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  1. Does anyone know if there going to be beta vest?
  2. About bringing DLC over...
  3. fail to connect to players
  4. Making stickers....
  5. Can you use buttons to navigate menus?
  6. Will Costume kits from the story levels of LBP 1&2 be DLC?
  7. really dumb question
  8. The Inevitable Prize Bubble Runs thread!!
  9. how do i delet unwanted uploaded pictures from other players?
  10. Syncing LBPV with LBP2?
  11. Randomly backs out of menu.
  12. Turning tilt off
  13. Help: Train top-down movement
  14. Is there a way to turn up the mic volume?
  15. Is anyone else getting this message?
  16. What is wrong with LBP vita today?
  17. how to get pink magic mouth text?
  18. Importing Beta Content to the New Game
  19. Cannot Activate LBP2 DLC on Vita (UK)
  20. How to use back/forward tilt sensor in controlinator?
  21. Touch control testing
  22. Notes Not Appearing In Screenshots?
  23. Need some help with level!
  24. Missed popup message
  25. Lights out?
  26. Bug Blaster???
  27. Selector Player ID
  28. Local Players Pop-up
  29. Recording Sounds With Microphone?
  30. LBPV Coop joining issue
  31. Outputting negative values from a timer
  32. Beta TeamPicks (No Pins?)
  33. Need some help making boats
  34. Cant find the Big Daddy Clothes
  35. Low-volume microphones
  36. Pink text?
  37. Controller Button Symbols in Magic Mouth Text?
  38. How to change color of customization materials when decorating planets?
  39. store question vita
  40. Phyical to Digital...
  41. Failed to Connect to Players
  42. The Incredibles Costumes
  43. Ball jump mechanic
  44. Touchscreen based slingshot
  45. Memorising high scores & other accumulated statistics
  46. Quick question about the LBPV Store....
  47. Vita Launch Rare T-Shirt Costume
  48. Sackbots can go underwater in LBP Vita?
  49. tower trouble blocks
  50. do you feel laggy?
  51. Error NP-8123-4
  52. Dowloading Online Pass - Issues
  53. 'Just A Flying Visit' Pin
  54. Emitter and captured object bug - how to avoid it
  55. Taking pictures of logic and posting them here.
  56. Possible Creator Bug?
  57. Can you see recent players??
  58. Erm... Online Pass?
  59. LBP.me pins
  60. Updating Downloaded levels Crash!
  61. One screen at a time.
  62. history costumes
  63. Magic: The Gathering life counter in LBPV?
  64. Magic: The Gathering life counter in LBPV?
  65. telephone costume?
  66. Memorisers and Multiplayer
  67. Emmiter, U serious? >:C
  68. Acing The Puppeteer
  69. Super Conductor 20 solution
  70. Is create mode frequently crashing on anyone else?
  71. Atrocious and illogical load times on Community levels
  72. logic help!
  73. Help with lethal slime
  74. Corner Editor Points
  75. rabbit costume :D
  76. Paintinator Sensor
  77. Making a menu?
  78. Getting a Memorizer to Give Points Back?
  79. Any Spotlights?
  80. How do I make the touch material switch layers at either front or rear touch?
  81. Hide Touchscreen Create widgets
  82. Tilt Control Help!
  83. Create mode crash tips?
  84. Need help with Menu
  85. wrong VITA catagory
  86. Creating Unbreakable Joints?
  87. Cross Controller Software?
  88. Lighting tips?
  89. Beg: LittleBigPlanet Vita Knights of Old Preorder Code
  90. Invisible Spikes Material?
  91. level link help please
  92. Strange numbers with timers on speed scale
  93. In/Out Movers not working properly
  94. canīt play online
  95. Emitted Tags not working? Help Please
  96. Selecting an option
  97. Touch overide chip?
  98. in/out mover & Touch-Problems
  99. 2 player cameras
  100. hulk cosutme
  101. Movie Camera as Game Camera?
  102. Turning the Vita & Gravity-Problems
  103. Touch help
  104. Isometric Camera ?
  105. Is there an FAQ or tutorial somewhere about Menu Screens and Level Selects?
  106. An object emitting itself
  107. Advanced Mover staying on issue!
  108. music to silence?
  109. Enabling Tilt and Rotation Functionalities without the use of a Controlinator?
  110. Repositioning Notes/Text
  111. Movie Camera fades broken?
  112. DLC costumes
  113. Paint tool
  114. I think this means LBP@ and LBP items are coming to VITA!
  115. Audio lag?
  116. How did they make the lava in High Pressure Cellar?
  117. Player lives
  118. Well I just lost all my LBPV save data
  119. Logic help; repeating random sequences and such?
  120. Trophies not popping
  121. Poison water
  122. "Visible in Play Mode" option set to Off : also off in Create Mode ?
