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  1. Can't sticker Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop?
  2. Pop-it freezes...
  3. No LBP3 preorder for PS3 on UK store?
  4. Sticker Painting with Analog Sticks.
  5. Dive-in and Issues joining players.
  6. goodbye lbp2, hello lbp3!
  7. Notes?
  8. Randomly lose all pop-it items?
  9. Amazon Preorder Conundrum
  10. It's really too bad about all the glitches...the game is great
  11. Freezes when I try to make a character.
  12. "No Content Found" when trying to play previous DLC
  13. Playing LBP2 levels in LBP3...
  14. Having to re buy dlc i all ready own :/
  15. Pins
  16. Possible explanation for LBP2 items not carrying over?
  17. Can I buy the rare 1 week tshirt without lbp3?
  18. The Object Saver is a Life Saver
  19. DLC Solution for PS4 people While We Wait
  20. Broken parts of created levels
  21. Where is the LBP3 Rare Launch Shirt!?
  22. My Opinions, and bugs encountered.
  23. Does anyone else dislike the new community level menus?
  24. If I were you, I would backup your profile. Heres how.
  25. Things I have found missing from LBPV to LBP3
  26. Fewer Sound Effects in the Sound Object
  27. Missing Music in the PS4 version.
  28. Lbp2 Level update
  29. Non-bug issues with the Special Multiplayer levels. (and more)
  30. Awesome LBP3 Moments (so far...)
  31. Bug / Glitched Image
  32. 2 locked levels. How do I unlock them?
  33. Anyone want to tackle the x2 areas in lbp3 on ps4?
  34. Nick Picks!
  35. Subscribe And Watch This Guy
  36. Looking for people for Manglewood x4 Challenge!
  37. No longer able to grab stickers from levels
  38. So does anyone know where is the week one LBP3 rare t-shirt?
  39. Pre-order questions (European Player)
  40. Sumo Digital needs to step up about our inaccessible DLC.
  41. Questions for PS3 and PS4 differences.
  42. Platinum Trophy is Mine.
  43. Best LBP1/LBP2 to LBP3 PS3 Import Procedure?
  44. Statistics Counters
  45. What are these 3 new "things" in the news section?
  46. Is the sticker glitch a known problem?
  47. His can
  48. Loud Noises when playing
  49. Importing levels from the Beta?
  50. Can't find the song from E3 gameplay and intro level
  51. Toggle Costume Glitch.
  52. How do you disable comments on the new lbp.me?
  53. Oh my StevenI I just did a Twirly Bird (literally)
  54. Can't save planet settings, and pod backgrounds have disappeared.
  55. DLC Prices bubbles
  56. Did I miss the space suit dlc?
  57. Does anybody know if there will be a buy all collectibles from story kind of thing?
  58. Missing Gameplay Objects.
  59. "A player failed to load your profile" ?
  60. How do I get the objects from LBP2 that's on PS3 to LBP3 on the PS4?
  61. [Request] IDEA for LittleBigPlanet 3
  62. Anyone interested in doing the Challenge Room: Race To The Stars x4 area?
  63. A Quick Few Questions About LBP3 PS3 And PS4
  64. What's with the community levels loading too long?
  65. Look what I found..
  66. Youtubers who feature levels?
  67. Infinite sensor range?
  68. 3 Deadly Bugs
  69. Help DLC Problem
  70. Joining random games?
  71. So I bought the LBP 3 Shirt Pack
  72. Two large problems/oversights when playing with Guests.
  73. Infinite Loading Screen (Very annoying)
  74. Show your adventure maps!
  75. PS4 LBP3 questions, plaese help me.
  76. Costume question!
  77. LittleBigPlanet 3: Announcing Community Challenges and the Sack-a-thon!
  78. Terrible Bug with Progress Boards
  79. A Few Q's: Changes from LBP 2
  80. Legendary Minecraft youtubers playing LBP3 = hilarity
  81. Need LBP3 friends
  82. The importing glitch
  83. The question that everyone on earth needs to know the answer to is..
  84. Is there a LBP 3 materials list anywhere?
  85. DLC on Multiple Accounts
  86. How to use stickers
  87. Looking for Create Mode Buddies!
  88. Launch Shirt
  89. LBP3 Dance Party | This is what I want to do in LBP3:
  90. Is this game worth buying at the moment?
  91. Will there be a demo?
  92. How to find good Community levels?
  93. Most Overused New Feature?
  94. Important Question
  95. Why Have Permanency And Preloader?
  96. How do I filter out LBP 1 & 2 levels OUT!!!!!
  97. Some kind of material
  98. How does the quest stuff work?
  99. Is it true?
  100. New YouTube Channel
  101. Who likes bacon?!
  102. Best playable character
  103. I just did the best thing in LBP3.
  104. PS4 or PS3?
  105. can we have a free DLC as compensation?
  106. PS3 Playability after 1.2?
  107. LBP3 Music Sequencer
  108. I've just published a trailer!
  109. Thinking of buying.. Questions
  110. Turn off toggle's size ability and give him a sack pocket
  111. I am a bit concerned...
  112. Can't place stickers in create mode. [PS3]
  113. Spaceman Suit
  114. My level is being spammed... lol
  115. Question about transfering profiles lbp1/2
  116. LBP3 Mats and where to find them!
  117. Nothing new in Music Sequencers?
  118. Constantly freezing in create mode PS4
  119. Has the PS Store been fixed yet?
  120. Blaster Handle Problems
  121. Platinum Trophy is Impossible
  122. how do i backup LBP3 profile to ps+?
