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  1. Taking Photos!
  2. Contented?
  3. lbp ps vita thoughts
  4. PSVita Price May Be Cut!
  5. LittleBigVitarium
  6. Will you actually create on the beta?
  7. Lbp vita question!
  8. Where are you all?
  9. Unicode/Hidden Symbols VITA
  10. My Vita Screen
  11. Didn't get in the beta and have a PS Vita...read to find out why
  12. Ridiculousness...
  13. I Can't Take This Anymore!
  14. PlayStation Vita grip accessories
  15. What are your plans for LBPV?
  16. Questions about sackboy in LBPVita! :D
  17. Would you recreate your LBP2 levels to the Vita?
  18. [HELP] How much space does a LBP Vita level uses?
  19. Physical or Digital?
  20. We can't create with friends in LBP vita at launch...
  21. Tarsier, Is LBPVita Made Of Stretchy Material?
  22. "Will LBPV replace LBP2?" And other interesting matters.
  23. LBPVita or LBPKarting?
  24. Some interesting answers about LBPV from Tarsier
  25. Digital version will be able to preorder?
  26. Are we going to know who made LBPVita's story mode levels?
  27. Memory Cards
  28. Some clarification about co-op create for the vita
  29. How relevant is the touch functions?
  30. How will you get the game?
  31. Which three features are you most looking forward to?
  32. LBPV OUT on some stores?!
  33. Just to be COMPLETELY sure-
  34. In Game Load Times?
  35. Japan only?!
  36. Is anything from the main games transferable?
  37. Vita DLC Now On LBP.com
  38. So... Is the LBPV/PS Vita Bundle only for Europe?
  39. Your psn usernames
  40. My LBPV signature.
  41. Not again...
  42. LBPV servers down?
  43. Decorations Tutorial?
  44. Where's the Paint Tool?
  45. Walmart Premium Shipping?
  46. Online to be turned on September 18th
  47. Unicodes in PS Vita and pink text
  48. Sticker for Story Mode Sticker Switch (Spoilers Maybe)
  49. Vita battery draining when suspending LBPV.
  50. lbp vita rare dlc item need money will work for it
  51. Are we allowed to talk about the levels?
  52. Copy-Rights...
  53. Hello im new here, just had a question.
  54. Show Your Sackboy!
  55. My one complaint about this game.
  56. So annoyed!!
  57. Anyone tried to make an FPS, yet?
  58. Has anyone tried recreating the 3D layer glitch?
  59. BUGS (List yours here)
  60. Create and OLED screen...
  61. Bubble power-up... Where did it go?
  62. LBP DLC and Other Topics
  63. I got my copy of LBPV in the post today...
  64. Interesting theory about LBPV's ending (Spoilers)
  65. Backup your save...
  66. And then? ...
  67. .....Annnnndddd..... Wat? ;-;
  68. looking for LBPV friends...
  69. Is it really that we can record Sound effects?
  70. Calling all lbp vita beta testers. (If you we're in the beta)
  71. Not many costumes?
  72. Show us your Pod (Vita Version)
  73. LBP1 + LBP2 Story Costumes?
  74. Paintanator?
  75. NO reverb!??
  76. How much it LBPV costs in US Store?
  77. Just looked at the LBP Vita trophy icon... Really?
  78. Totally Useless Logic
  79. Are the servers overloaded
  80. The PS vita microphone have a good quality?
  81. Will the tutorial button go away from my pop-it once i complete all the tutorials?
  82. TerminalGamer's LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Pick of the Week
  83. LBP2 update for PSvita
  84. Would really like to see something interesting
  85. Pod Music
  86. Framerate warning option for create...
  87. Dlc
  88. What is the pink material?
  89. Subject
  90. How can i make something stretchy?
  91. Small Rant (and an excuse to catch up with things)
  92. Please Mm
  93. Download levels question[SOLVED]
  94. Someone Just Tried to Buy my Next Level
  95. Online Create
  96. random crash and not saving??
  97. Signup thread for "First Among Equals" 4-player trophy
  98. Publish VS or Co-operative?
  99. Oddball Factory?
  100. Pre-Order DLC Codes
  101. Caching and updating scores on downloaded levels.
  102. Hollow costume?
  103. Have this happend to anybody else?
  104. Online-issues patch coming!
  105. Vita Creator Union
  106. What instruments are in the game?
  107. What is the name of the song?
  108. Finally got it!
  109. Full and Flat layer Material?
  110. Something up with the servers today?
  111. Creating on the Vita
  112. Darn.
  113. Top of Cool Pages = Team Pick
  114. Team Pick Missing!!!
  115. PS VITA Players!
  116. Would Copying Music be a Copyright Violation?
  117. 5 Things
  118. Question
  119. Free costume packs
  120. I have a vita!
  121. Online loading issues
  122. Someone...? Ç_Ç
  123. Remaining DLC costumes
  124. LBPV Update 1.05
  125. Screen burn in warning!!
  126. Gravity shifter
  127. A Vita Christmas Countdown 'Hub Thread'
  128. lbp vita video thread
  129. Sackboy has a voice?
  130. Glitchy pod music after 1.06 update
  131. How does the music sequencer compare to LBP2?
  132. New Vita Owner
  133. need help with cross control
  134. Things to do while waiting for create mode to rewind
  135. cross-buy update
  136. Other people's levels you should try.
  137. very laggy online
  138. Is it true that levels are generally laggy-er in this compared to LBP2?
  139. The Flooded Forest
  140. Count Your Logic
  141. Need Help plz on publishing
  142. My thoughts on lbp vita
  143. cool youtube channel
  144. OST on YouTube
  145. Impossible to edit/play level on moon
  146. can u make materials as a prize in your level
  147. Any exclusive DLC coming?
  148. Cross controller pack
  149. Well this is depressing....
  150. Check this out
  151. LBPV is worst expirience I've had online since I stopped using a modem.
  152. Looking for Friend
  153. want to meet new little big planet friends:P
  154. Two Tetherless Jetpacks?
  155. ¿Cool levels?
