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  1. Novelty Waves
  2. The Music Level Machine
  3. Yes, use F4F TI-LBP: The LittleBIGPlanet Calculator
  4. real water!!! Came out today!
  5. Submarine Sabotage [From the Water Beta]
  6. The Underwater Cavern [level from the water beta]
  7. City on the Sea [from WATER BETA]
  8. Yes, use F4F The Gauntlet!
  9. THE CRAZY AND MAGICAL MANUFACTORY (spotlighted+video)
  10. Yes, use F4F Pirates Of The Caribbean - Part 1: The Compass and Jack Sparrow
  11. Hell's Angels 2
  12. Yes, use F4F The Mending of Kah'Mai Peaks
  13. Yes, use F4F Space Sack's Adventures: The Blue Planet
  14. Grab the Yellow Things by xkappax, catiers, and cuzfeeshe
  15. GruntosUK and NinjaMicWiz Present: Twin Towers (15000xp up for grabs)
  16. Sack, The legendary - Level 3 of 13 *spotlighted*
  17. Yes, use F4F "Unearthed Paradise" (Online Create contest)
  18. No Peg's Island (Co-op Contest)
  19. Yes, use F4F Underground Ruins (w/ pics)
  20. Yes, use F4F +x~Virus~x+
  21. The Wizard of Time and Space (with photos)
  22. Yes, use F4F Lunar lander!
  23. Yes, use F4F Jack Sack and the Beanstalk
  24. Yes, use F4F The Sandcastle *SPOTLIGHTED*
  25. Little Gypsy Circus *SPOTLIGHTED*
  26. The Nostalgia of the Infinite
  27. Dragons of Myth: Egypt SPOTLIGHTED!
  28. Little Red Riding Sack and the Sneaky H4Her,Part 1!
  29. All Mine! A Canyons Adventure! ***Spotlighte*******
  30. Flooded Castle
  31. Yes, use F4F Kikaiwa: Tied down[Lightspoted, derp! :3]
  32. Yes, use F4F Journey to the Forgotten Planet **Spotlighted**!
  33. Yes, use F4F In Pursuit of the Meddling Magpie (online create entry) -**SPOTLIGHTED**
  34. Yes, use F4F LBL: Fairytale - Ali Baba and the Forty Point Bubbles
  35. Elemental: Temple of Fire *SPOTLIGHTED*
  36. Elemental: Temple of Water *SPOTLIGHTED*
  37. Cap'n Sackbeard's Booty [Beta Remake]
  38. The Doctor: Egyptian Findings by Jackofcourse
  39. Yes, use F4F Survival Challenge ( Hot Pepper Hustle )
  40. Yes, use F4F Celestia: An Age Abandoned *** SPOTLIGHTED ***
  41. Yes, use F4F *SPOTLIGHTED* The Mine 2
  42. Yes, use F4F Howdy Partners! (TWO PLAYER ONLY) *SPOTLIGHTED*
  43. Yes, use F4F F4F: Curse of the Golden Temple
  44. Deep Under the Snow by Team Italy (Miglioshin & Omegaslayer) [online!]
  45. Ordered Input Device [Tutorial]
  46. Sky Town's Rain Factory part 2
  47. Yes, use F4F Til' Kingdom Come
  48. My First Level: Perennial Danger by Jackofcourse.
  49. The Origami Killer.
  50. Yes, use F4F Broken Dreams Part 1: Basic Training
  51. Yes, use F4F Sheriff Sack 2 : On the trail of Texas Jack
  52. Yes, use F4F Sea Dragon * Spotlighted! *
  53. Yes, use F4F Next Stop, Big City
  54. Lara Cloth: Tomb Raider - Helgardh
  55. Yes, use F4F F4F: Fireball Island *spotlighted*
  56. Yes, use F4F The Aqueduct *Spotlighted!*
  57. 52 Whitechapel Lane
  58. Yes, use F4F *-*Attack of the BORG*-* "Part 5: The Human Invader!" *SPOTLIGHTED*
  59. Yes, use F4F The Crate Escape - SPOTLIGHTED!
  60. Bouncie Kingdom
  61. My Masterpiece: "The Legend of Zelda PS3"
