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  1. Help with "paint" stickers?
  2. Some questions regarding account transfer to a new PS3
  3. Stupid yet Helpful question on Level Keys
  4. Signatures?
  5. How do I add a photo to the preview page (or what ever it is called)
  6. 2 questions Plz help!
  7. Sync?
  8. Easiest ways to unlock materials
  9. Is there any way to see glass through glass?
  10. help improving levels
  11. experience?
  12. Ghost Matter
  13. Emitter Usage Question
  14. Need help creating balloon-like effect
  15. Whats more thermo efficient?
  16. Recent Beta Invitation.
  17. Non-lethal gas?
  18. one layer scoreboard problem
  19. how can i get a crown
  20. Legal or Not?
  21. horizontal cylinder, and cogs and gears too... Help me ! hehe
  22. Why won't this brain die?
  23. How do i make a teleporter?
  24. Problem with mouths tools
  25. How to make an object follow a track?
  26. Burgers or Bee's ?
  27. Make an object change layers
  28. Emitting into the front layers
  29. a problem...
  30. A author I will never be
  31. I am bored
  32. how to get noticed...
  33. Screenshots?
  34. Does anybody have a lvl with a submarine
  35. 3d Glitch Help
  36. Eek! I need this sticker!
  37. I really need help making a pass-code....
  38. LBPCentral XP points
  39. Camera problem + other stuff
  40. Magic Mouth Question
  41. boss mechanics
  42. Little big planet hell pliz help
  43. Littlebigplanet logic question
  44. Moving object won't demit.
  45. My Flimsy Boss
  46. Please help with fixing the security of my clan
  47. big lasers
  48. System quits game when I click play or edit
  49. Warning! Please help!
  50. a concept of sorts original thought
  51. How do I...?
  52. How to update?
  53. My level? Moderated..?
  54. Kinky?
  55. Theme archive
  56. What is this
  57. LBPCentral logo sticker
  58. opening help
  59. story help
  60. I having trouble with my level, can someone help me! Please!
  61. How do I get paint switches to refill?
  62. Locked Hearted Level
  63. Stickers (the 3D attachemtns) not destroyed in explosion? Glitch?
  64. Wanted: Several missing Creators
  65. Two things, one small and one big
  66. My text only displays as asterisks.
  67. Sci fi Tank speed control pliz help
  68. Glitched Fall thru metal
  69. R1 sticker
  70. Chase Help/Respawn Woes
  71. Viewing issue
  72. Instant explosion
  73. Fairy lights?
  74. Tracks
  75. Inverted "On Impact" Sound Object Behaviour
  76. Hidden Materials help
  77. Fixed Camera?
  78. Automated vehicle moving and stopping
  79. So, I made this level trailer...
  80. A player failed to load profile.
  81. Questions of Noobness :D
  82. What just happened?
  83. Could someone make a few enemies for me?(caution lots of pictures)
  84. Sackboy Arm Sticker?
  85. Help Please!
  86. Limited time DLC problem / Valentine Day Kit
  87. Community objects in Level objects area?
  88. videos
  89. Two QuestioNs =)
  90. 2 questions keys related
  91. Scoreboard won`t activate
  92. key deletes with object
  93. Wheely Switches
  94. Big discovery? Maybe?
  95. "Create" and "Feel the love" Trophies...
  96. Disppearing things... during object capture?
  97. Thermometer Randomly Overheating
  98. how to make a boss move
  99. rtm233's waterfall
  100. Trying to make a butterfly fly across the screen.
  101. Quick question
  102. Help pleas
  103. Suspending prize bubbles in mid-air
  104. Explosion question.
  105. need a little creative help here... a resttable paint door
  106. layer problem
  107. Question regarding hearts
  108. Score related game sounds
  109. How would I trigger a door after all score bubbles in a room are gathered?
  110. lbp pics come out tiny.
  111. Emitting Dark Matter over Dark Matter
  112. Help finding 100% prizes in GOTY community level "Talakyan Go And Never Come Back"
  113. Un-shiny
  114. Publishing Problem?
  115. I need ideas
  116. Skin Help
  117. How can I unlock the grass material?
  118. mates profile is corrupted
  119. How do I downgrade my game?
  120. i need a house
  121. Is there any way to get levels on the Community pages easily?
  122. Spirited Away costume level - Need help!
  123. How do I make a sig on this site?
  124. Oh my god....WHYY??? Please read...
  125. any one know how to make a randomizer
  126. Piston flip on directional??
  127. Is there a way to change you lbpcentral name?
  128. Logic Switch: Timer
  129. Help with camera!
  130. Dutch gamewebsite needs LBP-fanatics!
  131. ATV layer problem
  132. Need a cumulative timer with two possible outputs.
  133. Creature problem...
  134. Angled decorations
  135. how to get your picture on a lvl.
