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  1. Organisertron: Worth using or not?
  2. How do i fix this glitch?
  3. LBP3 Unicode Symbols
  4. Protecting Copyable Levels
  5. Collaboration/Team Projects?
  6. Electrical decoration.
  7. Following Individual Players
  8. screenshots no longer appear in my popit
  9. How do I make the string stay attached to the cardboard?
  10. Help
  11. Top Down Ramps Help!
  12. Intelligent sackbot-seek logic
  13. Help me find others to create with
  14. Normal question.. XD
  15. Dive in problem :(
  16. Can't Seem to Get the Marvel Level Kit and Costume Kits on My PS4 LBP3
  17. Questions about cutscenes and relocating character
  18. Top-Down Falling/Rising
  19. Need help finding a material
  20. (PS3) Why do I have to be online to use DLC Level Kits?
  21. Logic longer seems to work in LBP3
  22. Custom Sackthing Animations + Layer Change
  23. LBP1 to LBP3 without LBP1?
  24. Need people for Zelda music badly
  25. They Patched out the 3D layers tool well half of it at least....
  26. What is the better technique
  27. Will I lose all my levels on my Earth if I initialize my PS4?
  28. Transfer tools between adventure levels?
  29. 2-handed weapon?
  30. Exact layer placement?
  31. Detect which tag is closest in it's radius?
  32. Striped Material in SS kit?
  33. Emitters placing objects in wrong location
  34. Cleanup All when destroyed?
  35. Phantom Obstacle
  36. ENTER controllinator - does it HAVE to be TRIANGLE?
  37. Power charging?
  38. Need logic people badly
  39. Detecting when Rail Hook is attached to rail?
  40. I need some help with a bug
  41. Flipping/Mirroring an Animation.
  42. Can you assign a tag to an entire object?
  43. Thread deleted
  44. missing costumes
  45. Has ShareFactory been shut down as a way to Import Images into LBP3?
  46. Phantom of the muppet theater
  47. Steve_big_guns 3d template
  48. Help with A LOT of Things
  49. Stuck in a glitch on Even Bosses Wear Hats Sometimes - can't finish the game
  50. Few Questions about Remote Tag Senors
  51. How you remove the score counter
  52. Help with a rhythm game.
  53. Trying to make a better traffic path-finding system.
  54. Analog Layer Detection
  55. Snap photo logic help
  56. How can I grab the platform in-between the invisible wall?
  57. Can you try and test my level ?
  58. Mimicking LBPV Impact Sensor?
  59. Is it possible to publish individual levels and move them into an adventure later?
  60. Signal Cap Workaround?
  61. Angle Finding
  62. Namco Classics DLC
  63. Invisible Sackbot
  64. Sauron Duel Help
  65. Artificial Intelligence!
  66. switching out materials
  67. Independent Sequencer
  68. Sword Power-up Issue
  69. Sackbot Issue
  70. Issues with frame data and logic
  71. Emitters not emitting in the right layer-Solution
  72. Can you clear cache in PS4 to join other players?
  73. Hiding Decoration Shadows?
  74. Cutscene dialouge broken?
  75. Detect when an object is on the floor.
  76. Missing hook hat. Can't continue in Even Bosses Wear Hats.
  77. A problem with checkpoints...
  78. Level Links.
  79. I need a little help on something!
  80. Sackbot stuck in controlinator
  81. Whale Logic Help
  82. Prize missing in: The great escape
  83. Trailer Problems
  84. Upgraded to PS4 and LBP 3, Missing Most of my DLC
  85. How to get the emitter to emit a powerup
  86. LBP3 LBP3 "Don't go alone" Trophy problem (PS3)
  87. Missing sensors
  88. Looking for help with Race to the Stars
  89. Darth Vader Costume Help
  90. Am I able to get my LBP1/2 Special Edition dlc onto LBP3 on PS4?
  91. Where is the My Queue area in lbp3?
  92. Help! Some LBP1 musics don't play
  93. coloring Ornaments
  94. Follower - Lag - How do I keep the follower dead center of the tag?
  95. Is this glitch solvable?
  96. Transferring stuff from PS3 to PS4