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  1. Can Prologue - Needlepoint Peaks be aced?
  2. This story mission is killing me! Help! **minor spoiler**
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  5. Access to Ziggurat
  6. Ziggurat Grand Hall Prize bubble? (Possible Spoilers) 23rd
  7. Aceing "Challenge Room: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" (Possible Spoilers)
  8. sticker switch in the first level (intro level) [possible spoiler]
  9. Any suggestions on the joust level?
  10. Ziggurat Contraption Challenge Location?
  11. THE GREAT ESCAPE! Question, and how I aced it.
  12. How to get the last story gadget?
  13. Correction: this trick does NOT get the 4x prize
  14. Bunkum Lagoon items?
  15. Collectabells
  16. Get the x2 in "Belly of the Beast" With 1 player
  17. Glitching in Bunkum Lagoon
  18. "The Great Escape" prize bubble issue (tiny spoiler I guess if that matters)
  19. Manglewood Swamp Help
  20. Glitch in The Wheel Deal
  21. Didn't get Prizes from Final boss?
  22. A big reason for a lot of the story mode glitches.
  23. Is it just me?
  24. Who wants to finish the Manglewood swamp x4 level?
  25. Reuniting a party for all multiplayer sections in the game
  26. help x2 story levels!
  27. How many collectibles per book? (comparative purpose)
  28. In newtons lab..
  29. Missing prize bubbles from Stitching Manor?
  30. Question about Prologue
  31. (PS4) Final Boss level
  32. Keeping track on bells
  33. Any tips on how to get Dinner at 8 trophy
  34. The Great Escape- Prize bubbles impossible to get
  35. How do you unlock the powerups?
  36. Looking for people to ace 2x and 4x Player levels with!
  37. challenge room: bear with us
  38. [BUG] Missing prizes in Hub
  39. Need 2 people for the manglewood swamp level that requires 4 players
  40. [BUGGED/HELP PLEASE] Contraption Challenge: The Wheel Deal
  41. How do you unlock the water material? (Spoiler on 1st reply to thread)
  42. Where can i find the sticker for the introduction
  43. Miss collectabel
  44. Bankum - Boost Boots help
  45. Four Collectables In Introduction
  46. Bunkum Lagoon - Locked Level Help!
  47. Destroyed a prize bubble in Bunkum Lagoon and it didn't respawn.
  48. Glitch in Little Big Planet 3 - Junkum Lagoon map
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  50. 4 player part, send me a message friend request too
  51. The Great Escape Problem
  52. Bomb Survival reference in Ziggurat Main Hall
  53. Popit Academy Connectors Level Missing prize bubble?
  54. Manglewood Hub: 4 frozen bubbles, how to get? [May involve SPOILERS]
  55. I need moar stickers!!!
  56. Bunkum Lagoon was a bit of a mish-mash?
  57. Snow Material - Ziggurat Theme
  58. Bunkum Lagoon Help.
  59. Best LittleBigPlanet story mode?
  60. Problem story mode
  61. I need help in Manglewood too
  62. Impossible to get 100%?
  63. Bear with us. [SPOILERS!]
  64. What level do you get the slot machine head for Toggle?
  65. Missing prize bubble from Bunkum Lagoon HUB (spoilers, maybe)
  66. Manglewood 2x area Level Link not appearing.
  67. Expectations are too high
  68. Connections between LBP3 and previous games
  69. Soo... LBP3 Story Top or Flop?
  70. Evil Newton Costume & Credits Song?
  71. Don't Look Down pin
  72. Can't unlock level in Ziggurat
  73. "0% Quest's"
  74. Organizertron Quest Goodies
  75. PS4 4P race?
  76. grass material bunkum lagoon
  77. Manglewood 4 Player Rocket Race
  78. lbp 3 story levels
  79. Need co-players for some levels
  80. Acing rewards.
  81. Looking for help with Race to the Stars