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  2. The Apocalyptic Series
  3. Your favorite costume
  4. Doodle Planet
  5. Schark's Level of the Week
  6. Our Own LBP PSP Spotlights
  7. Volcanic Activities: The Big Freeze
  8. Jumpin Jungle
  9. Puppets Lover
  10. Factory Run
  11. Fright a Front of Scene
  12. Sunrise Valley
  13. my lbp-account on lbp for PSP
  14. Are you the chosen one?
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  16. Hey dudes
  17. [psp] skyr|m
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  19. Metal Gear Solid level kit
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  21. The SackAwards 2013
  23. Rediscovering Something New
  24. Creation
  25. Little Big Planet PSP is Dead
  26. For those who still play PSP...
  27. For those that still play LBP PSP
  28. Are the online features of LBP PSP still working
  29. I feel like i'm the only one who...
  30. I miss LBP PSP...
  31. Looooooong overdue to play this. What levels should I play?
  32. Little Big Planet PSP is not dead!
  33. Littlebigplanet PSP servers to be shut down on July 31
  34. how to glitch menus