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  1. [PSP] Tutorial Spotlight
  2. Waterfall Tutorial
  3. PSP Cutscene Tutorial
  4. !turbo materials!
  5. invisible material (glitch)
  6. TomBurks Third Layer Glitch (Psp)
  7. Do's and Don'ts of Creating
  8. Tutorial: How To Make A Sackperson
  9. How to Fuse Materials
  10. How to: Hide materials softening off
  11. Directional Piston with On/off behavior
  12. How to not let pistons/bolts go cookoo
  13. Wireless Tagging System
  14. Level Planning
  15. LBP PSP-Enter a building FX(Tutorial)
  16. LBP PSP-How to avoid crashing often(tutorial)
  17. LBP PSP-Bird's eye view(tutorial)
  18. Character development
  19. Disappearing Objects & Score Multipliers
  20. invisible sackboy glitch
  21. How to Get People to Download and Play Your Level
  22. How to make artificial water