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  1. Thermometer Overheating Too Easy
  2. 3D levels
  3. Tranfer Savegames?
  4. New Community Trend that could ruin LBP3
  5. I Locked the adventure I'm creating by mistake, and now I can't select it anymore <3
  6. Opacity Tweaker
  7. Mysterious Fog
  8. Unreleased Toggle DLC
  9. DLC Timesaver Content
  10. LBP Load Time Test
  11. Just Bought LBP3 - Advice?
  12. Menus or Overworlds
  13. Profile Corruption - Big, Small or both?
  14. Pssst, Hey! Wanna know a secret?
  15. Creation Time-lapse Video
  16. Does litte big planet 3 still have loading problems/framrate issues on ps3
  17. Creator Curations
  18. LittleBigAudio Music recording submission thread
  19. Reviews
  20. LBP 1, 2, and 3 100% game save PS3
  21. LBP store bug
  22. LBP3 VS LBP2 Performance
  23. The Sackies 2015 Are Upon Us!
  24. LittleBigPlanet Christmas Countdown 2015 Recruitment Thread
  25. LBP3 Glitches - SINGING PROFILES!
  26. Which Tune?
  27. Prerelease images
  28. Adi's complete LBP playthrough needs YOU and your ideas!
  29. Can someone explain this
  30. Being charged for God of War set even tho I can still get Kratos costume free?
  31. New Eye and Ear Candy
  32. Yay button
  33. What's the difference between Swoops and Jetpack?
  34. New pod glitch
  35. LBP3 Dive In Montage 3
  36. post your littlebigplanet jokes here
  37. Does anyone else feel annoyed by the long loading times of LBP games?
  38. Story mode
  39. Is LBP3 Still Alive?
  40. Favorite Spongebob Level Kit Level?
  41. very disappointed with the newest selection of instruments
  42. super sad: deleted moon and costumes due to history pack
  43. Creatinators Spawn Unremovable Glitchy Garbage
  44. Just uploaded two songs to soundcloud
  45. Legend of Zelda, Sights of Shadows Pre Alpha
  46. LBP3 new user - My experience
  47. Endless Survival Vs Timed Minigames
  48. new 'glitch' weather effect found?
  49. It's all just... gone.
  50. Top List of everything wrong in Little Big Planet 3
  51. LBP3 players, I need you to please help me out on a LBP3 survey for my master thesis
  52. Age Restrictions
  53. Does anyone else...?
  54. new quests glitch found?
  55. Has LBP.me Always Had Tutorials?