  123. Rotate 90 degrees
  124. Emit in a random spot within an area?
  125. Note Text Vanishing
  126. Basic level creation tips ?
  127. Glowing Sackboy Problem
  128. Why is crashing my game?
  129. Visuals
  130. [Solved] Movie camera cancels when pressing O
  131. Transfer content help!
  132. Making an LoZ-ish RPG
  133. Wat?
  134. I want to sell my Physical Copy and buy a Digital Copy
  135. Can't seem to find the Hockey Helmet in "The Mainframe Heist" level.
  136. Can't seem to trigger any LBP.me pins for Vita.
  137. 3D layer "glitch"
  138. Online Pass: Included with digital purchase of game?
  139. How to take photos?
  140. Too much for LBP?
  141. Gravity Rush costumes not showing as purchased on Vita
  142. Touch Sensor activation gestures
  143. Memorizers for multiplayer...
  144. Making impact sensors ignore tagged objects
  145. Music change whilst in controllinator
  146. [Level creation] Hints to create a puzzle game with tiles
  147. [Level Creation Help] In game menu
  148. Ps vita store to buy lbp vita
  149. Vertical Roation on Objects
  150. Emitter help.
  151. Changing Material of the Floor
  152. Help with pixel animation
  153. Help with Movie Cameras on Sackbots
  154. Hello, I need help with the Look At Rotator
  155. how to make Checkpoints apear only if score is above 0 ?
  156. Savegame issue
  157. Switches like 2-way, 3-way switches don't work, please help :(!
  158. How can I make to stabilish the maximum inclination for vita in a controlinator?
  159. Cross controller date
  160. Santa hat and Beard unavailable
  161. Respawning player & control seat together?
  162. Downloading levels with level links
  163. Followers and height
  164. Need controlinator help!
  165. Downloading the Cross Controller Software
  166. Screenshots
  167. Regarding the Layer Glitch
  168. Force Wormhole?
  169. Controlinator for specific players
  170. failed to connect to players
  171. Corrupted save
  172. Data-trophy-thingy
  173. zombie level help
  174. swimming sackbots?
  175. Creating Lava
  176. I published a level, but didnt...
  177. Help making lasers
  178. making a movie
  179. is there a way to make two objects that...
  180. Door Help
  181. Anyone know how 2D/3D was done...
  182. When a note is emitted it doesn't show.
  183. [Solved] Change materials' organize display
  184. How many times can you use the network pass?
  185. A more elegant solution?
  186. LBP Vita Friends list/touchscreen bug
  187. Cut scene stuffz
  188. Anyone else having problems publishing lvls
  189. How do you make moving circular objects stick to ceilings?
  190. Memoriser issues....
  191. Missing DLC
  192. System for players to be ready + Sackbot Teleportation
  193. Trying to recreate "Very Awesome 3D Tool" from LBP2 - Stumped!
  194. downloads page crash
  195. Was wondering is here a list of somesort for all the crafting materials in LBP Vita
  196. Using one memorizer to record multiple events
  197. What is the level customization like?
  198. Save game data?
  199. Sounds and when something moves?
  200. Making a spotlight
  201. cant ace la marionetta
  202. Help with some RPG features? (Ex: Map, Health)
  203. Climbing
  204. Mvie cameras and sound
  205. Where oh where is that dust material
  206. shooting sackbot?
  207. 2D Level creation?
  208. Impact Sensor - No "Include Touching"?
  209. Music Transition help.
  210. Tilt Help
  211. Camera
  212. Curving conveyor belt
  213. Making the camera follow a sack bot
  214. Basic Touchscreen menu
  215. touch screen sensors failing when rear touch is detected
  216. Teleporting
  217. Tips for making character portraits
  218. making a car
  219. Is there a way to put stickers on 3D back Layers?
  220. What the!? Trial Mode?
  221. Controlling an object
  222. How do I remove the stand from the Power Up Remover!?!?
  223. Laser Pointer?
  224. Touchable Buttons
  225. moving feet
  226. :) using decorations for more than decorating:)
  227. making an object rotate?
  228. 'Snake' Style Game: Moving on a grid.
  229. How do you recreate the LBP PS Vita Extra Layers?
  230. All kinds of broke!
  231. Moving a block a certain distance from left to right or right to left
  232. Analogue Signals .. ARG!!
  233. Saved Glued Objects Detaching?
  234. Emitted sequencers (Question for my TTT)
  235. Fonts:
  236. moving backround?
  237. stoping an object from moving
  238. Missing "Square Battery" object
  239. power up indicators?
  240. Advanced Movers vs Followers, Speed Issue
  241. Touch Sensor Trouble
  242. w/o piston
  243. How to make Multi-player Cameras --> SackBots (VS)
  244. Constant "Recent changes ..." Error, Foreign controls, and profile corruption
  245. Mm Pick Pin?
  246. [LBPV] Restoring Corrupted Create Spaces From Backups
  247. 'Player Color' for Notes doesn't work
  248. Rear touchscreen
  249. sackbot not moving in play mode
  250. Question about Thermo Usage of Custom Microchip stickers