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  1. Need someone to film my upcoming level!
  2. Water Help!
  3. "This Shape Is Too Complicated" Help
  4. PS3 / Error 80010514 / game disc recognition and execution
  5. Dissolve material help
  6. Changing the appearance of objects
  7. My Tiff with Water [help needed]
  8. Better Snow
  9. first person view?
  10. better traction than rubber
  11. Temples int music track length
  12. Wanted: A Logic Mastermind
  13. Piston troubles
  14. Creating a level
  15. Publishing Issue
  16. Dlc
  17. My PS3 wont turn on
  18. Need 1 item in Dancers's Court
  19. I seem to have run into a small problem... literally...
  20. Character Masterclass
  21. sackboy tracker
  22. The "R1" Sticker
  23. Round Curving Lines
  24. lvl vids
  25. Losing my mind! What is wrong with "on/off" switch & sync?
  26. Ghostbusters DLC Issue
  27. Keys, Keys, and well, Keys!
  28. how can i do this with key switches.
  29. Please help! How do I republish/update a level?
  30. Neon Eyes?
  31. Different IMs
  32. Acing Game?
  33. Help
  34. Will my level get moderated?
  35. Littlebigplanet online gaming?
  36. explosions and emitters
  37. Mm Costume Ideas
  38. Piston Problems
  39. Can't hook a mag key switch to emitters?
  40. Working suspension help.
  41. Boss Logic n Stuff
  42. can't grab
  43. How do I cut out stickers?
  44. Just a Few Basic Q.s
  45. LittleBig Workshop
  46. 2-player level in need of failsafe logic - help, please!
  47. I need ideas for some challenges in my level
  48. PSN Signs me out and now I cannot go online with LBP!
  49. Can someone help me? Sony was no help at all.
  50. Being harassed/flamed/hatemailed/virtually killed by Juhani100
  51. Logic
  52. How can you get screenshots.
  53. Need reliable logic help
  54. How could I do this?
  55. Points as time progresses
  56. Teleporting n ham?
  57. Building a sackboy angle tracker...
  58. Boss not spawning in order.
  59. Where can i get LBP sound effects?
  60. Level creation help - putting together sections seamlessly.
  61. Black Magnetic Key Switch
  62. backing up
  63. Scoreboard help
  64. Moving Dark Matter? :O
  65. Title Screen?
  66. Dissolving anything? (need help)
  67. Help on creation, making a ship go up and not down
  68. PSN error 8001050F. Oh noes!
  69. want to knoq how locked levels function
  70. I can't use the MGS Pack!!
  71. How do I post pictures dirctly into posts?
  72. Oh my goood! Oooh myyy goood! Ohh goooood! Nooo! God nooo!
  73. Failed to connect to players
  74. need to set up headset i need help
  75. I might be able to help with custom music
  76. How do I set up a picture as my LBP avatar?
  77. Making a Giant Clock...
  78. black and white background help
  79. Prize ideas...
  80. Chaging my LBPC account name?
  81. Spoiler Tags
  82. Outlining a level - Best practice
  83. Hi Rez screenshots
  84. The Best of Introes
  85. How do I make a motor bolt stop a certain spot?
  86. Need Help with create and booty master trophies
  87. How Do I Use the Secret Lava Material?
  88. Magic Mouth Movie Help
  89. Create falling rock when you touch them?
  90. Emitters, brains, points and lots of bugs :(
  91. Name for boss
  92. Any tips to help me stick with making a level and not scrapping it?
  93. Conveyor Belt Problems
  94. Need help for an enemy I'm making
  95. What are Ranks?
  96. GLitched DM more thermo Efficient than Original counterpart.
  97. Editable Thin/Thick glitch material ?
  98. Problem with logic system
  99. LBP background color changing?
  100. how to make yourself go to end
  101. Create and booty master trophies (last chance using site for help)
  102. Directional AND Speed logic?
  103. Impressive Levels to Show to Friends Please!
  104. My sister lost her password and doesn't know how to get it back (on LBPC)
  105. Completing my level
  106. Randomizer Help
  107. Cow Glitch?
  108. sticker switch with custom sticker gathered from prize bubble won't work
  109. Freezing
  110. Bipedal Robot Help. "Balance Gyro?"
  111. Has people forgotten what lbp is all about?
  112. Create Trophy
  113. cardboard box helmet costume thing
  114. stumped by an emitter
  115. Oh the horror... write- errr... creator's block!
  116. Can anyone help me with the darkness (x2) part?
  117. Creator Crunch
  118. Trying to make a better control pod
  119. Rusted Metal Help!
  120. grid material halp
  121. Multistage boss time...
  122. Can anyone help me ace or ace the Terrible Oni's Volcano for me?
  123. Update 2.04 Issue
  124. Uploading pictures with the PS3 browser
  125. How long (time) should the ideal level be?
  126. Magic Mouths.... in Korean?!?
  127. Album Issues?
  128. Logic: Car starting stopping moving speeding up and repeat
  129. ...What the heck did we do...
