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  1. Airship and Scooter
  2. Segway?
  3. New Vehicle: Banshee X10
  4. VIP/Owner house
  5. V2 Advanced mech prototype
  6. Finally releasing...
  7. Realistic Ferris Wheel
  8. The Super-Uni!!!!
  9. Yes, use F4F Cyberpunk Train
  10. Yes, use F4F LBPSC-Avalon
  11. Computer archive/database
  12. Some small tools for level designers
  13. Yes, use F4F LBPSC-Carrier
  14. Thread deleted
  15. Switch To Press Left To Go Left and A True Mario Coin Box
  16. VRMotors Thrasher
  17. X-TERMIN-8 (AAV) Armoured Assault Vehicle
  18. Smart weapons and vehicles
  19. LWR-06-MkI Bull Frog
  20. Various space ships... and an ODD-BOX
  21. Cool Armored Personnel Carrier
  22. Amphibious Gravity-Resisting Car
  23. The TLA SM H by alexgangsta4
  24. TLA Towers
  25. Al's crazy fun house of failures
  26. Yes, use F4F LittleBigPlanet Script Language
  27. Paradox [Dance Music sequencer]
  28. ll_yes objects and stuff
  29. Do ya like mah pirate?
  30. Highly controllable 3-sackperson aircraft with paintball turrets
  31. New material
  32. Switch Polytizer
  33. Simple 4 Frame LED Animation
  34. Logic Probe and Signal Combiner
  35. Weaponize your objects with a single microchip :)
  36. Sackosaurus Rex Skeleton
  37. [LBP2] Combo Sequence Toolkit
  38. Most detailed Looking vehicle in LBP2
  39. All-In-1 Wireless Controlinator System (logic object + level galleria)
  40. Shadowsack BETA
  41. Sackire, Controllable Sackbot
  42. Yes, use F4F Farewell, Friend (A Musical Piece)
  43. Deathless Teleporters
  44. Ground impact tremor camera
  45. I present to you... Witchcraft!
  46. Sophia III (Blaster Master)
  47. Static drones to bounce off of
  48. Yes, use F4F electric elephant
  49. Yes, use F4F My UFO
  50. Yes, use F4F Sequenced Techno Songs
  51. Monster Truck(Built in HUD with support for wheelie, flip,and big air detection))
  52. custom logic gates
  53. Sprites?
  54. Ninja-Bot
  55. Look what I made!
  56. Ana.log Signal Plotter
  57. Inception Soundtrack - By Hans Zimmer
  58. Analog Signal Display
  59. Easy to use teleporters.
  60. 8 bit Digital Readout
  61. Yes, use F4F Completely modular sackbot checkpoint system
  62. Yes, use F4F Sackbot gappler (Beta v1.1)
  63. Transformers maded back in 2009
  64. Changeable Sackbots (on the fly)
  65. Best free cars on lbp 2 check them out!!! *new*
  66. My custom microchips
  67. Yes, use F4F superhero sackboy
  68. Portal Gun
  69. The Sims Interface
  70. The XM3 Transforming Spaceship
  71. Dynamic Repeater
  72. Premade Basic Sackbot Powers.
  73. Sacksung LED TV
  74. Extreme precision analog signal probe
  75. Logic Showcase - Lots of helpful logic
  76. my 8 chips
  77. My Humanoid Bi-Ped Mech Project
  78. Yes, use F4F Working Jukebox (with album art display)
  79. Animals and helis
  80. Am I the first?
  81. Hoverboard with no thrusters
  82. Big Dumb Probe
  83. The Emotinator: Sackbot Emotion Mood Microchip
  84. New Glitch Material, Ice Matter!
  85. Yes, use F4F Lizard Mid-Boss
  86. Custom Animatronic NPC Model
  87. The Zombie and the Kraken
  88. Final Fantasy Enemies Warmech and Shinryu Recreations
  89. Commandable Sackbot 2.0
  90. Secret of Mana Music Sequencer
  91. Analog Memory Cell
  92. Constellations - Music
  93. bowser clown car
  94. Digital value functions
