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  1. How to get sackbot costume
  2. Analog To Digital Conversion (improved since LBP2)
  3. Alternate uses for the text tool
  4. Feedback loops and health meter
  5. Nice bridge with one emitter
  6. Save system for score and checkpoints (1 player only)
  7. Dynamic Save Points
  8. Record audio from the game
  9. Tutorial: How To Keep Visuals Top-Notch
  10. How to take effective pics of a level.
  11. In/Out Touch Material Tutorial
  12. Move touchable objects in only one direction
  13. [How To] Make a Circular Object Travel Around a Surface/Material
  14. [How To] ...Circular Object Travel Around...Part2 + Counter Debug Logic!
  15. LittleBigPlanetorials Vita 02 - Video Tutorials by comphermc
  16. How to make a ride
  17. How To make A Teleporter
  18. Marvel Arcade Pack - Hero Rush Tips and Strategies
  19. How to create with friends.
  20. How to Create a Custom Money System
  21. [Glitch] Swimming Sackbots
  22. [Glitch] How the Twist Glitch affects Materials in LBPV
  23. Oversaturated material colors: no DLC lava alternative and another cool effects.
  24. Analog Signals Above 100% and Below -100%
  25. Infinite Layer Glitch
  26. Tilt sensor?