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  1. How To Make a Contraption Challenge
  2. Custom Sackpocket Items, need tips
  3. I need tag sensors to detect a whole object
  4. (Metal Gear Solid Level kit) ASKING ME TO REPAY ON PS4
  5. Swoop loses his wings?
  6. Top down Sackbot, Avoiding walls / following tags
  7. Story mode bug
  8. How do you change Earth background?
  9. Collectabells, prize collection, and adventures in online multiplayer?
  10. Memorizer question
  11. How to prevent Sackboy from automatically changing layers?
  12. grabbable thin layer
  13. Make a grabble switch so the piston..
  14. using in out mover to move object both ways
  15. Making Sackboy's arm animate in a custom powerup?
  16. Guests can't access custom costumes?
  17. Tutorials to making pinball tables?
  18. Illumiantor effect???
  19. how do i make objects keep momentum with followers?
  20. No Sound Objects After the Update!!!
  21. 3D roller coaster help?
  22. Backed up level not appearing?!
  23. Need Help with Opacity Tweaker
  24. How to make 3D camera?
  25. Gold trophy trouble
  26. Broken Animations using character rotators?
  27. Making an Oddsock level..
  28. Walking Along Thin Edges
  29. Disable Sackbot Change Button L1 - Problem
  30. How to force character change to a specific character?
  31. Batteries, sequencer relative?
  32. [Adventure] Alternate Entrance
  33. Does the max sticker limit still apply to dynamic thermo level?
  34. Level works in Create, doesn't in Play (likely Broadcast Microchip bug)
  35. custom power up, move functions
  36. Cant take swoop in create mode
  37. Ingame installation stuck at 50%
  38. How do you disable popit for created characters?
  39. Problems with object saver
  40. "Not availale"??
  41. Help!!! Missing Power Ups!
  42. Dynamic thermo issues...
  43. How to select multiple items at once..
  44. Can't progress
  45. Missing Create Mode Backgrounds
  46. Bubble Animation from "Belly Of The Beast Level"
  47. OK, I've Done Something Stupid ...
  48. Backing Up & Loading Saves?
  49. [Solved] Sequencer Delay Problem
  50. Rail Hooks and deceleration: bug or feature?
  51. Custom images and audio?
  52. To any Creators out there._.
  53. Are subtitles different now?
  54. Trying to master the Memorizer...
  55. Does anyone know how to make a store in Adventure?
  56. Sprites and the number of frames.
  57. Is it possible?
  58. Quest logic?
  59. latest patch?
  60. Feeling the need to ask...
  61. Collectabells disappearing in Play Mode? (Glitch)
  62. I can't connect/join anyone.
  63. Level glitch
  64. how do you add levels to a Que in LBP3...
  65. What Are The Names Of The Planets?
  66. Create mode - Need help quick, somehow can't place anymore
  67. locked levels not secure
  68. Where can I find a good/working 3D camera?
  69. How do I make a platformer
  70. My profile got reset
  71. Top Down Ramps/Stairs.
  72. I can't import a backed-up level!
  73. PS4 Glitch/Bug; Cant move Sackboy
  74. Giving Sackbots 3 Lives
  75. How can I make Bots use my created powerups?
  76. Score and magic mouth speech not working properly
  77. PS3 vs. PS4?
  78. Emit by Zone?
  79. Help with a sonic-like spin jump
  80. PS4 LBP3 fix for DLC LBP and LBP2 content
  81. Did you know you can scamper up walls?
  82. Any Workarounds For Broken Level Pack DLC?
  83. 16+ bit Music theme recreation help needed for LBP3 project "Sackboy no Boken"
  84. Memorizer? (PS4)
  85. How get this effect ??
  86. Kill Tweaker Questions
  87. Dlc problems still....
  88. Anti-gravity on Shardinator Shards?
  89. How can you make the player sensor last forever?
  90. You can no longer take photos with the Playstation Camera in LBP3. Now what?
  91. Is there a way to not make an object break and disappear?
  92. Crazy Health Bar Question
  93. [Sackbot] How do I make a piece of hologram rotate around my sackbot?
  94. New Bug! The Thermometer now starts 20% full in empty levels in create mode
  95. Camera System Question
  96. Analog Signal Change Detection?
  97. Is there anywhere else to view the video tutorials?
  98. Creating a HUD?
  99. How do I... I have a long question. Please read.
  100. Is it possible to make a counter lose life from being shot by a paintball gun?
  101. Does the projectile sensor have an input?
  102. What is the actual name of a signal splitter in the goodies bag?
  103. 100+ layers no longer works?
  104. Playstation eye camera stickers cant place
  105. 99% complete?
  106. How delay the onset, after of the death ?
  107. Freeze!
  108. Momentum
  109. Dynamic thermo and self made load screen
  110. Health Bar Help! (Yes, another one)
  111. Extremely annoyed
  112. How do you make a sackbot immune to danger and jump really high?
  113. Lbp3 Level Link and Score
  114. Custom Sticker Help
  115. I think Im going crazy.
  116. Dynamic Thermometer Making Me Cry!
  117. Emitter: "reference in play" not working?
  118. [Sackbot] Momentum?
