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  1. List of every new gadget and a practical explanation.
  2. Invisible Sackboy.
  3. The LittleBigPlanet 3 Tutorial Directory
  4. Enter-Exit Using One Wormhole.
  5. Tips and Tricks.
  6. Want ALL the sounds objects from LBP1 & LBP2?
  7. How to: Adjust the camera while creating or moving stuff. [PS4 only]
  8. Using the Advanced In/Out Mover to Create Sublayers
  9. How to workaround the absolute values in rotation tweakers
  10. In game tutorials coming to YouTube
  11. How to Build a Sniper Rifle
  12. tutorial: a simple way to make 3d movement
  13. Video Tutorial 3-D Movement!!
  14. All About Analogue Signals!
  15. Video Tutorial - Top down multiplayer UFO shooter
  16. Tutorial: Sideways door
  17. Tutorial on how to make a top down sackbot. Like the yeti level from story.
  18. Advanced ladders
  19. How to create a top-down sackbot with jumping and animations! (Tutorial)
  20. Video Tutorial - Point Click Cursor Menu
  21. 8 ways to enhance your create experience!
  22. LittleBigPlanet 3 WIKI - All decorations, materials, music, objects, stickers, ...
  23. Want to know how to create 3D movement?
  24. You can inspect the Pumpinator and Illuminator's logic
  25. Tutorial: Making a top down sackbot with solid 8-directional movement (no twitching).
  26. Great Tutorials!
  27. Advanced tutorial on custom powerups!
  28. Video Tutorial - FPS Shotgun
  29. LittleBigPlanet 3 ~Roadmap & Trophy Guide~
  30. Video Tutorial - Make the Randomizer Truly Random
  31. How to Make Tweakable LBP1 Lava
  32. How to make fun and rewarding games
  33. Create mode Tips 'N' Tricks that most people don't know about.
  34. Lbp2 Power-Ups
  35. Dynamic Thermometer Tutorial
  36. Little Big Planet 3 Tutorials| Basic Swimming Logic
  37. I've been creating tutorials on YouTube and am wondering what you would like to see
  38. "Feels like heaven..."
  39. Wear unreleased DLC
  40. LBP 3 Debugged
  41. Animation Saving Floor
  42. Fantastic Tutorials....
  43. Fireflies
  44. - A Little Big Guide -
  45. 3D The complete how to:
  46. A New Tutorial Video: Sprite Animation
  47. "The Animated Butterfly", a rare species in 3D
  48. Musicsequencer Tutorial Project started!
  49. How to make a menu with a sub menu
  50. Tips and Tricks for Organized and Thermometer Friendly Logic
  51. How to utilize higher than 100%'s in LBP3(!!!)
  52. Hero cape glitch
  53. Workarounds for PS4 publishing errors
  54. Timer progress saver.
  55. New grid size
  56. Advanced sackbot patrol
  57. Invisibility material LBP3 Tutorial by Danx87
  58. Making circular motions in 3D
  59. A simple trick with Space Background
  60. [LBsP] Basic Checkpoint Tutorial
  61. Material animation too slow? Here’s how to speed it up!
  62. Need help with Movers