  156. Vita Problems :(
  157. Does anyone know how one might import the Japanese game to the States?
  158. LBPV Update 1.07 out now
  159. Want a lbpv create partner..
  160. What are your favorite game assets (materials, stickers, etc.) ?
  161. Moons In Motion Vita - Apply Now! :)
  162. Timesaver DLC unlocks 135 new create objects! Avengers + New Icons
  163. Time-saver pack not working?
  164. A note regarding patch 1.08
  165. Benefits of of a vita before i buy it?
  166. why i love lbp ps vita
  167. Invisible Sackboy Glitch
  168. Online Create Glitch!!
  169. Shouldn't we be getting 'More Stories' DLC soon?
  170. The Marvel - Arcade Pack will be available NEXT WEEK! LBP PSVITA
  171. Paintinator... is that you?
  172. [TALK] Leaked vs Released Avengers Content DLC
  173. 5 New LBPV Pins! Alludes to new "Favorites" function!
  174. What makes you feel proud on LBPV?
  175. A new LBP game coming on the Vita !
  176. the new vita only contest
  177. Little Big Forum Picks... okay?
  178. Sack It To Me: Marvel Arcade Pack Available Now!
  179. Need Vita friends.
  180. PLease close
  181. I Can't Bring Myself Back to LBP
  182. Can you use the Vita in any way to improve the LBP2 experience?
  183. I'm needing some Beta testers for my level! Anyone? :) PLEASE.
  184. Time Saver dlc help plox
  185. I randomly have Tarsier's objects! :O
  186. Is there any contest going on for vita?
  187. How many online would you say?
  188. Looking for BETA Testers ...
  189. More hearts than Yays
  190. Wanna Join?
  191. Marvel Arcade Pack Question, please help :)
  192. Dark Matter: The rise submissions open!
  193. 100,000 LEVELS!!!(well nearly...)
  194. I want this game badly... BUT
  195. Anyone had their levels moderated on here?
  196. So has the networking aspect of the game improved in the last six months?
  197. I just got into a locked level...
  198. Little Big Planet Vita level music creator?
  199. What do you look for in a great Vita platformer?
  200. Wanna be a BETA tester? Look this way!
  201. Another vita contest?
  202. PS Vita + Cross Controller pack DLC
  203. Vita Sackie Awards 2013
  204. Glitched Sack-eating plant costume
  205. So i'm pretty sure that lame republishing exploit from LBP 1 & 2 still works right?
  206. Inactiveness aaaaaaaaaaa
  207. Are there any real rpg levels besides BOUND?
  208. Should I join you? (Vita? Yay or Nay)
  209. Just wondering few things...
  210. Festive Goodies Pack objects in my Popit?!
  211. anyone want to create some vita levels
  212. How do you get your level played?
  213. Who has has tried emitting/destroying most sections of your level to stop slowdown?
  214. What sort of level player are you?
  215. How do you guys feel about levels with a lot of links?
  216. Playing again on someone improved levels.
  217. I'm completely screwed. (Resolved!)
  218. Needing BetaTesters for my New level - Prisoner Of Unlimited Limits
  219. What the hell is going on with my psn!?
  220. Could use a hand (LBPV)
  221. A Vita Christmas Countdown 2 recruitment thread
  222. Dark Matter: The Rise: Competitive levels small sorta contest.
  223. Free Tearaway costumes being sent out in japan?
  224. A Vita Christmas Countdown 2 'Hub Thread'
  225. Is LBP Vita a single player game?
  226. DC Comics DLC
  227. In-game Sound Recording!
  228. Annoying sackbot glitch :(
  229. Looking for a few good sacks
  230. Splat destroyer
  231. Level Length
  232. Your Favorite Levels?
  233. How do the cool pages work in this game anyway?
  234. Lbpv 2
  235. [Sony Fixed issue!] WOW, What a way to screw your customers LBPV
  236. Some amazing levels still get overlooked and I'm trying to get some noticed
  237. curious gamer.
  238. Flickr App? [WORKING AGAIN!]
  239. 300 MB patch
  240. Worth Buying?
  241. Earth Loading and better integration with the Vita's multi-tasking features.
  242. Should I get PS Vita and LittleBigPlanet?
  243. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Profile Size bug
  244. Carnivalia Object?
  245. So does this game work?
  246. Costume DLC
  247. (DC Level Pack) Cheetah Costume?
  248. A Vita Christmas Countdown 3 Recruitment Thread
  249. Shake Your Vita!
  250. Who would like to help?