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  1. Advice on creating a good level : Ultimate Edition
  2. Creator Tips
  3. Problems & Solutions
  4. When should I publish my level?
  5. How to get the creative juices flowing
  6. Odd Censored LBP Words
  7. Tutorial Spotlight
  8. How to Tame the Pesky Wobble Bolt
  9. Wyth's guide to a polished level while retaining a sane mind
  10. GUIDE: How to get more plays on your level.
  11. How to Make Noticable Custom Badges
  12. Units, Measurements and more
  13. What makes a good level - definitive thread
  14. Cinematic control using magic mouths: Do's and Don'ts
  15. How to tetherless jetpack
  16. how to pt music of you ps3 on your lbp
  17. videos on how to ace first steps
  18. How to get the coloured Magic Mouths
  19. Placing explosives in your enemies
  20. The Global Lighting Tool Official Guide
  21. Hiding the big red cross that cancels the jetpack and paintinator!!!
  22. Custom Colour Correction with Create Pack
  23. Perma Switches & Timed Events
  24. Extracting Tweakable Lasers in Cornish Yarg, Creating a Laser Wave
  25. How to use teh force in LBP
  26. Using Explosion Dust and Paintinator Splashes like stickers
  27. Logic: The Pudding of LBP
  28. Make an invisible wall of any material.
  29. Resizing the unresizable
  30. Smaller Scoreboards
  31. How to make your own Anti-Color platforms AFTER CY!
  32. How to create 'fake' paintballs
  33. Little things/tricks some don't know.
  34. [Guide] How to maximize plays and possibly get on Cool Levels.
