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  1. Create Mode
  2. I pre ordered lbp karting and...
  3. Player Colour?
  4. Is getting a star like aceing a level?
  5. Beta level avalaible to rebuild in final version of lbpk?
  6. Using a ramp
  7. Creating a Replica Bowser Castle?
  8. Local Multiplayer?
  9. Boosting at the start of a race?
  10. Specifying who the AI will be
  11. Setting Menu Freeze
  12. Why does it say I have 100% prizes on levels I haven't played yet?
  13. Split Screen Sound
  14. Cheated Leaderboards again...
  15. Help making a tunnel
  16. Second player appears in my pod
  17. Smooth dual stick "custom kart" movement
  18. How to make a grappling jump?
  19. Help with handling tweakers, controlinators and kartinators
  20. How to delete breadcrumbs
  21. Grid gets displaced?
  22. Problem creating a custom weapon
  23. how to change sackbot/horter?
  24. Opening/Closing Shortcuts
  25. Making a Custom Race HELP!!!
  26. Custom HUD for speedometer
  27. Problems with movie cameras
  28. What's wrong with the stickers!?
  29. Sackbot logic - Collect and deliver
  30. 100% on Future Perfect?
  31. Activate logic on kart when hit with custom weapon?
  32. Invisible Material
  33. Golden Aura?
  34. Creating a tight spiral
  35. Creation Mode: Custom Confusion
  36. Any luck with custom karts?
  37. A Door That Opens Like a Door
  38. Having an issue with game not allowing off roading.
  39. Jerky grapple point
  40. Sensors, Strings & Problems
  41. how do you create tunnels?
  42. How do you create an arena?
  43. My head is about to explode! Help needed.
  44. Track above the ground?
  45. Path followers on a loop
  46. Gameplay Sequencer Help
  47. Missing items in "Future Perfect"
  48. Fire Wall?
  49. Help with pathfinders!
  50. Sound Effects, Focus, and Focus Music
  51. Grapple hook not working
  52. Troubke making a closed loop path
  53. Switcharoo?
  54. how do you make it so racers have to use specific karts?
  55. What are all of thw karts in the global settings for?
  56. Unicorn Costume?
  57. AI wont use shortcuts
  58. Piston / logic problem
  59. why dont things work like they should?
  60. Displaying Notes During Pre-Race Cutscenes
  61. Some sounds are recategorized from LBP2 to LBPK
  62. Is there any way around the trophy glitches...?
  63. Music doesn't play consistantly throughout the level
  64. republishing
  65. Movie Cameras/Sequencers/Track Introductions
  66. Problems with Sensors
  67. Settings Menu Help
  68. "out of bounds" problem
  69. importing costumes???
  70. Quick Question
  71. Actors Brain and pathing
  72. Can you add wheels to custom karts?
  73. Game freezing
  74. Can you disable pre-race title animation?
  75. Can't sticker scoreboard?
  76. Are stats reset when you republish like in LBP?
  77. Crash when using custom objects
  78. Scoring Q's for 1st person shooter.
  79. How Can I Make a Bumper Car mini Game????
  80. Object flickering...
  81. Help with weapon hit detection and scoring.
  82. Invisible, non-colliding material?
  83. Score Giver won't give individual points
  84. Forcefield issue
  85. Global sound tweaker
  86. 2 Questions: Copying a track/moving an object
  87. Countdown Timer and Piston
  88. How do I make one object follow another?
  89. Making a Smooth, Infinite Conveyor Belt
  90. Dizzy AI
  91. In Creation photos are blacked out.
  92. Custom Weapon Pickup Device
  93. Slowdown issue...
  94. CutScene Camera Techniques
  95. Specifying Respawn Locations
  96. Getting more people to play your track.
  97. Custom wepons pick up makes me crash when I try to Tweak it
  98. SoundFX modification help.
  99. Avoiding Breadcrumbs
  100. I broke the camera!
  101. How to add music to pre-race movie.
  102. Track freezes when I try to edit or play it...
  103. Hide the Cart-Cockpit... possible ?
  104. Sack-less Kart Weapon Spawn location.
  105. pre race player input?
