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  1. Is Swoop overpowered?
  2. LittleBigPlanet 3: Everything We Know So Far!
  3. Which system will you play LittleBigPlanet 3 on?
  4. Want to Help With the Unofficial LBP3 Subreddit?
  5. Has littlebigplanet 3 brought you back?
  6. Postponing Publishing until LBP3?
  7. Wondering Why LBP3 Didn't Go The 3-D Route??
  8. A rather interesting LBP3 interview by Polygon :)
  9. What new types of logic would you like to see?
  10. Questions about the LBP3 Beta
  11. Try and predict the LBP3 Levels/Zones.
  12. Balloons
  13. anybody ever have an idea for a level...
  14. LBP3 Data Transfer?
  15. Has LBP jumped the shark?
  16. multicontroller handling
  17. Will LBP3 be Cross-buy?
  18. Powerup creator thingy
  19. Cross-Platform Multiplayer
  20. Pre-order LBP3 or buy it on launch day?
  21. What happens with 3D Glitch levels?
  22. Adjusted Physics
  23. 16 layers is a lot.
  24. Can you receive a LBP3 beta code on this site?
  25. LittleBigPlanet is "floaty", opinions?
  26. LBP 3 Beta and what not !
  27. LBP 3 Coming to March?
  28. If LBP was 3-D?
  29. My LBP3-ish Oil Painting! What do you think? :)
  30. Discussion: Do you think that the thermometer will be improved?
  31. LBP3 Dragon age DLC - What if I pre-ordered before?
  32. Nda?
  33. Pre-ordering LBP3 in the UK?
  34. LittleBigPlanet 3 T-Shirt Pack
  35. LBP 3 has quests?!
  36. Favourite Character?
  37. Bring the Boo Rating Back?
  38. Will LBP3 Require Playstation Plus Subscription?
  39. Rope?
  40. Where are you going to Pre-Order from?
  41. Are Sackbots returning?
  42. Beta...
  43. Favorite LBP3 character?
  44. Level Stitching/No More Thermometer!!!
  45. LBP3 Beta
  46. The Release
  47. A question about the PS4 version thats scaring me
  48. LBP3 facebook group is now up!
  49. What Platform Should I Pre-Order First?
  50. Some lbp3 fanart!
  51. how the create modes gonna be like
  52. LBP3 BETA Needs GLITCHERS, Steveni's friends wont do!
  53. Lbp3 private beta?
  54. Little Big Planet 3 Updates?
  55. Little Big Planet 3 less impressive.
  56. Are we going to be able to play LBPK on LBP3?
  57. LBP1 and LBP2 stuff transferring to PS4
  58. Is 16 layers enough?
  59. Why Glitchers Are an Important Part of LBP
  60. Why Glitchers Are Important
  61. Toggle and DLC
  62. I So Can't Wait For This!!! LOL
  63. New Trailer! :D
  64. LBP3 and Shareplay
  65. Thermo Spotted?
  66. LBP3 Music List
  67. How will the level mattress work?
  68. The Pod
  69. Some questions regarding LBP3...
  70. Gamescom Presentation Analysis
  71. list of create tools
  72. LBP3 PS3 and PS4 cross play? Cross levels?
  73. Music in LBP3
  74. LOOK!! Create Mode Demonstration.
  75. LBP3 BETA gone live?
  76. Question
  77. LBP3/PS4 Bundle?
  78. Pre ordering more than one copy
  79. We can run in circles now!!!
  80. Extra Layers in LBP3
  81. LBP on PS4
  82. Infinite Lvls Conformed!
  83. LBP 3 Beta: Do you think there will be a public beta?
  84. Questions Regarding DLC....
  85. I cant wait to get lbp3!!!
  86. LBP3 Beta gone LIVE! (which Im sadly not in :( )
  87. LittleBigPlanet 3 Fan-art.
  88. Beta Bug Blaster
  89. create lbp trailers at fanexpo canada
  90. LBP3 Merchandise Wishlist!
  91. Alternative ways to obtain first week item?
  92. Swoop photoshop paint
  93. Did i just find LEAKED video on the LBP 3 Beta?
  94. LittleBigPlanet 3 Facebook Page for Community Levels Showcase
  95. Beta
  96. vita control of lbp3?
  97. Lbp 3 story mode character!
  98. Hope you guys love LBP Beta!
  99. LBP3's Theme?
  100. I heard LBP 3 could play previous gamesv level, but can PS4 and PS3 play together?
  101. Will there be a X Y and Z axis?
  102. LittleBigPlanet 3 Wishes Thread
  103. Does anyone know how profiles transfer between lbp2 ps3, and lbp3 ps4?
  104. Hey guys! I made a tumblr blog!
  105. Run Sackboy! Run! What do you hope to see?
  106. LBP.me - What improvements need to be made?
  107. Lbp3 Info
  108. Question about "UI" making in LBP3
  109. scerd
  110. [Video] LBP3 Beta
  111. LBP3 and GTA V November 18
  112. LBP3 on ps4 regarding DLC question
  113. What will you guys first do when you get LBP 3?
  114. lbp3 nda releast date theory
  115. PS3 or PS4?
  116. What are you most excited about for LBP3?
  117. lbp3 none dlc content transfer to ps4
  118. What Projects Will You Guys Create With All The New Features?
  119. Do the developers actually read LBPC and other forums for ideas?
  120. Canadian Retailer Pre-Order Bonuses for LBP3 (Canada)
  121. more layers more love
  122. Fan Made LittlBigPlanet 3 Trailer
  123. What will replace Cool Pages?
  124. leaked photos
  125. Questionable Pictures For A Look.
  126. Toggle fan art
  127. Power Up Custom Curiosity!
  128. Anything you are worried about LBP3
  129. Will There Be An Open Beta For LBP 3?
  130. So Top Down Games
  131. Littlebigplanet 3 to have a form of tobacco?
  132. What are the benefits for LBP3 of PS4?
  133. Sackboy WALL-WALKING (Z-AXIS) sighted!
  134. Lbp hub
  135. DLC, Multiple PSN Accounts, and PS4
  136. Depression... why steven why.
  137. New Littlebigplanet 3 footage IGN
  138. How Will You Be Picked For The LBP 3 Beta ?
  139. NDA Lifted. Post anything "New" here. Impressions as well.
  140. OK now I feel like crying
  141. Nda has been lifted :d
  142. 4 Players ?