  62. Yes, use F4F Quetzcoatl rebirth
  63. Yes, use F4F Sack, The legendary - Level 4 of 13 *Spotlighted*
  64. Brain Chain 2: Industrial Bounce **Spotlighted**
  65. Yes, use F4F INSECTOIDS: A Retro Arcade Survival Level ***SPOTLIGHTE*******
  66. Yes, use F4F Space Escape II - SPOTLIGHTED!! wooo hoooo!!! :)
  67. Sackula : rondo of burlap *spotlighted*
  68. Virtual Reality - Survival Challenge 2 (Spotlighted!)
  69. free transparent stickers
  70. Dead Sacks Cave (LBPC Co create contest entry) "SPOTLIGHTED!" Thank you LBPC!
  71. Vehicle tools: Tilt and motion sensor and control pod (Copyable)
  72. Dead Space: New Arrivals (LBPC co-create contest entry) ***SPOTLIGHTE*******
  73. Yes, use F4F Lady Masquette and the puzzle garden
  74. Yes, use F4F Giga Cannon
  75. Unhearted: Drakes Misfortune 2 (MM Pick!!)
  76. Yes, use F4F Trap McSack! *Now with pictures!*
  77. Yes, use F4F Myst: Masterpiece Edition
  78. Yes, use F4F The somnium *spotlighted* *Mmpicked*
  79. Yes, use F4F Poe - A Survival Challenge
  80. Elemental: Valley of Wind *SPOTLIGHTED*
  81. Yes, use F4F Antidomicile
  82. Yes, use F4F King Orca And His EVIL Sandcastle of DOOM!
  83. Yes, use F4F Sackboy Proves He's Got Stuffin'
  84. Tricky's Temple Trials
  85. Tenement ***Spotlighte*******
  86. Yes, use F4F Flaming Arabia ***SPOTLIGHTE*******
  87. Strikewing: Operation Starshock (Spotlighted!)
  88. Bear Grylls : Born Survivor - A Very Very Cold Place
  89. Yes, use F4F A Fantastical Adventure: The Kingdom!
  90. Yes, use F4F *CROWN WINNING* Arena of the Gladiators [2P only / pvp]
  91. Mega City
  92. Yes, use F4F Revenge of the Bubble
  93. Yes, use F4F The Dojo of Platforming ---Spotlighted baby!!! :D---
  94. Knights of the Azure Palace Part 1 - Congrats to Kamari07, JKThree, and Arctos13!!!
  95. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
  96. Yes, use F4F Desperados of Tupelo town
  97. Spice & CO
  98. Yes, use F4F Save Quiltland! Part 1: The Slums *UPDATED - WITH VIDEO*
  99. Aeon Quest: Abduction (Episode 1) ***Mm Pick*** +VIDEO
  100. Yes, use F4F Red Eagle 2: B2 Bermuda (With trailer+pics)
  101. STAR WARS: The Return of the Jedi: : The Ewok Village:err... Etc!
  102. Industrial Assistance 2 [Two Player Only] by Jackofcourse
  103. Joe Snow's Mountain!!! - Now with video!
  104. OH NO!!! THE PRINCESS!!! World 6: Iced Land
  105. Yes, use F4F Discworld: Thieves of Ankh Morpork -- Released!
  106. Edward Magus' machine of imagination
  107. Yes, use F4F Sack in the box <-- pics added
  108. Yes, use F4F The cursed *spotlighted*
  109. ~}o~VERTIGO 3~o{~ REPUBLISHED
  110. Zephyr Valley 2
  111. Tale of the Omnipotent Ruby
  112. Yes, use F4F Future City Los Angeles
  113. Double Trouble *SPOTLIGHTED*
  114. The Forbidden Land: The Nostalgia of the Infinite *Video*
  115. Yes, use F4F The Odyssey: Part 1 - The Sacking of Troy
  116. Interstellar Infiltration by comphermc
  117. Yes, use F4F Sub-Terror (Now with new ending)
  118. CONTEST ENTRIES: Virtual Reality Survival Challenge: Room Design Contest
