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  1. AAAlone's Level Shack!
  2. Yes, use F4F Hyper Sphere
  3. Yes, use F4F Aquarium Adventure by Lady_Luck__777
  4. Newfound Glitch: Merge/Combine Materials!
  5. Yes, use F4F Sack Ninja Training (pretty tough)
  6. Zilla's Neighborhood 1 & 2 [Pics/Video] Spotlighted
  7. LBL#3-Lost Memories of LittleBigLand
  8. Yes, use F4F Little Big Galactic Frontier: Project Icarus *Beautiful *Brilliant *Satisfying
  9. Yes, use F4F Attack of the BORG! "Part 4: The Space Battle!" *SPOTLIGHTED*
  10. Yes, use F4F Dark/Light (Spotlighted!)
  11. Calamity Construction by jackofcourse - Spotlighted
  12. STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back: Dagobah...err...Etc!
  13. Media Molecules Next Level Pack (Spotlighted)
  14. Yes, use F4F Mars Attacks I: Introductions
  15. BELOW THE ROOT - Chapter 1 : Green-Sky (revisited) - VID/PICS **Previous Spotlight**
  16. Yes, use F4F Halloween Town
  17. Yes, use F4F SIREN: The Lost World [Episode 2-Otherside]
  18. FALSE IDOLS III: Epiphany -Video, Spotlighted
  19. Yes, use F4F The Things that go Splat in the Night
  20. Double Posting/Bumping - Guidelines
  21. Nerves of Steel
  22. Yes, use F4F The Mental Institution: Part 1 (with trailer and photos)
  23. Yes, use F4F Somethin's Cookin' (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) [Updated with level recording]
  24. Hey, made my second level. wanted feedback
  25. The Jumping Castle - now in "3D"
  26. Yes, use F4F *** The Snow Queen Trilogy *** (SPOTLIGHTED!)
  27. Yes, use F4F Aperture Science: Sackboy Chambers (Part 1 of 3) **SPOTLIGHTED**
  28. Yes, use F4F How about a visit to the Zoo?
  29. Yes, use F4F Zero Punctuation : Quick-Time's Revenge [SPOTLIGHTED]
  30. Yes, use F4F Puzzle Island (now with pics!) SPOTLIGHTED
  31. Yes, use F4F Starship Troopers [Spotlighted!]
  32. Yes, use F4F Lost Ages ***Spotlighte*******
  33. Yes, use F4F Devil May Cry (Mission IV) Demonic Vengeance *Spotlighted!*
  34. Junkyard Madness (w/pics)
  35. Robot Town 2
  36. "sound n space!" - An experiment in navigating via sound (with pictures!)
