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  1. Theck, Thack and Sackboy tracking
  2. [Resolved] Is it possible to make a thng follow you without a brain?
  3. Ok I Have No Idea How To Do This............
  4. please help..
  5. Moving a spaceship, logic help
  6. Is it possible to make the scoreboard bigger?
  7. Help
  8. Piston Problem
  9. How to make a springpad?
  10. Creating Creature Help
  11. PaintGun Invisibility help
  12. Evil flag
  13. Avatar help!
  14. Thermometer help
  15. Blocking players?
  16. Making a Cutscene
  17. Monocycle
  18. Colour my... project
  19. Argh no space suit
  20. Need someones help for making a LBP2 sticker trailer
  21. Help for Water Drowning mini game
  22. Costume/Material Transfer
  23. help on my lvl? i need a different style of lvl for the second part of my lvl
  24. Little Big Planet music - I heard a rave song on a level
  25. I Need help
  26. LBP Mic?
  27. Thin gaseous layer?
  28. Solved: Invisible Rockets?
  29. Is it possible to make creatures follow a certain object?
  30. Help - My creature goes the wrong way when I add things to it.
  31. Very odd graphical glitch.
  32. Solved: Camera Following Issue
  33. New PS3 Help
  34. Something Awful Has Happened
  35. Invisible background on stickers
  36. Level Introduction
  37. Help Using Lights and Switches
  38. Invisible Brains
  39. Failed to load Profile
  40. Long Server Connection Time?
  41. Air Duct Vents
  42. Help Creating Deadly Object
  43. Can i do this?
  44. Help with Sparks??
  45. Crowns, best way to get 'em?
  46. Multiplayer aceing question
  47. Backing up Little Big Planet data to a USB?
  48. Thermo Cheating Question
  49. Fox Head Stickers?
  50. Launch Pad
  51. Dialogue
  52. How do we get the bugblaster costume?
  53. Help with uploading photos?
  54. Where's my stickers?
  55. Loading screen photo with tagged sack people?
  56. Captured Elevator Broken
  57. Level Icon Solution?
  58. Me and my friend are making a level series and the first one keeps locking itsefl!
  59. Shadow Glitch
  60. Compression Tool
  61. Level Naming
  62. Collected All prizes not showing up
  63. Could i be Banned D:
  64. Rotating Room/Boss
  65. 3d moving road
  66. Song in this level?
  67. Qore Episode 24 - Cap Worth it? $3.00 ????
  68. Need Help Making Enemies Move
  69. Rag Doll Kung Fu Costumes Pack Worth it?
  70. Is There a Way to Recover Add-ons I paid for?
  71. 3D glitch + Water=???
  72. Dead Thread
  73. Loss of level in progress??!!! - please advise
  74. Best way of making accurate shapes?
  75. currency system
  76. Messing with invisible fire.
  77. Arghh I need help!
  78. Emitter Question (object keeps respawning!)
  79. Boat won't move
  80. Help Saved Data? Goty?
  81. elevator help plz
  82. Create Trophy
  83. How do I upload photos from my ps3 to LBPC?
  84. Goty edition costume question?
  85. what is a "build date"????
  86. Corner Editor question...
  87. Is there an easier way to cut a block in half?
  88. Can this be done in LBP1?
  89. Trailer filming tool?
  90. I just don't know what to do.
  91. My Lvls :( Loading fails.
  92. Sheen metal material?
  93. which sounds better?
  94. LBPC Sticker
  95. PS3 - Red Screen of Death
  96. How to make a disappearing entrance
  97. Environment Wind/Storm/Dust/Fog via rocket-engines, how exactly is that working?
  98. PS3 malfunction
  99. Logic whiz needed
  100. Help: Colouring Wood
  101. Levels Get no plays!
  102. Challenge
  103. Need general posting info, not so good with computers
  104. How to create mecha's
  105. Custom Title text on levels?
  106. Help Make A Spinning Wheel
  107. What's Up With My Sig?
  108. Great Scott! My Sackboy traveled back in time! Help!!!
  109. Corner Editor Tool Help
  110. Have I found something new?
  111. Didn't Get Play Trophy
  112. Media Molecule did me wrong!
  113. LBPC Sticker
  114. Motor-Bolt Speeds Query?
  115. Background help needed!!!!
  116. How could you make a Karma tracking device?
  117. How to update published levels
  118. What DLC should I spend the rest of my money on?
  119. Help! Create Trophy
  120. Help! Save corruption!
  121. need help on some ideas on what happens next
  122. Help With A Advanced Elevator.
  123. Will the paintinator work for those without the metal gear level pack?
  124. Logic Help Please
  125. Need help making treads for an M1 tank
  126. Paint switch question?
  127. Ideas for survival challenge
  128. Caves and stuff...
  129. Paint Switch and Creature Brain
  130. Cave+Story=HELP
  131. How do you make a conveyer belt????
  132. Logic Tutoring
  133. How can you get your levels spotlighted?
  134. Smearable Materials
  135. Evil Kenevil costume.
  136. Another quick question for you guys about item bubbles
  137. Help with save files!
  138. i have a psn code but it wont work
  139. MSG Turrets problem
  140. Creation ideas
  141. Level creator question
  142. DLC Sound Objects?
  143. question how to make a door you open with switches and all?
