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  1. The Possibilities
  2. pod
  3. LittlebigKarting.ME
  4. LittleBigPlanet Karting not ruled out for PS Vita
  5. backwards compatibility?
  6. LBPK Hopes
  7. Temporal invulnerability after portal.
  8. Preview Kart Speed
  9. Corner Editor
  10. Some tools from lbp2
  11. Changing AI Costumes
  12. Why?
  13. Draw a path by driving your kart.
  14. Better redo system
  15. On-Screen Indication of Off-Track/Out-of-Bounds in Preview Mode
  16. We don't need no roads
  17. Less auto grouping
  18. A.I. while playing online killing the fun playing against human players.
  19. A way to escape from a race blocked from finishing by a stuck AI
  20. Better Cool Pages
  21. Re-roll copies style and proportion of start position
  22. Music
  23. Drive underwater
  24. Music Sequencer
  25. 2 Create GRIDS needed - Terrain and Track laying
  26. Allow a playgroup to edit levels together
  27. Sticker Glitch
  28. Bolts, strings, and rods.
  29. Party's should all follow!!!!
  30. Custom Icons (stickers/pictures) for weapons!
  31. Opacity slider
  32. Better Menus and Display Area
  33. Level Links and Object Responsive Battle AI.
  34. 3D Mover
  35. Larger Breadcrumbs & Race Respawns
  36. Polygon Edit Tool (Corner edit?)
  37. More Vote Options
  38. Race replay movies
  39. Game host generated level playlist
  40. Some of the materials need an overhaul.
  41. Speed
  42. Branches Create Holes Where They Connect
  43. Cloning Material Objects Suggestion
  44. This Freezing Issue Needs Addressing [Video]
  45. Remove the Online Pass
  46. Republishing with Team Pick rosette
  47. An Open Plea to UFG to support LBP: Karting properly!
  48. The "Official" LBPK Suggestions Thread!
  49. Things I want to see
  50. C o - c r e a t e m o d e . . .
  51. Karting Kommunity : What would you like to see?
  52. Filter out the trophy hunters
  53. Contest Suggestion
  54. FPS combat arena
  55. New to forum, being a guest
  56. Add new editing update
  57. Replay Value...