  37. Yes, use F4F Forbidden Sacrifice (Screens+Video) *Spotlighted*
  38. Yes, use F4F Switches, Tricks, & Logic Concepts for Experts & Dummies Alike
  39. Yes, use F4F Sheriff Sack : Cleaning up the town of Sackwood
  40. Yes, use F4F Lone Ninja Series
  41. Yes, use F4F THE TRIBE by Phife24 (spotlighted): Guaranteed not to disappoint!
  42. Yes, use F4F Project GENESIS: Prelude
  43. Yes, use F4F BOMB SURVIVAL!!! v1.1 (With some gameplay pics!)
  44. Yes, use F4F Vilter *SPOTLIGHTED*
  45. Yes, use F4F Booty Bay
  46. Yes, use F4F Battle Bugs 2: The Mutants
  47. Yes, use F4F Canyon Jazz - Yarbone ►SPOTLIGHTED◄
  48. New level(?): The Sticker Museum
  49. Yes, use F4F Puzzle Balls (Finally published)
  50. A royal love letter
  51. Yes, use F4F Lone Ninja Episode 4: Assault on Sakunaga Castle - spotlighted!
  52. Yes, use F4F LittleBigMemory
  53. The 7th Idol -- Survival Game -- SPOTLIGHTED (with Video Review!)
  54. Calvin and Hobbes Costumes and FULL LEVEL ! (with images!)
  55. Yes, use F4F Aperture Science: Sackboy Escape (part 2 of 3) **SPOTLIGHTED**
  56. Spotlighted! Chroma Stone Chronicles: Part 4 - Irridia's Gem
  57. Yes, use F4F South of Heaven
  58. Beware the Jabberwock
  59. Yes, use F4F Elevator to hell [SURVIVAL CHALLENGE]
  60. Up & Away In Sky Town
  61. Aperture Science: GLaDOS Confrontation (part 3 of 3)
  62. LORD OF THE RINGS : "The Bearer - Part IV : The Depths" - SPOTLIGHTED -
  63. Free At Last
  64. Yes, use F4F PICTURES - Free Stickers And Stuff
  65. Yes, use F4F Adventure in Tiny Town - Save our Coaster
  66. Yes, use F4F Bubble World Adventure!
  67. Yes, use F4F The Unfair Platformer (IGN Pick!)
  68. Yes, use F4F OH NO!!! THE PRINCESS!!! World 1: Grass Land
  69. Survival Challenge: Wheel of Doom!
  70. Industrial Assistance [Two Player Only]
  71. Yes, use F4F Morning Rush
  72. Yes, use F4F Brain Chain Mini-Game: Survival Challenge
  73. Yes, use F4F Boss Fight: Condor
  74. Crown costume (tutorial)
  75. Yes, use F4F Towers of Patheon
  76. Yes, use F4F Vharley Chapter 1: The Beginning
  77. Yes, use F4F The Perpetual Distance - The Prologue
  78. Yes, use F4F Manufactured Madness
  79. Supermassive Bomb Survival
  80. Yes, use F4F Lafarge's request
  81. Yes, use F4F Sky Pirate: Introduction
  82. Little Big Apocalypse: Episode 20 (40+ hours of work)
  83. Yes, use F4F Deja Boom! (Spotlighted, with video)
  84. Yes, use F4F OH NO!!! THE PRINCESS!!! World 2: Desert Hill
  85. Bring On the Wall
  86. Yes, use F4F The Unfair Platformer 2
  87. Yes, use F4F Mars Attacks II: Dropship Down
  88. Yes, use F4F The Artists World
  89. Yes, use F4F The Descent ***Spotlighte*******
  90. Yes, use F4F The Spirit Passage
  91. Fake Items
  92. The Miracle of Life
  93. Yes, use F4F SuperSACK Market [Spotlighted!]
  94. Shapes
  95. Pirate planet
  96. Yes, use F4F Wtbdf: Now longer!
  97. Yes, use F4F Sky Pirate: Shipwreck Cove
  98. COPYABLE: Gradient Work Shop 2.2
  99. Morton's Music Shop (15 NEW Songs for your levels)
  100. Yes, use F4F Sack's On The Beach v1.1
  101. Transcendental Sackitude-video with "temples re-mix" added
  102. Yes, use F4F Hyper Sphere Revolution
  103. Space Escape *** Spotlighted!!! *** :)
  104. OH NO!!! THE PRINCESS!!! World 3: Ocean Side
  105. Yes, use F4F A Heartless Night in Halloween Town