  119. SD Gundam - Zaku Assault (Intense Arcade Shooter Action!)
  120. (lbw3) malibu water sports
  121. Yes, use F4F Tim Burton's 9: Prototype 0
  122. Yes, use F4F WaffleWorld: Prologue
  123. Sky Factory
  124. One Eyed Mummy's Curse: Golden Death Bed
  125. Yes, use F4F King's Wish: Mighty Quest
  126. Yes, use F4F The Fantastical Adventure 2- The Safari Chase
  127. Yes, use F4F A Sackmare on Elmstreet 2010
  128. Yes, use F4F Puzzolors!!!
  129. Yes, use F4F Attack of the BORG! "Part 2: The Holodeck" *Now With Video*
  130. Just hatched!
  131. 8 Bit shoot 'em up
  132. Yes, use F4F Puzzle Rooms [1P]
  133. Yes, use F4F Inner circle
  134. Yes, use F4F Gangsta life of Detroit 2
  135. Yes, use F4F Atomic Assistance (Pictures Included)
  136. Shoot! Jump! Die? by Jackofcourse
  137. The Strange Adventures of Dr Nocte Chapter 3-A New Bounds Chapter 3-B The Crying Soul
  138. Gek's GOD OF WAR - Chapter 1: The Fall
  139. Yes, use F4F Lost Shrine of the Bunraku Monks
  140. Yes, use F4F Trapped
  141. Yes, use F4F Card-Bored FINAL BETA
  142. Yes, use F4F The Lumbermill by Stunkel
  143. Yes, use F4F Forsaken World : coming to sense
  144. Yes, use F4F LBP Paint Factory
  145. The Bunker 2
  146. Yes, use F4F "Resident Evil 1 Mansion" progress thread
  147. Yes, use F4F Fuchikoma Commando Part 1
  148. Yes, use F4F Pyrostilskin's Cave
  149. Tower Heights
  150. Yes, use F4F Sackboy 2109: A Dystopian Tale
  151. Sack, The legendary - Level 5 of 13 (Part 1 of 2) *Published*
  152. Sack, The legendary - Level 5 of 13 (Part 2 of 2) *Published*
  153. Yes, use F4F Sack, The legendary - Challenge 2 - Morbidallia *Published*
  154. The MUPPET Level (Only on LBP1)
  155. Yes, use F4F The Lost Temple of the Last Empire
  156. Yes, use F4F Dimension Warp
  157. Yes, use F4F LBN: Tale of the Sea contest: Voyage to the bottom of the Sea
  158. Yes, use F4F Dragon Ball - First Book
  159. Yes, use F4F Mysterious Planet: Project Fracture
  160. Yes, use F4F Purple Pwnage
  161. Dragons of Myth: Teotihuacan *spotlighted*
  162. Yes, use F4F Hellfire Tomb 2
  163. Yes, use F4F TRIAL of SEASONS - SUMMER
  164. Sonic Labyrinth Zone (Pictures and Published)
  165. The Heavy Metal Mullet Planet Tribute Part 3
  166. Ratchet & Clank - Up Your Arsenal: "Deja Q" (+images)
  167. The Realm of The Wolf Lord
  168. Yes, use F4F Retro Retribution - Level 1 *video*
  169. Yes, use F4F Malevolence unfolds in The Gardens *spotlighted*
  170. Yes, use F4F The Mythos ~ Act I ~ Awake (Pictures + Video)
  171. -~Dual Shock~-
  172. Hearts For Heroes Prologue - Moonlight Bay
  173. STAR WARS: The Return of the Jedi: The Battle of Endor: err... Etc!
  174. Yes, use F4F Oasis
  175. Tick Tock Woods
  176. Yes, use F4F The tanks factory
  177. Yes, use F4F Welcome to Australia
  178. Yes, use F4F Power of the Planet ***SPOTLIGHTED!***
  179. The sunken cave of Ankor Sack *Published*
  180. Yes, use F4F A Stairway to Heaven *SPOTLIGHTED* *Video*
  181. Yes, use F4F WaffleWorld 2: Syrup City
  182. Yes, use F4F The Factory Movement
  183. Yes, use F4F Cemetery Drive
