Convert Timer into Health Bar
  17. Cooldown Timers (For Cannons and Turrets)
  18. How to Make a Top-Down Controllable Object (Car, Arrow, etc...)
  19. Play songs in create
  20. Hologram Animation Tutorial Here =]
  21. Animation Help Here
  22. How to make Custom Logic
  23. Get your Electric Skin (The Easy way)
  24. Creating a Scoreboard/Counter
  25. Shadowriver's video tutorials from beta(still valid)
  26. Weather Machine
  27. Various Tutorials
  28. Using Global Sound Switches
  29. Simple Deathless Teleporters
  30. Paintinator Zombies
  31. Scalable digital counter UPDATED with level
  32. HOW TO: Make an object controlled with a controlinater jump
  33. Tutorial/manual esque HP-bar logic level
  34. Direction Inverter
  35. How to make a shop!
  36. Q&A: Sackbot X - How to manage complex logic (image heavy)
  37. -closed-
  38. Sackbot Wall Climbing!
  39. Binary Logic: You're Key for Awesome!
  40. How to kill a player without them running into a harmful object
  41. -[Creatinator Coaster]-
  42. Invisible Danger
  43. Walking Legs Tutorial
  44. Double Jump Impact Sensor Question
  45. How to make a moving level
  46. Super accurate, fast and simple grid movement V1.2
  47. Grid Interface Tutorial
  48. Controlinator Tutorial for a top down race car
  49. Most Destructive Weaponry in LBP2
  50. How to control a Sackbot!
  51. How to toggle between multiple sackbots using the same controllinator
  52. How to make a simple homing missile
  53. How to make an advanced homing missile
  54. A Simpe Way to Create Movie Scenes.
  55. LBP2 Simplified Sackbot Double Jump
  56. LittleBigPlanet 2 Tutorials and Games
  57. How To Use Objects as Actors for Cutscenes
  58. Added ambiance
  59. How to make semi-advanced top-down bumper car logic
  60. Did you know that... (tidbits of logic I learned)
  61. Top-down Racer Tutorial
  62. Super-Jump glitch under high gravity (with jumping at player choice).
  63. How to get Sackbots in your Pod
  64. Easy tutorial for Creating Cutscenes
  65. In-depth Menu Tutorial.
  66. Skin Tones! Sticker Free!
  67. Simplified Sackbot logic and Simplified Sackbot Follower
  68. Plasma Colo(u)r Glitch!
  69. Random Sequence/Object Emitter/Generator
  70. Guide to Speed, Rotation and length units in LBP2 [UPDATED+SOME NEW INFO]
  71. How to make a Guitar-Hero alike game.
  72. [Racing lap counter]
