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  1. How to make 3D movement?
  2. Organisertron
  3. How do you use the Wave tool?
  4. Really Stupid Question About Ending Levels.
  5. Why are there outputs on bolts?
  6. Infinite Levels Wiring
  7. Memorizing Quests
  8. How do Teams work?
  9. Story Problem?
  10. Object fading into another...may need help, may be a GLITCH.
  11. Blaster Handle
  12. A Wet Question.
  13. How do Collectabells work?
  14. Disabling the Popit completely?
  15. Where do I download the preorder shirts from?
  16. Day 1 Edition DLC code not valid? [EDIT: Now resolved]
  17. PS4 Issues with store
  18. Can't import LBP2 profile
  19. I can't play the other story levels.
  20. Sackbots using the power up creator?
  21. Memorizer?
  22. Where are the Move Pack instruments?
  23. Question!
  24. 3D camera
  25. I lost move pack, toy story kit, and lbp2 goty costumes on LBP3
  26. Bug Blaster from LBP1/2 missing on 3.
  27. Issues searching community levels
  28. Constant crashes, can't join players and trouble stickering characters
  29. Can't DL previously purchased level packs.
  30. No Manual
  31. Can't sticker anything in pod or create mode
  32. The Toggle Gnome Costumes aren't working?
  33. Weird import issue.
  34. Cannot lock my levels
  35. Limited Release Spacesuit (One-size-fits-all) not showing in Store? Anyone confirm?
  36. Missing tools
  37. How to adjust screen size???
  38. Can't get Gameplay Tweaker invincibilty to work . . .
  39. Not Receiving Level Complete Prizes
  40. Can I get rid of bevels on materials?
  41. Bugs and glitches thread
  42. I lost my DLC!
  43. DC Level Kit Broken In LBP3?
  44. PS4 PSN DLC Question//Is there a better way?
  45. Can't play community levels with guest on PS4?
  46. LBP3 - Tool and DLC bugs
  47. I. AM. INVINCIBLE! trophy on last nerve
  48. Known Problems
  49. What should i do?
  50. How to help people with DLC problems
  51. Unable to Sticker Sackbots...
  52. Starting Characters
  53. Disabling/changing Sackboy controls
  54. Top-Down Help
  55. I've been told it can be done, can I get a tutorial?
  56. Advanced In/Out Mover help (Minor kinda spoiler)
  57. How do I edit the slide?
  58. Launch Spacesuit DLC?
  59. Don't go alone... trophy not unlocking on ps3
  60. Limit to 3 layers?
  61. Earth?
  62. Controllinator that switches controls to a new controller.
  63. Z Axis Rotation?
  64. how do you rotate objects like in the story mode?
  65. Is it possible to match yaw angle with analog stick direction?
  66. Resetting a Character Rotation?
  67. Using a central hub for an adventure?
  68. How to make a Top Down level?
  69. Transferring LBP/LBP2 PS3 to LBP3 PS4???
  70. Why can't l rotate material?
  71. Making a multi-staged puzzle game. Need help!
  72. I need help under standing the ins and outs of the dynamic thermometer
  73. Dlc problem
  74. How do I get slides to interact with objects?
  75. Quests, why aren't mine working?
  76. Did anyone figure out the Decoration Mount?
  77. Major Dynamic Thermo bug!!!
  78. Create Mode - unable to use Popit Menu? (PS3 Version)
  79. Custom character can't copy the owner's costume?
  80. How to make a third person lvl?
  81. Can only sackbots be a custom character?
  82. Sackbots can't use custom powerups?
  83. LittleBigPlanet 3 Stuck in Pod
  84. sackbot Sackpocket question
  85. Controlinator Inputs when on Broadcast microchip (for broadcast to Sackbot)
  86. I cant place stickers is this a glitch?
  87. I cant place stickers
  88. Top Down level with moving platforms???
  89. Broadcast Chip With Outputs Not Working
  90. Is it possible to make a power up follow something while it's being held?
  91. Oddsock sackbot swimming
  92. How is the controlinator unlocked?
  93. Can I disable sixaxis controls on a character?
  94. Space world tool
  95. Camera Spy!
  96. How do you make a sackbot lethal?
  97. Question about broadcasting to player
  98. Door Teleport Transitions. Movie Camera bugging out.
  99. Horrible Bug
  100. Flip-Flop-Folios [How was the flipping gravity done?]
  101. Stuck at top of pod - Game broke!
  102. Can't publish a level!
  103. Magic Mouth or other way to show text
  104. How EXACTLY does one create swinging doors, rolling dice, etc. with decorations?
  105. LBP3 Soundtrack List?
  106. Secret bounce pads?
  107. End of level prizes bug
  108. Transmitter Controlinator on Sackbots Captured as Characters
  109. I tried capturing a character but it was placed in the wrong spot.
  110. resetting saved object and quest data for community levels
  111. I think i broke Sackboy... serious glitch.
  112. LBP3 links: Sites/Youtube (anything)
  113. Just to make sure, is there a way to import your profile to PS4?
  114. (Lbp3) How to make Top Down stages?
  115. Score giver tweak team color coded option???
  116. Can't use any power ups or progress.
  117. Top down sack bot controller
  118. How the heck do I access Create Mode?!?!
  119. Decorations slide when being placed on sides
  120. New twists on old logic components aka: What does "owned by Sackboy" mean?
  121. Analog Signal lock? I'm needing a little bit of help with this guys.
  122. Character Selection Help!
  123. Recreating logic from Evil Newton Toggle Fight
  124. Can you turn off the bounce pad sound effects?
  125. Make emitted object follow the player who emitted it
  126. 3D camera question
  127. Playstation app second screen
  128. Logic to enable moving through walls?
  129. Can't place stickers... Help?
  130. Too Complicated?
  131. How do I make good looking level badges without using paint?
  132. best way to "aim" at things in a 3d space?
