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  1. Story Time with Cog
  2. ~Hamsalad's: Undead Hope~*Chapter: 14*
  3. LBPC: The Villain
  4. Knife Leg the Panda Strangler: An Epic Tale
  5. Nothing Matters
  6. Some bits and bobs - Creative Writing Stories.
  7. The Unknown ~ Chapter I - XI ~ Act I ~ 'An Action Adventure Horror Story!'
  8. The Mirage - A short poem.
  9. An Awesome Fake Article I wrote
  10. What is captivity?
  11. My prose collection (copyrighted)
  12. My stories
  13. Hunted
  14. Lint to Sack
  15. The Crimson Articles: The End of Royalty
  16. Sci-fi story
  17. Evolution - Chapter I-X ~ "The best user made thing on the website"
  18. The Unknown ~ Chapter XII ~ Act II ~ "An Action Adventure Horror Story!'
  19. Wings Of Speed
  20. Ghostly Story Reviews
  21. WW2 story
  22. Magikarp: A Song
  23. LBPC: The Pokemon
  24. LBPC: Tactical Espionage Action
  25. Naruto Generations
  26. LBPC: The War
  27. The Adventures of Dave and Mailman - Warning Stupidity Overload
  28. In the Name of Science
  29. Dawes & Rock's Make Your Own Adventure
  30. A man and his bench
  31. Dawes and the philosophers crown
  32. The Future Yet to Come
  33. Sacky Ep one- Where's Jalapeno
  34. My old pokemon comic: Brainy and the blind
  35. Fallout 3 Type story
  36. Poetry
  37. Alone
  38. Preview for an upcoming story (Preview 1)
  39. my nameless short story
  40. A Riddle
  41. Twilight Eyes
  42. Still working title... Chapter 1 out!
  43. Replacement
  44. The Balance
  45. Can somone Evaluate my Short essay?
  46. Sonnet of a gargoyle
  47. Deadly: My book
  48. The lost squadron (story in progress)
  49. Déjà vu; In 2024, a man pushes a button that changes the world; past, present, future
  50. The Story of Peter: Zombie Asylum
  51. Day of the...accountants? ~ OH GOD, THEY WEAR CLOTHES
  52. F4F: The Weight of Death
  53. The Day I Lived
  54. Comunity Story: Panda wars
  55. Wings Of Speed
  56. The Day The War Started
  57. Sackboy Sackboy
  58. The real real console wars
  59. The Story of Peter: Zombie Swamp
  60. F4F- The Story of Peter: Night of the Undead
  61. Query Letter Critiques
  62. Replacement- Now a poem because I'm too lazy to make it an actual story
  63. The Legend of the Christmas Turkey
  64. Whiteguard-a warhammer 40,000 fiction
  65. The Long and Winding Road
  66. Exciting Fallout 3-Borderlands-LBP fanfiction crossover! READ TODAY NOW!
  67. A Poem of Armageddon
  68. Hope- My Novel Excerpts
  69. Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
  70. F4F: Sentenced to Death
  71. Need some feedback on this essay, ASAP :D
  72. Testament - spoken word poetry
  73. Doran- A Story in Progress
  74. A Day To Remember
  75. Nothing: A Story of Creation and Doom
  76. Blooming Death - 1st chapter in a book I am tring to write...
  77. Sackboy: And the H4H'er's Curse
  78. Jb's amazing adventure!
  79. Lolz
  80. The Creation Of Our World
  81. Through The Cracks
  82. the BOUNTY poem
  83. A Love Story (prologue)
  84. LBP poem
  85. "Doctor," V
  86. Ode to LBP2
  88. New Dimension
  89. ((Working Title))