  106. Yes, use F4F Vanilla Breeze - Spotlighted
  107. Yes, use F4F Solidplace - SE
  108. The Site Part 1 - MAJOR LEVEL UPDATE
  109. Yes, use F4F Destiny! ** Spotlighted!!!!! Yeah! **
  110. Yes, use F4F Lost Ages: II *Spotlighted*
  111. Tribal Ruins by jackofcourse - Spotlighted
  112. Yes, use F4F The Good, The Bad, The Sackboy... Episode 1. (Spotlighted)
  113. Yes, use F4F The Good, the Bad, The Sackboy... Episode 2. (Spotlighted)
  114. Yes, use F4F The Good, The Bad, The Sackboy... Episode 3. (Spotlighted)
  115. Yes, use F4F Hectic Hallways
  116. The Perpetual Distance - (Chapter I) -
  117. Yes, use F4F Plasma Maiden (Touhou-style) [v1.xx ] Mini-Game!!
  118. Yes, use F4F Lightbringer - (Spotlighted/MM Community Pick)
  119. Yes, use F4F Monster's Lair
  120. Yes, use F4F Subterranean Setbacks ** Sackies 2009 Nominee - Best Level! **
  121. Sci-Fi World Ex
  122. Yes, use F4F The Adventures of the Prince: Chapter 1 The Attack
  123. Yes, use F4F Whichever Way The Wind Blows- Blue (With video)
  124. Yes, use F4F Whichever Way The Wind Blows- Red (With video)
  125. Yes, use F4F Myst
  126. Yes, use F4F Creator Pack Tutorial- The P.T.D
  127. LBP @ Comic-con 2009
  128. Yes, use F4F Gothic Reverie 2
  129. Yes, use F4F Lone Ninja Episode 5: Trouble at Sakigahara - spotlighted!
  130. Yes, use F4F The Forgotten Tomb Of Memsut - Part 1 and Part 2
  131. LBL#4-A Dark Fate for LittleBigLand
  132. Yes, use F4F Cardboardia ~ finished
  133. Yes, use F4F Plasmaville
  134. Yes, use F4F J. W's ~ A Step Back in time
  135. Yes, use F4F Teamwo2k! [2 PLAYER ONLY LEVEL]
  136. STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back: Cloud City: err... Etc!
  137. Ama Toor Demo
  138. The Mysterious Forest (Spotlighted)
  139. Real Myst: Channelwood Age
  140. Yes, use F4F Wipeout
  141. Dig to the centre of the Earth! (Bomb survival)
  142. Yes, use F4F VAGRANT HERO (series of levels)
  143. Yes, use F4F ***SPOTLIGHTE******* Hoola Man Jenkins' Cabin ***THE TRILOGY***
  144. Yes, use F4F Workin' for the Psycho Granny
  145. Yes, use F4F The Cursed Planet
  146. Yes, use F4F A Journey
  147. Clockworx (Survival Challenge)
  148. Funktion Junktion
  149. The Ancient Land of Dinosaurs
  150. Yes, use F4F Rise of the Undeath - The Cursed Well
  151. Yes, use F4F Whichever Way the Wind Blows- Gold. *SPOTLIGHTED* (With video)
  152. Yes, use F4F The Descent 2 ***Spotlighte*******
  153. Snakes on a Dame
  154. Stardust!
  155. Sky Town's Rain Factory
  156. Yes, use F4F Sleepless Streets
  157. Yes, use F4F GHOSTBUSTER WANTED: High profile firm to increase roster by one. (LBP1only)
  158. *Spotlighted* The Perpetual Distance - Chapter I
  159. Yes, use F4F The Dracula Hotel <----Pictures added!
  160. Yes, use F4F Mining Mayhem
  161. Yes, use F4F Once Upon A Time
  162. Yes, use F4F OH NO!!! THE PRINCESS!!! World 4: Big Island
  163. Yes, use F4F Pale
  164. Melding Witchcraft
  165. Yes, use F4F A New Story Mode: The Introduction
  166. THE TRIBE: Part 2 ***SPOTLIGHTE*******
  167. Digitized Reality: The Lab***SPOTLIGHTE*******
  168. Yes, use F4F Waterworld
  169. The Temple of Energy
  170. Sacky Potter and the Philosopher's Sponge
  171. Yes, use F4F The Accidental Astronomer
  172. Mars Attacks III: Unleashing The Beast Below
  173. 00Sack - Revenge - Part II (Spotlighted!)