  144. Noob questions which I can't find answers to..
  145. Level kits!
  146. Help with making a boss.
  147. missing levels
  148. LBP Servers down?
  149. How make a laser beam
  150. Question about my moon.
  151. How make the brightness of a spot light increase or decrease gradually ?
  152. Mini Mech
  153. Paint switch logic help
  154. R1 Sticker [Resolved]
  155. Low gravity >_<
  156. how to make a door that can be shot with the paintenator and dissapears when hit ?
  157. Impact Sound Trigger and Gas
  158. Just wanted to clarify something 'bout dlc
  159. Kinds of Teleporters -
  160. Invisible score bubbles
  161. Race Finish Gates Broken?
  162. multiplayer friendly sneak concept
  163. Sack Tactical Font
  164. Cutscene Help
  165. Help with pictures!!!
  166. Any tips on creating a good level?
  167. DLC Download Problem
  168. Flying sharks are too hard to make!
  169. How do I go back through the updates?
  170. Tutorials. (Resolved)
  171. Can't find the thermo cheat thread
  172. Objects and Layers.
  173. Can't see stars rating
  174. Length problem w/piston and winch
  175. anyone with eyetoy?
  176. flickering light sound
  177. Recording PS3 Screen
  178. Stars??
  179. Tutorial trophy troubles
  180. camera/player tracking problem with 2 or more players
  181. Weapons Systems
  182. Need a new way to make a vehicle jump (solved... mostly)
  183. Maxed out stuff?
  184. Taking pictures of Games
  185. How do you get bubbles from crane game?
  186. LBP2 website,blog,background, font ect help!
  187. Any suggestions?
  188. How to add community level keys in levels?
  189. Star System wack?
  190. Need some help? Just ask assassinator :)
  191. Need help with trophy
  192. Help finding hat
  193. Backing up data.
  194. Have you seen this doll???
  195. Help with Pistons
  196. Can't edit my own objects
  197. Need help recording level!
  198. corner editing tool
  199. Can't find this level
  200. Walker logic help please (SOLVED)
  201. S.o.s help meeeeeeee!!!
  202. What does this do?
  203. My headset won't work
  204. Where??
  205. Currency system in a zombie defense level?
  206. Is it possible to move MM objects into the theck layer?
  207. need help! fast
  208. Irritating Emitter Problem
  209. Famous Paintings?
  210. Where have all the flowers gone
  211. Best switch with Paintinator equipped?
  212. Help with water please!
  213. Tracking 4 players?
  214. how do i make this?
  215. Wanted: Cows!
  216. Create Help *PLEASE*
  217. Does anyone know where and how to... click here.
  218. Double Help?
  219. Uploading Pictures?
  220. Query on Mouths
  221. Litte Big Planet Backgrounds
  222. Dragon Help pleasee?
  223. Looking for a specific level
  224. I have a question
  225. Help w/ Emitters/ Logic Debug!
  226. Overview / compendium on thick / thin / thick / thack / (more?) layers
  227. Looking for a sticker (grid)
  228. Trying to put LBP files back on PS3...
  229. My Keys won't work!
  230. Logic Naming Dictonary?
  231. God I hate pistons
  232. Stupid Magic Mouth!
  233. Creating a Introduction for my LBP Level
  234. I can't play LBP online nor enter PS store *SCREAM*
  235. Help with randomiser
  236. Vietnam: FPS (First Person Shooter) How was it possible?
  237. Light Following Sack
  238. Help removing a level photo.
  239. ~ Checkpoint Issues ~
  240. Reached the costume limit!
  241. Recording my levels
  242. Seasonal Costume packs
  243. Grabbable Theck Layer in Back Layer?
  244. Printing the levels from official LBPCentral Spotlight Search Engine
  245. What can I improve?
  246. Sneak enemy health change
  247. Help please my mind has gone blank
  248. Huge Problem
  249. Need help on a lvl seriously
  250. Ramp Problem