  95. Patrol bot that can't see through walls
  96. Multi-floor Elevator with Selector
  97. Incidental music - nostalgic flashback
  98. Thought I'd share (LBP2 beta song)
  99. The Redundant Switch
  100. Slap Switch!
  101. 360 Flying Hovercraft Bomber w. Gyroscope
  102. Assassin Suit (I made it) :D Climb (Air) Assassinate Collectable No DLC
  103. Giant Slot Machine
  104. Just a few pics for the walking mech on ceilings and the over heat for guns...
  105. Yes, use F4F Health & Damage Logic Pack: Range of 1-864000!
  106. Skid Marks - My Dirty Laundry Edition
  107. Top Down Logic
  108. R1 Mingame Arcade Machine (Prize)
  109. Ice Hazard
  110. Music by schm0
  111. Unicode Table
  112. StrikeWing: New transformable fighter
  113. Bullet Time Tech Demo (slow motion)
  114. the lvl for sackbot newbies
  115. Yes, use F4F Zero Latency Logic Probe
  116. Yes, use F4F symphony of the nightosphere
  117. The Weirdyland Music Gallery
  118. Zero Latency Ana.logue Logic Toolset
  119. Teleporter System
  120. Yes, use F4F LittleBigOscilloscope
  121. X-TERMIN-8 Armoured Assault Vehicle
  122. Yes, use F4F High-Speed Collision Detect & Replay (Burnout Style!) BETA [OPEN!]
  123. Grappling hook for sackbots
  124. Building the seemingly impossible...
  125. Yes, use F4F Directional Logic Gates
  126. Yes, use F4F Jak and daxter: Jak with full eco powers
  127. Yes, use F4F A Time Machine Out Of A DeLorean - Evolution of circuitry over time
  128. Foof Tunes - Foofles Music Showcase and level hub`
  129. Mega Storage - Store thousands of objects in one Popit Slot
  130. Item Selector (Enhancement for your Sackboy/girl!)
  131. Yes, use F4F mePod: advanced MP3 player
  132. My Stopwatch (with 2-digit millisecond)
  133. Gamma Burger
  134. Yes, use F4F Working guns!!
  135. The "Digital" Etch-N-Sketch
  136. FIFO Stack (and whatever else I put in)
  137. Mrs. Pumpkin and Jack
  138. Miku (Character model)
  139. Artificial Lightning
  140. Super advanced sackbot controls and functions
  141. Just some models i have made
  142. Some of my music...
  143. Yes, use F4F Velocity charging cannon
  144. AH-64 Apache Gunship
  145. Two Bosses I have discontinued...
  146. Press/Release Pulse Generator
  147. Generic Sportscar
  148. Thread deleted
  149. Metal Gear Rex Rising *NEW* Check it out!!!
  150. Typewriter Tool Freestyle
  151. Jukebox XI - A cartridge-based music player (runs software too) (Pictures!)
  152. Luka Megurine
  153. Rainbow Creatinator Coaster
  154. SackBot Multiplayer Checkpoint
  155. Ultimate Health Meter Logic
  156. Type It Typewriter
  157. Custom Powerups
  158. Health, Damage Bar (1-864000) & Currency/Score System (1-10000)
  159. Yes, use F4F a lot of small(but very useful) prizes
  160. Introducing: The Gelanator!
  161. T-90 Main Battle Tank (Russian Tank)
  162. DETAILED CAR: Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car
  163. Mech
  164. After the Fall: Enemy AI's (LBP2)
  165. DETAILED CAR 2: Gumpert Apollo Sport
  166. Yes, use F4F L2 Camera Tool
  167. (Close to perfect) Portal Gun
  168. Zero-G Astro Tech Demo
  169. Detailed Car GT by Citrogen
  170. Yes, use F4F Detailed Car Mazda Rx7
  171. Yes, use F4F buggy race 1- 4 players
  172. Starbug from the Red Dwarf series
  173. Bouncing Water!
  174. Yes, use F4F Detailed Car Bugatti Veyron 16.4
  175. Yes, use F4F Sackbot Schematics and Chips