  106. Countdown Timer
  107. Destructible Objects
  108. Stopping Karts in Cutscenes.
  109. Path follower & Rotation
  110. Output on Spawn and Reset Points.
  111. Rollercoaster Idea- but unkown how to make it happen.
  112. Keep getting a reset while making track.
  113. Can you use THIS racing wheel?
  114. Changing lighting via logic...is it possible?
  115. Global ranking
  116. Battle Arena solely on Force Field Material
  117. That Horrible, Horrible Splitscreen Glitch...
  118. cross buy
  119. Trying to make a "hot potato" bomb arena level
  120. Advanced shapes?
  121. Camera help needed!
  122. Adding grappling hook to spawn?
  123. I need your tracks! If you like adi's vids please donate :)
  124. HELP! Sensor triggering early...WHY? Driving me nuts!
  125. Weapons not working?
  126. Player sensor drops signal with >1 player detected
  127. Adding Lava to a Level
  128. Deactivating branches?
  129. Going to start my first LBPK level! Need tips!
  130. Object Creator Glitch
  131. Sounds added to weapons don't work + more.
  132. Tips for Better Kart Decoration and Custom Karts?
  133. Survival game with custom creatures as enemies to give you points when killed?
  134. this game is broken
  135. HUD on my newest level broken?
  136. Terrain Material
  137. Connected objects/materials (More in the thread)
  138. AI not affected by handling tweaker?
  139. I need players to spawn on a random checkpoint.
  140. Sound objects and the Player Only setting
  141. Karts with Kartinators Kolliding?
  142. Hud Help Please
  143. Score Giver not working
  144. How to emit objects on a path?
  145. Lobbed projectile emitting obstacles?
  146. Magnets?
  147. How to make a neat 8 shape in the track?
  148. LBPK soundtrack?
  149. Artificial Idiots and a Room with no weaponators
  150. How to make a First Person Shooter?
  151. Respawning on Custom Objects + Black Bar on Pictures?
  152. Reducing Level Heat
  153. Sackbots?
  154. Capturing an object with moving parts (big wheel)
  155. Geopaint
  156. Player sensor being triggered by AI
  157. Glitchy Planet?
  158. Emitter, Custom Weapons, Fireworks
  159. Special requirements for transferring data to new PS3?
  160. High-Flying Weapon
  161. Costumes and stickers
  162. Object Modifications
  163. Tips on creating a level with controls like the story minigame 'Stuck in a Jam'
  164. LBPCentral Sticker?
  165. PS3 freezing when attempting to open my level
  166. Hiding Player Names/Indicators?
  167. Game won't start up
  168. Is it possible to make floating race tracks?
  169. Corrupt Data
  170. Strange Custom kart Collision.. help?
  171. "Settings" Option Freezes Playstation
  172. Decoration is STUCK in pod
  173. Moving objects attached to other moving objects
  174. Objects breaking from a set path and then back again?
  175. Basic Logic Help Please
  176. Need help with a certain jump...
  177. Changing the objective of race
  178. Kart control suggestions please
  179. Online Problems?
  180. Non-Story Game
  181. Any way to shrink your kart?
  182. FPS - How would I make bots shoot each other?
  183. Grenade lobbing toy soldiers
  184. Crashing at the start!
  185. what are the symptoms of an over heated level?
  186. How to recreate "Star Fishin" scoring?
  187. Battle problems!!
  188. pokemon, battle brains and indefensible weapons
  189. Any good LBPK effects?
  190. Weapon Ratio Tips?
  191. Creating tunnels and caves, and alternate paths in later laps
  192. Making hologram material invisible and making sounds louder
  193. How to make teleporter
  194. Taking and Posting Photos in LBPK
  195. Where to get the tornado?
  196. multi-select and cloning
  197. Some help with create
  198. HUD-less?
  199. Capturing images problems (Bug?)
  200. Capture Image Bug- need to report this one to MM or United Front
  201. invisble levels on my planet.
  202. Lengthening batteries on sequencer
  203. floating and waterfalls
  204. Time Trial Lap Time Glitch
  205. Karts following a specific path
  206. Not viable shortcut roads! How to?
  207. Navigation Map Failed :(
  208. LBPK.me - ALL photo's gone! :(
  209. Objects flying around (like bees...^^)
  210. Turning off the post-race soundeffect?!
  211. Pathfollower woes
  212. Botkarts Jump "around" obstacle?
  213. Illogical Logic :(
  214. How do I make police lights alternate?
  215. Decorating help?
  216. Localized Lightning Storm?
  217. Any experience using visual occluder ??
  218. Why does my main music stop?
  219. Can not Create.. :( game freeze...
  220. Lag and load times
  221. How do i make a Kart
  222. Making part of a kart dangerous
  223. Creates double karts
  224. Noisy Glitch
  225. Delete standard weaponators
  226. Off Track Error
  227. Reset regulation
  228. Basic create problems
  229. Planet Edit Ate My Levels
  230. Enemy AI not to take a shortcut.
  231. Queue Automatic Level Delete
  232. Gravity is 'getting me down'.
  233. Basic object question
  234. Possible to emit an object with a danger tweaker on it?
  235. Custom Kart -making lights come on when accelerating w/o upseting user button config?
  236. Possible to stop AI bots from destroying objects
  237. LBP content not being recognized in LBP Karting!!!
  238. Removing terrain material
  239. Conditionally destroying weaponized objects?
  240. Another Reset Problem
  241. Can't reduce the heat
  242. Some logic questions
  243. "Boss" mechanics
  244. Object based floors issue (race)
  245. Invisible material that reacts to motors?
  246. Producing a shield
  247. Emitting solid, stationary objects
  248. Santa Costume not available for LBP Karting PS3
  249. Help! My object wont stop destroying themselves!
  250. Has lbp karting been fixed?