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  1. favorite story level?
  2. 3rd Zone - Level = Hooks and Beats - Missing Prize
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  5. Aaaaannd, its aced!
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  7. Piano easter egg?
  8. Can you guess who designed each story level?
  9. Flounder's Jump & Jive is digital crack!!
  10. In the Clutches of Evil
  11. What do you think of the music?
  12. The Mainframe Heist - super hidden prize bubble
  13. Share an ace
  14. First Impressions
  15. IGN wiki for prize bubbles in story mode
  16. Special Costumes
  17. Is anyone there?
  18. Which plot do you like better?
  19. Scary TV in Sunshine and Shadows
  20. Eyeball Anger
  21. High Pressure Cellar
  22. Phone message
  23. Collision Course
  24. Did one of the game's patches make the final boss more difficult???
  25. Uploaded Pictures in Story Levels
  26. What's your favorite Arcade level?
  27. StratoSphere Frustration.
  28. Avengers: Ultimate Escape level help
  29. In the clutches of evil
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  35. Jackpot City Final Boss
  36. lbp psvita story mode is a masterpiece