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  1. Losing saved objects
  2. Need help with error: C2-12828-1
  3. need help. with speech bubble
  4. 3D camera on LBPV?
  5. Serious help needed! Please
  6. Copied Emitter is Rotating Object 90 Degrees Right
  7. Creationator
  8. Camera behind the sackboy (side-view 3D camera)
  9. Downloadable Content Error
  10. Oversized Sackbot
  11. Score Giver help
  12. Sticker Display Bug
  13. How can I stop pushing?
  14. sackbot not picking up bubble points anymore...
  15. how to male a fully working checkpoint :/
  16. Help! Music in level not playing
  17. Bioshock Pack not appearing in store
  18. Mine able Material?
  19. Selector Help
  20. How do i make tilt stuff?
  21. Publushed level suddenly gone...
  22. weighing down invisible material
  23. I can't get my endless runner to work right?
  24. hud on sackperson?
  25. what is position in layer?
  26. Touch Sensor Help.
  27. How do I make a Point system
  28. Switchable Sackbots
  29. Error when i look at a Profile.
  30. Challenge Zone error
  31. Toggle Dephysicalize?
  32. Help with touch control
  33. Making objects go invisible mid-gameplay
  34. Best way to go about making a Kart?
  35. Can't access level!
  36. Having troubles with Scoreboard
  37. DLC costume problem
  38. Corrupt File!
  39. Making a rhythm game level
  40. Need logic help: Checking numbers
  41. How do I make a rocket launcher (with touch)?
  42. emitter + sensor
  43. Menu and level select logic help!
  44. Toggling Music
  45. Level links and custom sticker help
  46. Changing text colour in Magic Mouths
  47. inverting output values.
  48. Controllinator allocation
  49. start and stop motion
  50. Touch Sensor on Sticker Panel
  51. Interactive Music Sequencers?
  52. Touch Sensor Multiplayer
  53. Summer Creator Kit
  54. Help with sticker panel platformer
  55. 3d camera glitch
  56. EDIT: Completed my tasks. Thanks for help to fellow members.
  57. All Checkpoints Activate At Once
  58. Touch layer changing stuff things
  59. Real-Time Strategy
  60. New Background + Sticker Panel animation
  61. Rotation and scaling problem
  62. save-data error... PLEASE HELP!!!!
  63. How do I make a touchable block disappear and reappear on a timer?
  64. any fellow mucisians that can help with the sequencer.
  65. How to add level links to signature on LPBC?
  66. Can anyone help me make this simple task which I cant do!
  67. Can't publish level! (But I can edit it)
  68. Ideas for my next level?
  69. This frog won't jump!
  70. Impact Sensers
  71. Profile corrupt! Please help me!
  72. Is LBPV kinda broken with the latest patch?
  73. [REQUEST] Music Sequencer - Life in the Mines
  74. Circuit Puzzle Help
  75. Publishing changes some colours/switches in levels (again!)
  76. Multi-layered Notes
  77. Co-creating..
  78. zombie level questions
  79. Profile Corrupt any fixes?
  80. Sackbot Grapple Hook?
  81. Tilt Sensor - Left/Right Bug.
  82. Can anyone help with lighting effects
  83. Score Giver - decreasing the score by 10 every second?
  84. Touch Logic
  85. X Y Z Axis Help
  86. Point-bubbles don't work...
  87. Littlebigplanet vita savedata error
  88. Rapid Fire Emitters (solved)
  89. What is the secret to make the effect used in the level Nocturnal?
  90. Flinging Logic Has Bad Consistency
  91. Draw a line with emitters..?
  92. Pendulum problems!
  93. How can I make it so an object blocks off a beam of light & a motion sensor?
  94. Rewinding Woes...
  95. How to make 3 wheel track vehicle? (solved)
  96. Making an object unable to rotate
  97. [Solved] Bullet destroy on impact problem
  98. Help with an Inventory System
  99. "Spotlight" in LBPV
  100. Game Save Data error!!
  101. Right stick! (resolved)
  102. I need some beta testers. Anyone is more than welcome to participate =]
  103. In/Out Gaps
  104. how to rate a level - YAY! (solved)
  105. Can't access LBP servers [SOLVED]
  106. How do I edit the thread topic? (Solved)
  107. [SOLVED] Impact sensor delay (bullet problems)
  108. Where is this decoration from?
  109. Pull lever on wall?
  110. Custom 3D layer item help
  111. How do you make hazards spread to adjacent objects?
  112. need some help making winch operated bridge
  113. weapon timing problem
  114. I lost my vita game!?!?
  115. Santa Hat Unavailable
  116. Dividing a signal by three, rounding off and such...
  117. Roll, Tilt, In/Out Help with Controllinator
  118. sackbot respawn issues
  119. Save Data Error? Can't play LBPVita...
  120. Sackbot Sliding
  121. need help with "secrets found" board at end [Solved]
  122. Endless rotations!!!
  123. Object Stability with Wobble Bolts [SOLVED]
  124. NEED HELP, money system.
  125. NOooooo!
  126. DLC DC Comics premium levelpack - problem
  127. "One way entrance"
  128. DC Comics Levelpack Problem...
  129. DC Comics Pack Level Link Malfunctions
  130. Timesaver DLC problems.
  131. How do people even make levels in this game?!?
  132. Music Help Needed
  133. Need help making logic for "Secrets" count
  134. hitbox troubles!
  135. Need Hologram Help Please!!
  136. Need more logic help
  137. Scoreboard Activates Too Soon
  138. What glitches from LBP2 work in LBPV?
  139. Bomb Level with ludicrously low frame-rate?
  140. Pink Goo?
  141. Lighting Issues!
  142. Memorizer Compression?
  143. Could someone please record my LBPV level and put it on youtube?
  144. Multi-hit system
  145. Help needed with '1 note at a time' music in level.
  146. On Thin Ice in LBPV?
  147. DC Level Pack.....
  148. Walk on Walls/Ceilings?
  149. "Downloads" crashing the game
  150. Marvel Arcade Pack Save Wipe
  151. Music Location?
  152. Sackboy rising
  153. A door/teleportation glitch???
  154. Music creators: Help needed!
  155. Rotate object by touch
  156. Day/Night Cycle
  157. Pixel Art Help
  158. Note Text Draw Distance
  159. do littlebigplanet vita marvel items...
  160. About the Background Layers
  161. Preview Mode won't toggle?
  162. Need help with the DC level pack
  163. activity info reset and broken levels
  164. How to make an emitter shoot flames?
  165. Hooks And Beats Level Prize Help
  166. Transferring items from vita to lbp2