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  1. Gameplay Kit Improvements
  2. Certain colours invisible on sticker panels
  3. Will The Copy Button Still Be There?
  4. Touch Screen Games
  5. Sensible Suggestions For Tarsier Studios And Double Eleven
  6. I wish if there was top-down View
  7. 3 layers in LBPVita?
  8. LBP2 Levels in LBPVita ?
  9. Levels Could Be Much Bigger In LBPVita...
  10. Some nice tool & powerup ideas of mine.
  11. Release Date Leaked?
  12. Mysterious "LBPVita 'Kit'"
  13. Touch by default or not?
  14. Important Question That Will Determine the Fate of LBP History
  15. What do you think is the hold-up with LBP Vita?
  16. Suggestion about dephisicalyzer.
  17. Will the crappiest and most useless feature be in LBPV?
  18. Some questions about the multiplayer.
  19. LBPVita Could Be Huge If ...
  20. Drawing Custom Stickers
  21. Liquid Material (Is it possible?)
  22. So does Sackboy respond to being touched?
  23. The LBP Music Sequencer
  24. Are the buttons on the Vita pressure sensative?
  25. Will we get LBP2 kits on the Vita eventually?
  26. DLC You Would Like to See In LBP Vita
  27. bug discussion
  28. where's the Level Showcase thread for PSVita?
  29. Cross play and Co op Create?
  30. create mode freezing
  31. Controlling Sackboy's head movement
  32. No more "ghost glue"
  33. Filter Out P4P Levels
  34. Grid on/off Button on screen
  35. Layer adjustment 'pull tabs'
  36. Painting
  37. Donwload progress bars
  38. Fixing Multiplayer [Technical Suggestion]
  39. Please give our sackfolk REAL and proper climbing skills!
  40. Disconnection After Leaving Sleep Mode
  41. draw-able sticker panels
  42. LBPV and BP2 crossplay
  43. New Ways to Find Good Levels
  44. Clean up the Live Screen Activities
  45. Background DLC?
  46. LBP2 <Music Sequencer> LBPVita
  47. Allow creators to make loading screens that sync with the game's loading
  48. HUD Vertical / Horizontal Shift Tweak
  49. they should port some levels from lbp2
  50. multi-player create
  51. Should have a bigger story mode? Maybe imports
  52. Image Import Tool
  53. Level back up
  54. EXPLOSIVES that can be modificated
  55. Earth Blocking
  56. player hearts
  57. A mess on my earth! >:(
  58. User-enterable text to use in Speech Bubbles
  59. Sorting Downloads
  60. PSP's Rare Stickers? :3
  61. Ad Hoc Mode
  62. Sackbots that don't fill the thermometer
  63. Thick/Thin Logic
  64. Online Friends Not Showing up
  65. The LBPV online server should includes PSP and PS3 versions.
  66. Remove the discard changes button.
  67. Multiplayer Create
  68. LBP Vita Needs more stuff!
  69. adding lbp psp community levels: is it possible?
  70. Chdonga: Sonic and the ultimate machine (13 minutes long film)