  174. Yes, use F4F The Caverno Eutopia : The Petrifaction Living Dead
  175. Yes, use F4F Ghost of Sparta - The Search for Lahkesis (Chapter One)
  176. Pretty Simple by jackofcourse
  177. Yes, use F4F The Talocan (Score Challenge)
  178. Wrecking Ball Survival
  179. The Underground Volcanic Railroad
  180. Boss Rush 3!!
  181. Yes, use F4F Run For Your Freedom - Finally updated
  182. Yes, use F4F Splat Invaders III: Insurrection ** Spotlighted!!!! **
  183. Yes, use F4F Nirvana
  184. Yes, use F4F IceMaiden and the FireFox
  185. Yes, use F4F Pirates! The Adventures On the High Seas!
  186. Bubble Caves (MmSC Survival Challenge) *SPOTLIGHTED!*
  187. Yes, use F4F Alpine Saga: Prolog - The Climb
  188. Chroma Stone Chronicles: Part 5 - Abyssia's Lair SPOTLIGHTED
  189. Yes, use F4F Just Play!
  190. Wormhole's Elite Level
  191. Yes, use F4F Sacky's Garden
  192. Yes, use F4F Sarcophagus Catapult
  193. Yes, use F4F J. W's ~ Wrath Of The Sky (A Team Ico/Demon's Souls inspired level) *Updates*
  194. Yes, use F4F Whispers in the Darkness *Spotlighted*
  195. Little Big Nightmare Before Christmas
  196. Yes, use F4F Project GENESIS: Requiem
  197. Yes, use F4F The Caverno Eutopia 2 : Ice Ice Chicken Baby
  198. Yes, use F4F The Awakening, ACTUALLY PUBLISHED!
  199. Yes, use F4F The 2026 Aerostation Project
  200. Lost colors 2 - the city in the sky
  201. Yes, use F4F Dreamscape
  202. Yes, use F4F A Level in Create Mode!
  203. Black and White Planet 2
  204. Yes, use F4F SIREN: The Lost World [Episode 3- Holes]
  205. Yes, use F4F Crystal Maze
  206. STAR WARS: The Return of the Jedi: Jabba's Palace: err... Etc!
  207. Cause And Effect 4 (Spotlighted)
  208. Yes, use F4F Rat Alleys: Part of a New Story Mode
  209. Yes, use F4F Lone Ninja Episode 6: A Thousand Lives A Day - spotlighted!
  210. Fear and the Phantom Town (Winner: Halloween "Spooktacular" Level Design Contest)
  211. The Perpetual Distance - (Chapter II) - The Abandoned Citadel
  212. Office Bomb Survival
  213. Yes, use F4F Attack of the flying donkeys!
  214. Ananas
  215. Glass Jumping Challenge (average to expert)**PHOTOS INCLUDED**
  216. Yes, use F4F Offworld Colony
  217. Mars Attacks IV: Mysteries Of Mars
  218. Yes, use F4F Ghost of Sparta - The Depths of Hades
  219. Cave Escape -- SPOTLIGHTED --
  220. Yes, use F4F The Eagle And The Bear. Part One <----Pictures Added *spotlighted*...('citin!)
  221. Jumper: The Green Zone (***VIDEO ADDE*******)
  222. Yes, use F4F Roll Out the Barrel!
  223. Legend of a Hero ch.3 -- SPOTLIGHTED --
  224. Rush for the Gold [Footrace] (Pictures included)
  225. Strange Lands and Far Away Places
  226. Yes, use F4F Multiplication Machine [Preview]
  227. Yes, use F4F Land of Crumb 2
  228. Yes, use F4F *SPOTLIGHTED* The Mine
  229. Yes, use F4F Hyper Sphere Pandemonium
  230. The Imaginarium Of Jimmy Hatchet
  231. Fairytale Fights
  232. Yes, use F4F Towers of Sackboy v1.1
  233. A City in the Future [3D]
  234. Jurassic Park *NOW IN 3D!* *Spotlighted*
  235. Yes, use F4F Escape from the Blue Lab! [Spotlighted!]
  236. The Frog Chorus : A Musical Delight *Spotlighted*
  237. Yes, use F4F Silver Knight Gothic (Spotlighted)
  238. .:.An Overcast Evening.:. (Winter Contest Entry) Video Added!
  239. Hearts For Heroes (Chapter 1)
  240. Yes, use F4F The Peculiar Pine of Puzzlewood - now with video!
  241. LittleBigFantasy Part 1 (Turn-based Battle System!)
  242. Yes, use F4F The Cave Ruins 2 (With Pictures and a Video)
  243. Yes, use F4F A Bark In The Dark v.1.1 (Hard) and (Easier version)
  244. Yes, use F4F Planet X ***SPOTLIGHTE******* (Pictures and Video Added)
  245. OH NO!!! THE PRINCESS!!! World 5: The Sky
  246. Virtual Reality - Survival Challenge (Spotlighted!)
  247. Yes, use F4F A Land of Apparent Virtue
  248. Yes, use F4F Dead Memories - Part One
  249. OMG Its a Robot Revolution! [NOW PUBLISHED]
  250. Yes, use F4F Mm Squad's Christmas Mission: "Protect the Pack!" *Winner of Winter Holiday Contest!*