  143. Cross Compability
  144. Any LBP3 beta tester or forum mod, Please Help me report a profile bug
  145. Can someone give another guy a code?
  146. I found glitches how do I report them?
  147. How to import LBP2 Data to PS4 beta? Beta testorz plox help
  148. How does the LBP3 beta determine which levels you can bring over from LBP2?
  149. LBP3 Beta Glitch
  150. Has the trophy list been revealed yet?
  151. So what's actually possible?
  152. Beta bug
  153. Experienced beta user, please explain how to use the new stuff.
  154. cross but news
  155. Important question.
  156. Beta Item question.
  157. My complaints...
  158. Some things I'd like to talk about, regarding LBP3 Beta launch. Steven Isbell
  159. LBP 3 Beta: What would you do?
  160. Would you like to increase the multiplayer cap in LittleBigPlanet™3?
  161. Hype or no hype?!
  162. 24 Days Till LBP3 Comes Out!
  163. New 'Filter Chip' Found
  164. Show us your Sackboy! (LBP3 Edition!)
  165. Missing stuff?
  166. Has anyone been able to import the invisible material?
  167. Is LBP3 Much More Awkward Or Is It Just Me?
  168. Will the Ps4 DLC be broke?
  169. Don't Leave It To The Community To Show What LBP3 Can Do.
  170. Memorizer?
  171. Missing Decorations And Objects In Create
  172. Will the pins function properly?
  173. 1GB Level Backup Per Level! (PS4)
  174. Community Levels.
  175. Making music in LBP 3?
  176. Can you choose who can see something?
  177. LittleBIGplanet 3 DOES have a thermometer on both PS3 and PS4! ...But.
  178. LBP3 to a Logician
  179. RIP Theck & Thack
  180. Rail Hooking on wrong Rails
  181. Where Do You Get These From?
  182. Decorations Are Just Pale/White
  183. What are the requirements for the beta?
  184. Published Levels Limit
  185. Is it be possible to come to the end of an infinite level? (P.S. I'm not in the beta)
  186. More lbp3 content?
  187. Cloud Saves???
  188. A LBP Christmas Countdown Recruitment Thread
  189. Give me pictures of all of the tools and items in LittleBigPlanet 3's tools bag
  190. Glitched materials In The PS4 Version Of LBP3
  191. Custom Animations?
  192. Power ups tutorial. [Request]
  193. Ordering from Amazon
  194. OMG! Swoop? SWOOP?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! [Swoop + Popit powerup... swoop broke]
  195. What can you do with the Adventure Crater?
  196. DLC Content Found For LBP3 On My PS4
  197. Does ALL pre-order DLC get released eventually?
  198. Unable to open beta?
  199. Fading decorations?
  200. BETA to LBP3 question
  201. Any words on a digital edition?
  202. Group Publishing
  203. Pod Music
  204. Top Down View Janky
  205. Last Beta Community Levels
  206. All flat platforms in top-down to 3D
  207. Collector's Edition
  208. The Mysterious Case Of The Extra Layer
  209. What annoying bug do you wish will not exist in LBP3?
  210. Nodes Now Have Resets
  211. Wasn't allowed to Pre-order
  212. Any news whether Smooth McGroove remix will be in the final game?
  213. LittleBigPlanet 3: Top 5 Reasons To Be Excited
  214. Can we "force" open multi-player or match-make?
  215. LittleBigPlanet 3 Demo
  216. LBP3 Countdown
  217. LBP 3 Trophy List.
  218. Question About Adventure Mode
  219. LittleBigPlanet™3 will be released in the US in less than a week.
  220. Pre-Order Disc or Digital?
  221. So apparently I will be able to keep all my objects if I publish a level with them in
  222. LBP3 PS4 old DLC transfer
  223. can you make 3D objects from scratch?
  224. [VID] LittleBigPlanet 3 BETA - Glitches (and other stuff)
  225. Lbp3 Pre-Load
  226. How will backwards compatability work?
  227. What's so special about the Pumpinator?
  228. A Question about DLC
  229. For those who are old school
  230. DEVS: Is There An Upgrade Program For LBP3?
  231. What does the rare t-shirt look like?
  232. About the psn pre order shirts,
  233. Update before release?
  234. Any LBP3 reviews surfaced yet....
  235. Playable time for digital preorder
  236. We already got LBP3 Levels in the community!
  237. WOW The game seems to be pretty short. Only 3 WORLDS! (mild Spoilers)
  238. The grind is real guys.
  239. (Update: GT video review - counter) IGN/Gamespot video review
  240. PS3 Digital copy freezes when importing LBP2 profile
  241. LBP3 is out now in North America!
  242. lbp 3 stuck at installing moon and community
  243. So how is LBP3?
  244. Where did all the music go?
  245. How to transfer your stuff from lbp2 to lbp3
  246. Did the Invisible Material transfer?
  247. PS Plus Required for PS4.
  248. Any changes to the music sequencer?
  249. Open letter to Sumo: please reconsider your decision on cross play...
  250. Frame Rate Drops/lag