  73. Walk Thru Walls Glitch Rediscovered!
  74. How to record an attack
  75. To all new members, please Read here before posting a thread here.
  76. Basic Sackbot checkpoint system.
  77. How to (kinda) make a Sackbot swim/ Move underwater.
  78. Video Tutorials: Cars, 360 Aiming, Cameras, Dialog and more!
  79. My technique for making a scrolling level
  80. LBP2 Tutorial:Music Transposing to music sequencer
  81. How to 'flip gravity' and walk on ceiling
  82. Observations about player data and logic gates
  83. Cursor-based teleportation
  84. How to get your levels noticed
  85. [LOGIC TOOLS] Speed Sensor, Signal Change Sensor
  86. Player in foreground layers in playmode?
  87. LBP2 Rain
  88. Sync your music sequencer to your normal sequencer calculation
  89. Creation Tips: Weekly Update
  90. Tutrorials: Updated weekly with pics coming soon!
  91. Release Switch [Tutorial]
  92. PloXyZeRO's tutorial thread! (And free slurpee codes!)
  93. How to make movers move at right angles.
  94. Directional Car Movement.
  95. How to Make a Black Hole
  96. Race Gates, Player Gates can be activated by wire now
  97. How to toggle between controlinators on the same sackbot
  98. So you used DLC you didnt own and now...
  99. How to make any signal negative.
  100. Selector-based Counter/Timer Display (video tutorial)
  101. Variable damage to your controlinator depending on what hits it..
  102. How to Make a Sackboy Breathe Infinitely Under Water.
  103. Useful things...
  104. How to create a seamless teleport
  105. A Fog Of War Effect for top down games
  106. Sackbot Checkpoint With Sackboy Checkpoint Visuals
  107. Something you may not have known about the music sequencer...
  108. How to Merge Items! (Place one item into the other) Glitch
  109. Speeding up, stopping or slowing down animated decorations
  110. Advanced Sackbot Control
  111. How to get telekinesis!
  112. In-Game Attributes (Sackbot Lives)
  113. For people who record their voice! Top tip for you!
  114. Code Sequence
  115. LBP2 Tutorials: Controlling Sackbots
  116. How To Make Disco Floors, etc.
  117. How To Make a Player/Tag seeking Plasma Ball!
  118. Making Top-Down Movement
  119. Sackbot Fall Damage
  120. Basic knowledge: How to create hologram stickers
  121. A Weight Tutorial
  122. Tiny, visible digital numbers in create mode
  123. Music Sequencer Trick
  124. HOW TO: Write anything with custom fonts & color, in detail and little thermo effect
  125. Disabling auto-fire
  126. How To Create a Chargeable Attack (FIXED)
  127. HOW TO: Get LBP1 Alphabet/Fonts Working In LBP2
  128. How cool pages currently work and general about level noticeing
  129. Did you know? (Adv. Movers & precision)
  130. Useful Mover setting
  131. Invisible THIN LAYER Wall Tutorial (Dark Matter doesn't work for this)
  132. Tutorial: Simplifying Analog to Digital Converters
  133. How to make DCS use Individual buttons on the D pad
  134. Determining the origin of the strongest analogue signal
  135. To make a movie small or long
  136. 10 Things you didn't know about the Music Sequencer
  137. LBP2-Torials: Video Tutorials by comphermc (Updated Mar. 31)
  138. How to make a NOT gate not trigger its output immediately
  139. Tutorial: How to build a custom Transformer
  140. How to: Allow the player to tilt the camera using the pad.
  141. How to create a good level in easy steps
  142. Choose working buttons for Controllinator
  143. Advanced Glue=Advanced Unglue!
  144. Hover-Tech Tutorial
  145. Moving platforms without pistons
  146. Release Switch (logic)
  147. How to Create Cut Scenes
  148. Hidden control icons and custom unicode symbols in text
  149. How to create a Glitch 3D Camera - The Complete Guide [Update]
  150. How to get holo material to show up in the out of bounds foreground layers
  151. Bot Emittion for Thermo Help
  152. How to make an enemy be knocked back when hit
  153. Transmission logic for a car
  154. How to multiply Analogue values (range 0-100)
  155. How to create a personal anti-projectile shield
  156. Infinite Thermometer Trick.
  157. Easy Treesy
  158. Dynamic Menu, Grid, Gameboard Tutorial
  159. How to make a "Weapon Selector" for controllable sackbots.
  160. How to make 3d Objects
  161. How To Create A Health System, Range 1-864000 (Picture Tutorial) Works as Cash system
  162. How to create a screensaver for your level.
  163. Make a Paintinator Shoot Anything
  164. How to transfer data from one level to a sub-level
  165. 1st person glitch: making hologram shapes
  166. How to Make Black Holograms
  167. Lhikan Glitch, (AKA Copied Sackboy Glitch)
  168. [Glitch] How to link distant objects without any physical connection
  169. Battery without battery, looping signal
  170. Reload Logic
  171. How to divide analogue signals
  172. Create: 101 those simple things often left unsaid.
  173. Simple Charging Logic
  174. LittleBigPlanet Create Guide - Needs help!
  175. [Glitch] How to make the "Walk-through glitch" !
  176. An Ode to Node
  177. [LBP2] Hidden Unicode Icons Hex Code List and Instructions (Text File)
  178. How to Making Rooms for maze games
  179. HOW TO: Create the perfect stopwatch
  180. How to make a selector that rescponds to Sackboys Emotions
  181. Overrideable Toggle Switches
  182. !!~Tutorial on how to get a TON of hearts and plays~!
  183. Invisible Controlinator Glitch
  184. Tips & Tricks of LittleBigPlanet 2!
  185. The UV tool and Grid Material...Vastly powerful but seldom used?
  186. How to change the size of LBP.me Pictures
  187. Perfect tap/hold logic
  188. how to get your own clone!
  189. How to make your sackbot die if he jumps from a very high place
  190. QW's Logic Workshop Tutorials...
  191. Playing with timers/analog signal to create cool lighting effects... and more
  192. Biggest YouTube LBP2 Tutorial channel
  193. The do's and don't's of advertising
  194. (NOT A FULL TUTORIAL) Hologram with Physics!
  195. Dousable, spreadable fire
  196. How to Write a HELPFUL Review
  197. Tag tips
  198. Upgradeable healthbars
  199. Custom Bounce Pad Flips
  200. Basic Music Sequencer Tutorial
  201. Holographic HUD in depth
  202. How To: VERY Low Thermo Holo Designs
  203. glitch tutorial: speed paddling and film set glow
  204. Rust
  205. How To Make a Good Level
  206. Single Digit and Percentage Scoring!
  207. Bumble Bee Suit
  208. How to create glitched holograms....
  209. Moving Words (Movie Effect)
  210. Sackbots and Destroyers
  211. How to limit an object's movement to a bounding box, smoothly
  212. Invisable Walkway (No Dark Matter or Hologram required)
  213. Toggle Between Controlling Sackbots
  214. Using paint without the MGS pack
  215. Demitting and Molding effect
  216. Nearest Player Controlinators, How Do They Work?
  217. Custom grid movement using selectors [update]
  218. There's Something about Bounce Pads
  219. Priority behaviors of selector and how to make cool AI logic out of it
  220. Special Orbs/Secrets & Reward Systems
  221. Very Simple Light Sequence
  222. How to make stickered holo without the holo texture
  223. 1 use powerups
  224. Brand New Broken Power-Up Glitch!
  225. Glitch: Sackbots immune to water!
  226. Perfect looking Level Badge/Icon Maker
  227. Pixel Perfect Sticker Capture and Placement (for animation and pixel art)
  228. tutorial: movie making!
  229. FOR BEGINNERS: Custom Sackbot Controls
  230. Tips to Making a Platformer Level
  231. Follower Facts
  232. curing spawnpopcancer!
  233. Mini tutorial: Applying different analogue signals to a single input
  234. Flame Effect Tutorial
  235. Perfect Custom/Double Jump
  236. Decoration Tips and Techniques
  237. Old movie [Black&White with flicker]-esque camera
  238. Level Creation Guide
  239. How to Create a Password System for Long Games
  240. Centralized and deferred counting using circular signaling
  241. Bright and colourful Fire Effect!
  242. NEW Sackboy Cloning Glitch Info and Tutorial
  243. How to make a level interesting!
  244. How to be a GOOD SPORT in LBP2!
  245. How to make a multiplayer teleporter
  246. 3D Sackbot Rotating Glitch
  247. Follower-Based Moving Platforms
  248. How to Make a Complex Light Sequencer (without batteries)
  249. Disco Avalon! (Glitch + Picture) 100% safe
  250. LBP2-Design Team #1: Visual Aspect