  119. Why...?
  120. Camera Relative Controls
  121. Can you make only 1 destroyer destroy everything that is glued together?
  122. Need help with porting LBP 3 saves on PS3 to PS4.
  123. Remove Decoration Shadow...
  124. Where do we officially report bugs?
  125. Destroyed Sensor
  126. Create Mode Boost Boots Question
  127. Follower + Advanced In/Out Mover Help
  128. Transferring data from one account to another
  129. Thermo Friendly Character menu?
  130. Material Touch Sensor is glitching on me
  131. Would Someone Be Kind Enough To Teach Me Feedback Loops?
  132. How do you get Controlnator sackbots to equip custom items?
  133. PS3 Thermometer vs PS4 Thermometer
  134. Back To The Future Missing Object?
  135. Dynamic zombot??
  136. DC Comics pack ????
  137. How do you use 3D Materials in lbp3?
  138. Level was broken after update?
  139. Musician Required for Batman: The Justice League Series
  140. Looking for help with Music & Logic
  141. Advancing.
  142. Voting.
  143. Editing a Team Picked Level
  144. Reinstalling LBP3?
  145. Advice for my RPG. bunch of questions
  146. LBP in-game store broken?
  147. I'm looking into loading in areas by emiting them
  148. How do I make a real time strategy game?
  149. Mini-games help.
  150. Rotating Circle in Z-Axis?
  151. Sackbots are not getting emitted
  152. Sackbot NPC Changling possible?
  153. Jumping on objects with a follower
  154. How do you give scores to people in different controllinators?
  155. Overheating/Duplication Problem!
  156. Infinite level exit loading
  157. Quest Activation Not Happening
  158. Looking for someone to spell check my work
  159. Freshman Creator Trophy Won't Unlock
  160. Trial and Error help
  161. Looking for Voice Actors/Questions about adding voices in
  162. Making a thing pivot around sackboy.
  163. How do I download old DLC that's not for sale, on PS4?
  164. Looking for help with Menu Logic & Math Logic
  165. No sound on LBP3 on PS3
  166. How to place Stickers on the back side of materials?
  167. How to restore your profile if its been corrupted
  168. Multiplication help needed.
  169. new materials collected not showing after collection
  170. N00b help, please! How to unlock levels??
  171. Protected pathways through multiple layers
  172. Are Story-mode prize bubble giveaways safe?
  173. Looking for more logic/creative people that wanna work on Rising Fire RPG
  174. 3D help
  175. Sensing Player Wins?
  176. Board Game Logic?
  177. Heavy Rain DLC PS4
  178. How do you add signal power amounts together?
  179. Can't publish level PS4
  180. What is the name of that retro 8-bit music?
  181. Strange Signal Behavior
  182. Adventure Mode Assistance
  183. How do you Gate/match Circuit # together to make 0
  184. How can you loop the value of a circuit to make it double the value
  185. 30 Camera Without Lbp2 Level Glitch
  186. Need help with a sackbot.
  187. Sackbot Issue
  188. Magic mouth text missing when playing lbp2 levels on lbp3
  189. How to make a HP system that goes beyond 10k circuit value
  190. [storymode] Collectabells / Zom Zom costume issue
  191. Most efficient way of limiting playable layers?
  192. LBP3 Opacity Bug
  193. Unreleased Content Questions
  194. Lightsaber
  195. Looking for a certain material..
  196. [PS4] Can't Open MGS Act 3: The Mission
  197. LittleBigQNA
  198. Transfer materials to PS4?
  199. How do I make a sackbot hold and run with an emited object?
  200. Destroyer logic question.
  201. How can I make plasma non-lethal?
  202. How do I make an emitted object disappear when the sackbot dies?
  203. My profile is corrupt :(
  204. My friend can't load my profile..
  205. Is it possible to make Small Toggle sink in water
  206. Looking for Musicians and Silent Hill enthusiasts
  207. Making things spiral around Sackboy
  208. Groupped objects
  209. Silent points
  210. How do I make an object spin but stay in the air at the same time?
  211. Global Water Tweaker
  212. Will importing LBP1/2 stuff mess up my LBP3 save in any way?
  213. LBP3 Memorizer PS4
  214. Destroyer Issues
  215. Gluing Issues are Still a Thing...
  216. Movie camera glitch
  217. Odd Dynamic Thermo Bug
  218. Cant Continue after finding and playing as OddSock?!?!
  219. Are Magic Mouths with Sequencers on PS4 Broke?
  220. Special deaths?
  221. How do I compare analog signals
  222. Rotating Coin?
  223. Grief report
  224. Would anyone be interested on working on a top down Legend of Zelda game?
  225. My sackbot dies underwater when it doens't supposed to..
  226. Should I move projects from LBP2 to LBP3
  227. Need music
  228. Ice Skating Animation
  229. Problems With LBP2 Levels
  230. Making teams in a level?
  231. How to Make A Sackbot "Mirror Gag"?
  232. How can I still shoot the sword even though it goes through stuff?
  233. Material market
  234. Emitting Solid Objects Inside Other Solid Objects
  235. Screenshot Swapping
  236. How toget better looking quality photos?
  237. No community pictures in paint tool
  238. How do I make it so the power-ups in my level can be stored in the sack pocket?
  239. Consistant Failure
  240. Need help with the controlinator.
  241. Help! I'm looking for 2 decorations.
  242. How do I make the zombie disappear when the sword goes away?
  243. odd time signatures
  244. How do I make my vehicle jump by pressing x?
  245. Need Help Making LBP Version of Cartoon Theme
  246. move layers without mover
  247. remove shadows from decorations
  248. How do I make the object explode after killing the enemy?
  249. Powerups underwater workaround help
  250. Detecting Player Deaths