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  1. Video tutorials
  2. Making text tutorials
  3. Save... Yourself from Grief (2014 update)
  4. Track design tips and tricks
  5. aar2697's Helpful Findings and Tips
  6. Looping path followers
  7. Video Tutorial: Your First Track
  8. Video Tutorial: SkyTrack, Jumps and Banks
  9. Video Tutorial #3 Shortcuts, breadcrumbs and More!
  10. A Few Tips For Faster Racing
  11. Video Tutorial #4 - Arenas, Weapons, Sack Ops!
  12. Video Tutorial #5 - Custom Boosters, Sounds, Emitters, Sponges and Level Design!
  13. Cut Scene Cinematics and other oddities
  14. How to make the force field work like the hologram(from LBP2) in LBPK.
  15. Threshold Numbers List
  16. Video Tutorial #6 - The Eliminator! New Game Mode! Threshold! Logic!
  17. Occluder Sheets - My Understanding
  18. The LBPK Quick Tips topic!
  19. Best tip in track making.
  20. Video Tutorial #7 - Cutscenes! Cameras! Actors! Transmitters!
  21. How to make a song play during the pre-race cutscene every time
  22. Video Tutorial #8 - Platforming! Cameras! Handling!...and more!
  23. Advancded Shapes using the Sticker Template
  24. TIP for recover budget in your levels
  25. How to build a PtP Rally
  26. What tutorial would you like?
  27. Decorate your level boundaries
  28. How to Write Text with the Color You Want Without Using a Box or Magic Mouth
  29. How to Make the "Taking Away" Effect From A Tornado
  30. How to Make a Kart Transformation During the Track
  31. Directed Respawn and Teleportation
  32. Score bubbles
  33. Beginners Tutorials!
  34. How to Drive With the Head Upside Down.
  35. Lower the heat!
  36. Prize bubbles
  37. Boosting off start
  38. How to make a High Detailed Custom Kart
  39. How to make your Track change at Lap 2 or 3
  40. Shared Blueprints: Fps+
  41. Sackboy secrets
  42. Making more with less thermo
  43. How to: Use 'Snap Mode On'
  44. Adjusting motors/pistons/hinges...
  45. Open for questions