  136. Does anyone have a capture card?
  137. Music Boxes-Need help with making music!
  138. "Walkabout" Sticker Dilemma (Help needed)
  139. How do I put a sample screenshots on published levels to be viewed on the level info
  140. Help with 2x :(
  141. Theck and Thack
  142. how to put your levels in your sig
  143. Grey Stickers and Music Queuing
  144. One Shot?
  145. Frustrating Pistons
  146. Looking for a good level
  147. A Noobish question
  148. How do I upload an avatar?
  149. Text Stickers?
  150. Yet another help question!
  151. Ideas for my level
  152. How do you..
  153. if you have any questions just send a mssg to maximboyextra95
  154. Quick Question!
  155. Embedding youtube videos in posts
  156. Stickers via Eyetoy/PS Eye
  157. cant make a custom scoreboard
  158. Salty Dog Trophy entirely from LBPC, need help!
  159. stickers overload
  160. how to get theck and thock or thack idk
  161. spoiler help
  162. Logo
  163. Stuff Disappearing After Saving
  164. Logic Help!!!!
  165. Pinball Halp
  166. Making an avatar
  167. Can anyone with a cam make a sticker for me?
  168. 3d layer help
  169. Need Help.
  170. LBPC Ranks
  171. Help with Create trophy.
  172. Creature Pieces tutorial problem
  173. A guide to the stickers/materials
  174. need help finishing trophies
  175. Delay Switch Inconsistency (Vault vs. Beg. Tutorial)
  176. Randomizer Help
  177. Need help removing items en masse
  178. Winch Problem
  179. Some help here?
  180. how to unlink levels
  181. Sticker lbpc??
  182. Directional Switch Help Please!
  183. making fire cool off?
  184. No more tutorials icon?
  185. Howw to delete a thread on this site.?
  186. Why haven't I received my LBP star cap???
  187. Creation Piece Problem
  188. How to check the highscores on your level?
  189. How to keep a switch on for a set amount of time.
  190. how do I make a multi directional sackboy tracker???
  191. Taklamakan "HELP!"
  192. Sackboy help.
  193. Three Dimensional Planets?
  194. Corrupted Game Data
  195. LBPC Font
  196. Hearting Players
  197. LBP Screenshots
  198. Incremental piston help!
  199. Could it be possible
  200. need logic for cutscenes! help please!
  201. Star wars imperial walker at at
  202. littlebigplanet cap ?
  203. Save Data erased? :[
  204. Question about making music (notes)
  205. Completely stumped
  206. Independent Switches, same function
  207. Not DIRECTLY LBP related
  208. Is it possible to get pictures off the PS3 browser?
  209. Picture help... Again
  210. Links as words?
  211. Aaaugh! Resolution issue
  212. Level Diverges in Same Spot
  213. Bit of a newbie question... youd think id know this... :S
  214. The Incredibly Annoying Bug that Ruins Creating!
  215. Hello, thanks for all the fish, and a logic question...
  216. costumme
  217. Urgent!! We need help! Level breaker...
  218. Paint Ball Sensors
  219. cow glitched grabable glass.
  220. Help!! level Destroyed by bugs!!!!!
  221. Help with new Tank
  222. uhmm, how does the sync function work?
  223. Emitting zombies problem
  224. Shrinking switches
  225. Tips on making bosses and enemies
  226. Explosives BREAKING my level!
  227. Very noobish question
  228. 4 sacks are tooo heavy :(
  229. Object Collision Detection schemes
  230. An interesting problem...
  231. I cant make a custom scoreboard, has this been fixed?
  232. Icky Sticky!
  233. Platform problem
  234. What would you prefer- should I go the extra mile?
  235. Can we trade lbp dlc on these forums?
  236. Hessian Sackboy Fragrances Not Showing Up in Download List
  237. Player Counter?
  238. Would I get moderated for this?
  239. Starcraft 2 immortal mech build help
  240. How to make good scenery?
  241. Exporting my profile
  242. LBP online update 1.27
  243. Level + vehicle select with stickers?
  244. Getting Pistons to Run in Sync - Ideas?
  245. argh! pistons! redux.
  246. Creating a whole new level
  247. Leveling Up?
  248. Emitter help
  249. Check exactly quantity of Reputation
  250. Out of sync grid!