  90. 3000
  91. The Collector Avenged, Introduction: Media Molecule
  92. LBPC: War for Existence
  93. The Collector Avenged, Chapter 1: Revealing Names.
  94. Dream Runner Ep-1 - Pilot
  95. The Collector Avenged: Chapters 2,3, & 4
  96. The Collector Avenged, Chapter 5: 5...4...3...2...1...Educate!
  97. What happens next?
  98. Far Away From Home Part1
  99. Skye
  100. o___O
  101. A Poem with No Intended Meaning
  102. My graphic novel plot for "Durode"
  103. The Swing- A short story by ME
  104. ~A Sad Story Thingy By chinook3~ [Funny]
  105. ~A Beautiful "Leaf" Poem~ (Originally Made By Me)
  106. One Moment
  107. Prisoner
  108. A poem
  109. Broken Wood's Scarecrow
  110. A Writing Preview
  111. On the pain of death
  112. The Weasels!
  113. Scary Story
  114. The Adventures of Captain Muffins {part 2 added}
  115. War; A Poem
  116. Talons of Fire [creative writing project]
  117. iLEGEND's Poem Anthology
  118. sKiP iT! : Messages of Hope
  119. A Christmas too much
  120. Torn Stitches (LBP Story)
  121. Arthur and the LittleBigAdventure
  122. Koyo and the Beast and Red Hornet and the Claw
  123. poem tonue-twister thingy
  124. The Tale Of Horsie
  125. If Only You Knew (poetry)
  126. Lucid Skies of Depression (NOVEL)
  127. LBPC: Duel at Sunset
  128. A Tale in The West (An LBPC Western)
  129. LBPC: Galactic Epic Adventure Story
  130. Battle for Escalaphon - Based on warhammer 40k
  131. An Essay I wrote for School (I THINK it's inspirational...)
  132. THE ENDLESS STORY- created by teh community.
  133. LBPC Haunt: (Part One) The Troublemakers Three
  134. LBPCentral's Tales of horror
  135. LBPC Haunt: (Part Two) A Deadman's Rhapsody
  136. LBPC Haunt: (Part Three) Secrets Yet To Be Told
  137. Destination Unknown - A Time Travelling Short Story
  138. The Breaking dawn.
  139. Intro section to my untitled novel (work in progress)
  140. Planet of the Noobs
  141. The Adventures Of Mitty & Fluffles
  142. My Mind ( a short story about a dream I had)
  143. In Peace
  144. Manhole
  145. Metropolis City Tales: Cold as Ice Part One
  146. Worlds Apart
  147. Trouble
  148. To all the people that destroy people's creations and copy,
  149. Thread
  150. Mother Nature
  151. The Eye of Ender: A Minecraft Story by GDN001
  152. The Adventurer
  153. A Hint of Things to Come
  154. LBPC Haunt: (Part Four) Breaking a Cursed Hold
  155. A Story Based On LBPK
  156. Fatal Fantasia (Rebirth x3..or was it 4?)
  157. The Worst Kind of Dystopia
  158. "Seagull With Nunchucks"?
  159. LBP Poem
  160. My LittleBigPlanet 2 and Karting Songs (Ported from Planetarium)
  161. LBPC Haunt II: ... should I?
  162. For Put's Contest: The Barn and the Hat
  163. For Puttatitut's Christmas Contest: "A Loving Girl's Acceptance"
  164. Why do I suck at showers?
  165. Why do I suck at Mathematics?
  166. Why do I suck at Pet ownership?
  167. First chapter of a book I'll (hopefully) write.
  168. A few of my old poems
  169. The Mutants of Ascarth - a Doctor Who story in progress
  170. Poem: Forever known, Fate (WIP)
  171. Poem: Twisted Reflection
  172. Ode to Craftworld [Poem]
  173. Poem: Walking Backwards, Running Forwards
  174. Poem: Storm of Sounds
  175. LBP3 Poem
  176. Best Before Date In A Nutshell.
  177. A Sestina I wrote for school
  178. I write short stories
  179. LBPC Haunt II: (Part One) A Botched Seance Commence
  180. LBPC Haunt II: (Part Two) Over The Electric Fence
  181. LBPC HAUNT II: (Part Three) The Full Moon Stands Tall