  184. Sack Scout Camp (LBR8 contest 2nd place)
  185. Patrick's Tale (LBW4)
  186. Yes, use F4F Color Gardens (With Pics and Vid!)
  187. Cloudy with a Chance of Teamwork
  188. Yes, use F4F Krimzon Red Button (with vid)
  189. Wunderkammer part 2
  190. Secrets of the Sky
  191. Yes, use F4F The Dream Catcher - with video!
  192. Yes, use F4F The Strange Denizens of Interzone
  193. Yes, use F4F Ashes to Ashes Part 3
  194. LBPC Collab #1! Fifteen Levels In One! (VIDEO)
  195. Yes, use F4F The Cellar (Screenshots)
  196. 1P - Luos & Clay MFG. - Roller manufacturing
  197. Yes, use F4F Morbid Despair:PART 1 (HORROR) (now with video)
  198. Ja-Ja Land 3D
  199. Candy Kingdom
  200. Yes, use F4F Dark Side of the Rainbow
  201. Yes, use F4F Enchanted adventure
  202. Sprolling Hills *With video + images*
  203. Yes, use F4F Little big dinner!!!
  204. Yes, use F4F Holy Clucking Cowbells
  205. Fat Chipmunk
  206. OH NO!!! THE PRINCESS!!! World 7: Pipe Maze
  207. LBP2 - The Gardens
  208. Yes, use F4F Onion Gale: Obstacle Challenge Mix
  209. Yes, use F4F The 2099 Aerostation Project : Mars [SPOTLIGHTED]
  210. Security Breach ***Spotlighte*******
  211. Yes, use F4F Bit Strange, a little Wicked (1 Player) v.4.0
  212. Yes, use F4F Farewell Ruins of the Moon: Chapter One [WITH VIDEO]
  213. Yes, use F4F Agent Sackwell Smart *With Pictures*
  214. Ghost of Sparta - Between worlds
  215. Yes, use F4F Pollo Space
  216. Yes, use F4F Zaboomafoo
  217. Yes, use F4F The Rat Ruler's Castle - Part of a New Story Mode
  218. Yes, use F4F The Art of Stickering
  219. Yes, use F4F The Hero Chronicles LV1 Magical Forest
  220. Yes, use F4F StormWaves: Turret Defense
  221. 2 Player - EHV23 - U.F.O. Earth Explorers
  222. Yes, use F4F I am Just a Cowboy (SPOTLIGHTED)
  223. Yes, use F4F Hungry Hoppers (LBW5)
  224. Yes, use F4F Tunnel Vision
  225. Yes, use F4F Sherlock Holmes 2: African Adventure
  226. Yes, use F4F Surreal Suicide (With Video!) [SPOTLIGHTED]
  227. Yes, use F4F Spelunking for Ore
  228. Up & Away In Sky Town 2
  229. SWITCHAROO!! (Part One)
  230. Ultimate Reality
  231. Yes, use F4F Seeking the Meaning : Part 1 - The Temple Mire [SPOTLIGHTED]
  232. Yes, use F4F LBW5 - Zombification
  233. Yes, use F4F Quench Drink's Secret Factory
  234. Yes, use F4F LBP Game Changers - Rank 3 - River Rush! *SPOTLIGHT NOD!!*
  235. Roller INC
  236. Yes, use F4F The Hero Chronicles LV2: Twilight Towers
  237. Yes, use F4F LBW5 Working Overtime
  238. Yes, use F4F Technicity
  239. Yes, use F4F Sleep Teleportation is no Laughing Matter
  240. Dragons of Myth: Iceland *SPOTLIGHTED*
  241. Wooden Platforms.
  242. Yes, use F4F LBLHS-Sewage Mayhem
  243. The Spirit of Anne-Marie
  244. Rocket Knight Adventures
  245. A Patchwork World
  246. Yes, use F4F Deck - A Grand Adventure of Flannel, Flasses, and Irony!
  247. Incongruous Adventure
  248. STAR WARS: Return to the Death Star: err... Etc!
  249. Yes, use F4F The Hero Chronicles LV3 Action Mansion
  250. Yes, use F4F The Odyssey: Part II (a) and (b) - The Rise of a Champion