  35. GATES (instructions)
  36. New glitches: Sharp Materials + Thick Invisible Material
  37. Jackofcourse's Guide to Creating: UPDATED 18/9/09 Section 10 added.
  38. [Glitch] 'Ghost' materials
  39. A Solution For Eliminating Emitted Object Dissolve Smoke
  40. Expanding sticker effect on eyes
  41. Back Up your LBP Data. Here's why and how.
  42. Changing the background of the scoreboard
  43. I started a Blog
  44. Something I just noticed about LBP.
  45. Guide on Promotion: "How to Get Your Level Played"
  46. How to keep views the same while enlarging stickers
  47. Fixing Text Issues Before Publishing To The Masses
  48. Taking an in-game screenshot for PC
  49. [guide] How to get pictures for your LBPC F4F
  50. Movie Database Error
  51. How do you fight lack of inspiration?.
  52. Adam's Basic Guide To The Wobble Bolt
  53. How do you make links?
  54. Creator tips from Creators
  55. attatching things to sackboy
  56. How to make your levels in 3D
  57. Making a level look good.
  58. A How to on making layers, and putting objects in the background - TEXT ONLY
  59. Aslox's Guide to LBP Movies
  60. Trading Creation Tips
  61. Creating "fake" hazards
  62. The LBPC Costume Item Archive
  63. Making a Paint Switch without MGS Pack
  64. Tutorial:Create a timer players can dynamically increase using a powerup system!(56k)
  65. Want Gameplay Items, Smaller?
  66. Taking Apart Story Objects
  67. Those cool sacks cutouts - how?
  68. How to pick a movie level to make on LBP.
  69. How To Play You'r Own In Game Music
  70. How to create stich
  71. How to i win "Play, Create and Share" points in LBP?
  72. Stuck trying to name a level?
  73. Do I get a Crown if my level reaches 100,000 plays?
  74. How to get signature pics to show
  75. Impact sounds
  76. Strange Glitch! AAAHHHHHH!
  77. What are logic tools???
  78. How to get your EXP up?
  79. Variable Length Pistons (Stops at different locations)
  80. Co-op Levels
  81. how to make a Glitched Skeleton Skin
  82. How to make a tread?
  83. How to make mech/walker's legs
  84. How to make Elevator w/control and doors
  85. How to make and INSANELY secure password
  86. Unofficial Privacy setting
  87. How do you create a score tracking system?
  88. Gravity Manipulation
  89. LittleBigPlanet Creator Mini-guide
  90. Comprehensive Thermo Overview and Guide
  91. [GLITCH] How To Make Scoreboards With Custom Screens
  92. How to Make a Touchable Checkpoint
  93. Creating truly random Randomizers!
  94. The "How To Make Your Level Look Good" Video Series
  95. Everything about the Cool Levels Pages.
  96. Helpful Threads and Links
  97. How to make rectangular sensor areas!
  98. Easy Searching
  99. how to make a GOOD hoverboard!
  100. Grabbing a invisible object
  101. How to make a Player Tracking Turret
  102. How do you create flashing lights?
  103. Need inspiration to think up a good level name?
  104. Creating Editable Invisible Material In Seconds
  105. Testing and breaking your own levels
  106. How to make a good boss??
  107. How to Make a Escalator
  108. Using two controllers in create mode, tips
  109. Player Counting-Multiplayers
  110. the cogs(text only)
  111. How to Make Tracks
  112. Adding music level music to your story level
  113. Creating Landscape
  114. DLC-Free Paint Switch: How to Make One
  115. Layer Glitch FAQ - Get the most out of your custom backgrounds/foregrounds
  116. Level Badge Creating 101
  117. Converting absolutly any item into its material equivalent.
  118. Defcon01 Videos
  119. LuisBravo1's videos
  120. Anti-Thermo Emitter
  121. Calculating Speed
  122. How to make a custom SWITCH which you can customize to do whatever you want
  123. Most Slick Material
  124. The ability to grab any material in Create Mode
  125. How to, rquest thread
  126. Make your Pod move side to side
  127. Making Metals, Wood, Stone, Etc. Movable *THE SECOND WAY*
  128. Easy Glitch Layer Backgrounds
  129. How to decorate your level really well
  130. LBP Water: Physics Details
  131. How to ace the Kraken Easily!
  132. "How to make good scenery" Tutorial videos - The Cave!
  133. How to grab things small as you wish
  134. Complex Shapes Tutorials: The Visual Guide
  135. My Step-by-Step Guide for Being Inspired!
  136. "How to make good scenery" Tutorial videos - The Boat!
  137. "How to make good scenery" Tutorial videos - The Temple
  138. Creating Your Level: The Four P's
  139. "How to make good scenery" tutorial videos - forest and logic!
  140. Glitch: Blowing up any material
  141. materials in one spot after Mm patch
  142. How to make a Story/Community Material editable
  143. Tutorial: how to cut story object and gain new amazing materials
  144. How to force players to bounce
  145. Pictures on forums
  146. how to attach a bolt to sackboy!