  130. Help cannot get my costumes
  131. Re-unlocking EVERYTHING.
  132. Change the level snapshots?
  133. Ideas for Obstacles?
  134. Ideas for Obstacles?
  135. Thin or theck gas?
  136. Starting over for the third time! Nooooo!!!
  137. Speed Setting
  138. Site Help
  139. Changing Camera Angles on the Fly
  140. LBP Sounds.
  141. Wipeout or Not?
  142. Level Icon Quality!! (not ratio)
  143. Inconsistency
  144. Is it possible to modify the light in searchlight switches?
  145. Help with emitters!
  146. LBP won't work :(
  147. Can You Bring My PS3 Back From The Dead?
  148. The Ghost Shop
  149. Help with making a survival map
  150. Sticker Bug
  151. Start Issue (on Survival Level)
  152. Having a little piston sway trouble
  153. Sand like Felt Material?
  154. Level Naming Problem
  155. I Need Some Opinoins
  156. F4f?
  157. Screenshots?
  158. How do I become noticed?
  159. Temple Level: Suggestions for a story and attention grabbers
  160. BIG problem with connection :((
  161. Data Mis-Transfer
  162. I need help with upgrading lbp psp!
  163. Inoperative Scoreboards
  164. Black Dark Matter?
  165. Level name help!
  166. Zooming out further
  167. Red startup background?????
  168. I need help making a crane
  169. The design group: help wanted!
  170. umm sprung bolts?
  171. These stars certainly arent shining
  172. Help!!!!!!!
  173. (Experienced)Creators/Testers needed!
  174. Comprehensive Sticker List?
  175. I need some help! PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
  176. Invisible Material
  177. psn store dlownload broken ? :(
  178. My helicopter woes
  179. Launcher Tutorial.
  180. How do you change your threads title?
  181. How do you level up?
  182. How do you make a good character?
  183. I need Feedback!!
  184. Need help playing a 2+ player level for vid-cap
  185. How to spin a wheel in fits and starts... ?
  186. Flip flop!!
  187. The Rocket and the Jetpack
  188. Buying things from the Store.
  189. no fun on the beach
  190. Paintinator Switch Help
  191. Infinite Rising and Falling Plats
  192. Invisible Stickers
  193. Ideas for a reliable jump activated switch in a vehicle?
  194. Infinite Train Tracks
  195. missing two items on serpent shrine
  196. Need help making a weight thing
  197. Noob(ish) Questions
  198. hello need help with shrink ray
  199. Rotating in the background layers
  200. Creature Help
  201. how do you post links?
  202. Creating dialogs
  203. Kai costume - Can YOU sticker it?
  204. Decorating my level
  205. Wedding Music
  206. How do you make a cutout of your sack?
  207. Score Bubbles that are suspended in the air?
  208. Help! 403?
  209. Pistons, creatures, and the game environment
  210. Youtube videos for my levels
  211. What do I need to buy to get the water in my levels?
  212. Piston problem.
  213. Missing Item in Cursed Bay
  214. Demit/Remit moving objects?
  215. Rain troubles
  216. Recharging Paintinator Switch!
  217. Bomb Proof Grab
  218. I need some helpy
  219. How do you play LBPC The Game?
  220. Bolt tutorial help!
  221. Create trophy help me and i help you
  222. A few newbie questions
  223. Can't set emitter to emit only 1
  224. "Joystick controlled" left/right movement
  225. 160 Hour Bug Recovery?
  226. PSN Cards?
  227. PS3 Eye and General Sticker Help
  228. I need character Costume Ideas.
  229. TANK troubles on my level TANKINATOR
  230. The stealing gets worse.
  231. Does Anyone Know About This?
  232. "Get a Grip" story level 1 last gift
  233. advanced elevator help
  234. How do I make low thermo set-reset?
  235. Little green dot?
  236. Sticker thermometer
  237. Colouring stuff
  238. PSN Store not working in some countries?
  239. Questions on stuff I should already know how to do by now.
  240. Corner edit woes
  241. I want to get more stable results from a jumping mech
  242. Disappearing decorations
  243. I'm sure this has been asked before - Frozen Tundra need 3 more people
  244. Photo Help?
  245. 1 Question.
  246. How do you...(Regarding Springs/Pistons)
  247. New Level Publish Question
  248. Cutouts...Blegh help please
  249. Level Pictures
  250. Fish Help