  123. An upgrade: Resetting ALL save data & progress?
  124. Looking for online players
  125. Need Help Finding Material from Poppit Puzzle Levels
  126. Found a creepy glitch today...
  127. An User Failed to Load Your Profile Error
  128. Major issue purchasing DLC
  129. About Adventure Maps
  130. Adventure map missing decorations?
  131. Lbp2 levels
  132. is it possible to add more than 5 sack pocket items?
  133. Object Animation Tweaker - Some Confusion
  134. Not sure how to start?
  135. Unusable content found in levels?
  136. Game.co.uk pre order
  137. DLC problems
  138. Remove transferred items from lbp3
  139. Uninstall LBP 3 without delete my saves !
  140. LBP3 Comedy Sketchup!
  141. This Game is a Disappointment
  142. Princess costume
  143. I can't play with other players
  144. I really wish..
  145. Community Lists?
  146. Touchpad Support
  147. Another fantastic glitch, courtesy of our friends at Sumo Digital
  148. LBP1 content didn't transfer
  149. Dynamic thermo is not working
  150. LBP3 Materials and where to find them
  151. LBP3 Collected Objects
  152. LBP3 Stickers and Decorations
  153. What LBP3 did right...
  154. Sackbot affect on Thermal
  155. Share Play
  156. Spacesuit got taken down too soon...
  157. Starting LBP3 tools/objects are missing (PS3)
  158. Theck, Thack, etc. are broken
  159. Where are the tutorials?
  160. Bug: Small movements are not detected by controlinator w/Tags
  161. Little Big Planet Childhood Ruined
  162. LittleBigPlanet 3 Deal for $20 Off? Now?? Shady I'd Say...
  163. [PS4] No Pod Background
  164. Patch 1.3 installed, still missing almost all my sound objects?
  165. Anyone else having level saving issues [PS3]?
  166. Quick Questions!
  167. Do I need to use the 'Unlock' feature if my LBP1/2 profile is already imported? (PS3)
  168. UV tool on Dust Effect
  169. A suggestion for Dynamic Thermo users
  170. Swoop Phoenix costume help
  171. Missing Power Ups in Create
  172. trouble loading levels after patch
  173. Livestream Tomorrow + Run Sackboy! Run! Shirt Giveaway
  174. Dynamic Thermometer Not Good for Adventure/RPG games?
  175. Hinge tool?
  176. Does anyone feel like, not compelled to create anything?
  177. I'm not feeling this game...
  178. About the dynamic thermo (Updated)
  179. Freeze when i start the game
  180. Little Big Planet 3 Comedy Sketch #2
  181. Haven't been able to join a single game since the game launched.
  182. A really weird unused song from LittleBigPlanet 3
  183. Community Question!
  184. Video/Level - Star Wars VII Trailer Remake
  185. Sumo digital will they abandon us? :(
  186. Playstation Experience Community Event?
  187. New Problem since patch !
  188. Severe Framerate Drop
  189. Insert custom pictures into my levels...
  190. The Flashlight and the create any hand held gadget...
  191. LittleBigPlanet 3 WhatsApp Group! :D
  192. LBP3 Sack-a-thon! Guinness World Record Attempt at PS Experience
  193. Video/Level - Secret Official LBP3 Items
  194. Sesame Street Easter Egg
  195. LittleBigPlanet 3 Physics
  196. Will I be able to download my LBP Karting Beta Vest in LBP3 (PS4)?
  197. I getting LBP3 for PS4...
  198. My level is getting hearts and I know for a fact people are playing it but....
  199. Still Missing DLC?
  200. DLC Purchased on Vita... Transfer to Ps4?
  201. Any idea when the dlc will be available and working?
  202. It's Dead, Jim
  203. Is my LBP3 premium guide or game wrong?
  204. Used LBP online playable?
  205. Most Underused Theme?
  206. Locked Adventure map...
  207. Glitches and bugs galore!
  208. Metal Gear Solid Premium Pack Issues [LBP3 PS4]
  209. Where is the playstation move DLC?
  210. I'm Not Playing Anyones Level Until Saves Can Be Disabled.
  211. LittleBigPlanet 3's licensed music selection is rad.
  212. PS3 or PS4?
  213. Can you disable sack pocket?
  214. Cant get more clever:,(
  215. Online Problems
  216. Has anyone managed to finish the Muppet DLC?
  217. Certain DLCs Are Not Put Onto Accounts Properly
  218. Is the Rabbids Invasion DLC actual LBP3 DLC or misplaced DLC?
  219. Create Mode Cursor Glitch
  220. Special Edition DLC not counted
  221. Lbp.me filter results with tags?
  222. Removed Pins? and other related
  223. LBP3 US to EU region transfer
  224. Share Play
  225. Link some mini games so I can que
  226. DLC from the online UK store
  227. Littlebigplanet 3 vs Littlebigplanet 2
  228. DLC Issues
  229. Transferring Data Idea???
  230. Secret Background
  231. Follower/Stabalizer (why?)
  232. Broken Trophy Popit Academy Term 1
  233. Can't place stickers
  234. Dephysicalizing woes
  235. Trophies transfer
  236. No Love For Swoop.
  237. Can't import LBP 2 profiles into LBP 3 on PS3
  238. Top Down Experience?
  239. Story Quests Messed Up
  240. Autofilter ... What does it do?
  241. want to dc season pass...but
  242. The problem with 3D platforming in LBP3
  243. Did you know you can scamper up walls? Ha, ha!
  244. LBP3 Post 1.05 Bugs
  245. Move Pack Unavailable
  246. Does anyone else have leftover Collectibells?
  247. So... When Will I Get My Stuff Back Again?
  248. When will Cross-Controller compatibility be available?
  249. Welcome Back! Which new character is more handicapped, Toggle, OddSock, or Swoop?
  250. Broken character glitch fix