  147. Level design - How to start your project and how to finish it (within three weeks)
  148. How to make any material be like a mirror
  149. How to use the 3D layer glitch - video tutorial!
  150. How to make a basic character - video tutorial!
  151. A quick guide to Hysteresis
  152. New (?) Waterfall Mechanic Tech Demo
  153. How To Avoid Distorted Avatars And Level Patches When Using Custom Stickers
  154. LittleBigBosses
  155. How To Cheat The Thermo
  156. A Guide to the Corner Edit Tool
  157. The Complete Guide to Secret Materials and Stickers
  158. How To Seriously Cheat The Thermo
  159. Discworld: Tips and tricks - video tutorial
  160. Free water!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. How To Recreate The 3D Layer Glitch
  162. How to make automatic point systems
  163. Normal Uncensored Words in LBP
  164. Merging Objects or Materials aka Compression Tool
  165. Dual Publishing
  166. More ways to save thermo
  167. How to get only the head of the hammer object
  168. LBP 101: How to Make a Flickering Light
  169. [GUIDE] Flare Skull's Lost Book Of Creation
  170. Sourceless lights, invisible spikes, and a couple other tricks [UPDATED 4/29]
  171. Heckboy's Thermometer Studies
  172. Digital devices
  173. LBP Scoring System Analysis & Guide
  174. Tutorial Spotlight
  175. LBP In-Game Censorship List
  176. Theck & Thack Sublayer Guide
  177. How to cope with the loss of a level or your PS3 (YLoD)
  178. Paint n' Fire Glitch: Tutorial
  179. How to make a cool Night Vision
  180. How to Unlock Locked Community Levels
  181. How to create a great spark effect
  182. LittleBigPlanet-Magic Mouth Tracking Camera Tutorial
  183. Dissolve without Dissolve - A Tutorial on the Best of Creature Brains
  184. Border/Top Changer GLitch
  185. Did you know you can edit copied objects?
  186. piston string
  187. LBP Collapsing Bridge
  188. Editing PSN Avatar for LBP
  189. Funky scoreboard
  190. LittleBigPlanet Glitch - Syncronised(ish) Sackboy Swimming!
  191. Nonagon Revealed
  192. Making Extreme Camera Angles
  193. How To Recreate The Walkthrough Materials Glitch (Post-Leerdammer)
  194. How to Upload LBP Photos to the Internet
  195. How to get free Marvel Kit Stickers (Well three of them anyway)
  196. Tutorials List
  197. Extra Layer Tool Tutorial
  198. Complete Downloadable Content Guide
  199. Logic Workshop
  200. How to make a Creator Entrance
  201. Different Sensor Areas
  202. How to make sweet rims for your cars
  203. Disabling 'O' button
  204. Small, invisible & GRABBABLE material
  205. How to get a PERMANENT Black Poppit! 15 INSANELY EASY STEPS!
  206. How to skip the create mode tutorials
  207. How to make Thermo Vision
  208. DLC-Free Paint Switch
  209. How to make a mag key switch trigger radius go across the entire map
  210. Copy without changing the texture pattern (of eg. lava)
  211. a modification of Aya042's "How To Avoid Distorted Avatars" with mirror glitch
  212. tips on how to make a decent horror level
  213. Tutorial Requests
  214. AssassinatorRFC's guide to cutscenes
  215. AssassinatorRFC's guide to cutscenes
  216. LBP Wheel Rotation Detect & Uncut Advanced Hydralics
  217. The Definitive List of Guides and Tutorials
  218. Editable "popped layer"
  219. A guide to Logic Signals, Wireless Logic, and a special method of Demitting
  220. Ability To Use O Button as a Command.
  221. How to make x,y sackboy tracker
  222. How to make a good Horror Level.
  223. Look at your pod from the outside!
  224. Separate Checkpoint Spawn System For 2X!
  225. How to make a robot....
  226. JackofCourse's Creator Notes (Illustrated)
  227. How to make a direction board (Selection Menu)
  228. Tutorial Advance Wheel Detection
  229. How to make a Karma Tracker
  230. Tutorial:How to make an explosion.
  231. How to make a currency system
  232. How to make your own addtion calculator useing BCD calculator,basics of numeral logic
  233. scary faic glitch and how to
  234. How to make a TOWER DEFENSE in Little BIg Planet
  235. How to make a 1-layer sensor switch (not mine, I heard it somewhere)
  236. Back to front decorations
  237. Background Movement Tutorial
  238. Animated Signatures
  239. Level ideas :)
  240. Teleporter - Two methods
  241. How to: Make Glowing Designs
  242. Level Icons Tutorial
  243. Very Rare chrome glitch
  244. Kooky Kody's Kraptastic KustomCheckpoint Tutorial
  245. Warp Speed in three easy steps
  246. How my music puzzle works in "Bunnies Just Wanna Have Fun"
  247. BETTER thermo cheating glitch
  248. Copying Sackboy
  249. How to: Make the THOCK Material
  250. Glowing Skeleton (post leerdamer)