  176. Type-writer with font give away
  177. SYLUX'S WEAPON SHOWCASE: "Drillbit Bomb"
  178. Sonic Point Ring
  179. Yes, use F4F Detailed Car: Ford Fiesta Rockstar energy rally car
  180. Sack Sized, working Jukebox!
  181. Player Sackbot, HUD and Inventory (Last Days: TFoE)
  182. Yes, use F4F Prototype In Game Keyboard
  183. Yes, use F4F The Pluto W.P (Quad mech)
  184. Yes, use F4F Detailed Car: Lamborgini Diablo
  185. Microchip Sticker Suite 1
  186. Video: Avril 14th - Aphex Twin cover (Music)
  187. LBP2 Song - Future Machinery
  188. Surface Tracking Missile!!
  189. Yes, use F4F SYLUX'S WEAPON SHOWCASE 2: The black hole
  190. New here, and Little Big Compositions :D
  191. Assign Unique ID's to emitted objects!
  192. Tweakable Paintballs/Creature Wheels/Stitched Plastic
  193. An Epic HoverCraft
  194. Yes, use F4F Mech that destroys anything :O (including metal)
  195. Bioshock Big Daddy tech demo/ Bioshock level
  196. Yes, use F4F sr71 inbound
  197. Level Ruiner (for anti-noob use only)
  198. GBU-24 Laser guided H-A-O (Heavy Air Ordinance) bomb
  199. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Mechs
  200. Multi-floor elevator with controls
  201. Conrtrollable dinosaurs
  202. Detailed Car: Ford GT
  203. My... Cars?
  204. Yes, use F4F FPS: ak-74u
  205. Fire Squirrel Mech/Exo-Suit [UPDATED]
  206. Swimming Sackbot! Jetpack Sackbot For real, need art help, and a little more logic
  207. Contraption nut
  208. Yes, use F4F SYLUX'S DETAILED CAR THREAD: VW Baja Bug
  209. Yes, use F4F "deatailed cars"
  210. Yes, use F4F To much Butthurt about cars :(
  211. Yes, use F4F Free Kitchen Object!
  212. Yes, use F4F Comero-iroc's and Sylux's Detailed Car: Gallant Abflug Nissan R35 GTR
  213. 1-Player Only - Spectator System
  214. Yes, use F4F Comeroiroc's detailed cars: Ferrari 458 Italia
  215. Densetsu no Kage poster
  216. Lockbox contraption
  217. LBP2's Most Detailed Vehicles
  218. Mushroom Meadows Creations
  219. Showcase Forum: Show your best stuff!
  220. The Notorious RoboCrab Project!
  221. Working 3d cam after patch.
  222. GameExpo, a cartridge based portable gaming system
  223. 'Sticker'figure: Controllable Animated Stickfigure
  224. Yes, use F4F Comeroiroc's detailed cars: GONE!?
  225. New Awesome Tool __ The Drawinator :O
  226. X-VOLUTION: Prodigy Gears TECH DEMO
  227. Fast Analog Multiplication
  228. Schwerer Gustav 800mm Railway Gun/ Cannon
  229. Yes, use F4F Wreckloose, a new song by schm0!
  230. Mid-Layer Shift (MLS) Glitch. Possible game-changer.
  231. Vehicles
  232. Yes, use F4F Comeroiroc's detailed cars: Dodge Viper SRT10 Roadster
  233. QuikSlik Browser
  234. Yes, use F4F Question Mark? (CARS?)
  235. Lock-box level copy free
  236. [Tool] Creator Entrance - Playtest More Efficiently [Official Level Released!]
  237. Yes, use F4F Comero-iroc's Detailed Cars: Citroen C4 Redbull rally car
  238. A VERY Creepy/ ambient song...
  239. Point Dispenser Giveaway
  240. 2 songs by me and wierdybeardy!
  241. Halo 3 : Spartan Recon Armor by dr-booty
  242. War of the Worlds Tripod V2 (2005)
  243. Jingle Bells Mucic seqencer
  244. Yes, use F4F Detailed Car: 66' Ford Mustang Fastback
  245. Christmas Background
  246. Red army halftrack!!!
  247. Archer slots debug test
  248. The Trolling Toolkit V1.01
  249. CC15 - Inch Worm Race
  250. Sackbot Sleigh