  133. How... Do i use the gameplay tweaker?
  134. Tags not behaving as expected.
  135. Copy rotation of one object to another
  136. Top Down level jumping logic?
  137. How do i fix it!!? (head stuck looking up)
  138. I need help with the movie camera.
  139. Top-Down Head Twitching
  140. Object Saver vs Memorizer
  141. Local (couch co-op) Multiplayer Totally Borked [PS4]
  142. Top down shooter survival spawn logic
  143. Cant access Organizertron while in Controlinator
  144. About DLC
  145. Not able to use DLC?
  146. LBP3 Top Down Level Sackbot Lean
  147. Anyone have a 1st person Cam?
  148. i have 3-D movement now need 3-d camera or top down
  149. How do I get camera to follow my created sackbot that I control
  150. Analog rounding issues
  151. Need help with Transitioning unlocks from LBP2 to LBP3
  152. Missing LBP3 Tools (With Advance Create Mode On)
  153. Levels Being Replaced with Pod
  154. A few questions about LBP3 from a non-owner
  155. Connecting something to a vehicle
  156. What do these do?
  157. Can't move when i'm Sackboy [PS3]
  158. LBP3 crashing when I try to continue story mode
  159. Lethal Sackbots
  160. Need help for 3D movement Sackboy for precise front and back layer platforming
  161. Why do I just go through the water material? (Warning: May contain spoilers)
  162. Can't import levels into Adventure Map
  163. Analogue signals through a selector?
  164. Top Down AI bots
  165. Air Tubes: How to apply to all objects?
  166. LBP2 Levels in LBP3
  167. Has anybody experimented with Sackboy riding Oddsock or Swoop?
  168. I need help with a movie camera bug.
  169. How do i get rid of cricket sound in the pod?, please help...
  170. How do I make sackboy walk towards and away from the screen?
  171. DLCS tranfer
  172. Anyone having issues with Paint?
  173. Don't all have my DLC
  174. Is there a way to remove the border in create mode?
  175. Controlling animation of decorations?
  176. grab sensor missing
  177. Trouble with followers
  178. Look at rotator pivot
  179. Can you rotate a object on Z axis??
  180. Making a Sackbot Flee From Another Sackbot
  181. Changing a Sackbot's Costume and Behavior by another Sackbot
  182. How to make oddsock plateform ?
  183. Bomb Explosions Only Killing on One Plane??
  184. How do you create a top down game feel so natural like the yeti one in the main game?
  185. Swivel Light
  186. How do I create the Balloon Power-Up from the Gamescom Livestream?
  187. Sackboy's position in layer
  188. Infiniry level?
  189. Can't Find Snow Material?
  190. Help making a portal gun.
  191. How Do I Disable Controls?
  192. Transfer single level into Adventure?
  193. Swim in the Air?
  194. Sackpocket is Empty in Play Mode
  195. Can't Access Previous DLC
  196. Layer transitions
  197. How can I make a sackboy only area?
  198. were is the move pack
  199. Profile Corrupt
  200. Broadcast microchip
  201. Emitter is destroying my objects
  202. Any good way to lock logic to certain players? (Player 1, Player 2,etc)
  203. Question about material in the Popit Puzzle levels.
  204. Changeling sackbot
  205. Creating a Melee Weapon
  206. Slanted roofs possible in top down?
  207. Unable to use stickers in Create Mode (PS3)
  208. Story Mode bridge glitch (Manglewood Swamp) Need urgent help!
  209. Movie Camera Not Transitioning
  210. moving in the direction your facing
  211. Quest and Sackpocket Questions
  212. Switching powerups
  213. I can't publish a level to my Earth
  214. Angle-ify on Direction Combiner?
  215. Material Port?
  216. Thermometer
  217. Custom animation?
  218. How to ride oddsock ?
  219. swimming in space/water material?
  220. Weather Material and Glass
  221. Logic help: Programming character to stop moving on button press?
  222. Gradual Light at certain frequencies
  223. My Alternate Account Cannot Import LBP2 Data!
  224. So... bots can't use Blaster Handles at all?
  225. is there a way to stop costume changing on a created character
  226. A separate follower for each character
  227. How to make a custom powerup move sackboys arm?
  228. Quest tracker not working?
  229. HELP w/ top down sackbot or I give up!!
  230. In & Out Problems
  231. Using Swoop in a multilayer versus level
  232. Interactive Illuminator?
  233. SOLVED: Opacity in Sticker Paint? (w/ controller)
  234. Reducing my joinment in the game!
  235. Glitch level broke my game...
  236. A couple of questions
  237. Emitting from feet? (custom Boost Boots)
  238. Sliding And Jumping Off Walls.
  239. Top Down Bots! :D Curious about the sackbot settings and how they affect gravity.
  240. Piston problems since LBP 2
  241. falling debris
  242. Pitch and Yaw rotation on materials?
  243. Can't publish levels
  244. Rotating objects on its shaft. possible?
  245. Mirroring Character Animations?
  246. Materials and magnetic keys.
  247. so how do i unlock the rest of the turotials? i only have 25
  248. Running up walls and upside down with sackboy?
  249. Death By Drowning
  250. sack boy vs sack bot?