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  1. Concerns and suggestions about backwards compatibility for new players.
  2. Custom decorations
  3. Animated Stickers
  4. Can we have a "bump" sound effect?
  5. LBP Vita levels Compatibility (Idea/Concept)
  6. Deforming Option for the Material Tweaker
  7. This may not be a suggestion, it's more of a question.
  8. Visualized Tool Suggestions
  9. Timesavers Pack
  10. Ability to Prevent Players from Playing LBP2 levels in LBP3
  11. Sackpocket for Sackbots
  12. Power up editor
  13. More Levels and Costumes for the New Characters
  14. Hmm, how about all the sounds we had available in LBP2?
  15. Bring back the Circuit Node features
  16. Let you change the subtitles language.
  17. Infinite Bendy Rail Loop
  18. Cool Pages Adjustment
  19. Real Time Cycle tool and Current Time tool
  20. Puffy in the sky
  21. Shadows (Fix already included)
  22. Ability to recolor materials or decorations placed on Your Earth/Moon or character
  23. Bring back stars n hearts
  24. Give us division please!
  25. Placing photos in the sticker creator
  26. A tag for "local multiplayer" and "online multiplayer".
  27. sticker mover
  28. material edges/corner points controllable with logic
  29. So... Why isn't there a LittleBigPlanet movie?
  30. Let's Get Ready To RUMBLE!!!
  31. Controlled Sackbots using sackpocket and organizatron
  32. Make grab sensor's character setting include sackbots of that character
  33. Bring Back the Dive In feature
  34. SHAREboard
  35. Animation speed option for the decoration mount.
  36. Game of thrones Lord of the Rings!!
  37. The Dream Tweak
  38. Bring back Pod loading
  39. Guardians of the Galaxy DLC
  40. Free island creation
  41. View Mode tweaker
  42. Quest Progress on Level Badge
  43. Record Character animation tweakers
  44. Resizable level badges on Adventure Maps
  45. Show item quantity in SackPocket
  46. Unbreakable Pistons
  47. The Light Tweaker
  48. Costume Lock/Community DLC
  49. Dr Who Level Pack
  50. A better sackpocket.
  51. Dlc you want to see in lbp3!
  52. Better Search.
  53. Make Sackpeople not look at word balloons.
  54. Costume DLC: physical features should change texture to match skin (as some do now)
  55. LBPVita and LBP Karting Music Pack
  56. Platforming tips!
  57. Add a Costume Tweaker
  58. Reversible Sound Effects
  59. Classical music DLC
  60. Amputation Tweaker
  61. Indestructible option for connectors
  62. Persona 4 costume pack.
  63. Question about the upcoming LittleBigPlanet Hub
  64. LittleBigPlanet Level of the Month
  65. Quest Tweaker
  66. Memorizer Tweak
  67. 3D gameplay
  68. Cool Page?
  69. Update on State of Community
  70. Delete uploaded photos
  71. uses for floaty fluid
  72. New Music DLC
  73. Battleborn dlc costume pack
  74. star wars DLC packs
  75. Pomplamoose music!
  76. More electro swing!
  77. Color Adjuster Chip
  78. Magic Mouth Questioner (New Logic)
  79. Background Goodies Bag