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  1. Sack of Persia and the Sands of Time (omg, spotlighted ya!)
  2. Yes, use F4F Sky Temple
  3. Tye Dye 2!
  4. Dark Water chapter 1. Because you like fighting Giant Octupuses
  5. Yes, use F4F Scrumpy Sack
  6. Noob-O-Meter
  7. Tea by the Sea
  8. Yes, use F4F Sackboy And The Demantoid Crystal (part1/2)
  9. Yes, use F4F Platformia
  10. Yes, use F4F The Lost Tomb Of TutenSackem
  11. Yes, use F4F Sack, The legendary - Level 6 of 13 - Part 1
  12. Gyre Woods
  13. Yes, use F4F Journey to the Temple
  14. Garden of Goodies
  15. Yes, use F4F Chinatown's Bear-Shaped Problem *(SPOTLIGHTED)* *(LBW6 WINNER)"
  16. Yes, use F4F The Collector's Vacation Island **SPOTLIGHTED**
  17. Aperture Laboratories: Part One
  18. Yes, use F4F Cirque de la Nuit *SPOTLIGHTED*
  19. Yes, use F4F Glitter Gulch Mines - [Music Level]
  20. Yes, use F4F Button Race! (E3 Remake)
  21. Font Central (The kind that are actually useful)
  22. The Gruffalo (SMRC)
  23. Minigun - FPS
  24. Rooftop Rumble
  25. Shock Factory 2010 *Spotlighted*
  26. Something Beneath
  27. The Lost Planets: Red Zone (Spotlighted!)
  28. Wasteland Bunker (My best level yet)
  29. Yes, use F4F The Shining Clock tower of Dreams
  30. Yes, use F4F Drones of Genius Loci
  31. Kinetic Crisis (w/Video) [SPOTLIGHTED]
  32. Yes, use F4F The Four Elements Quest
  33. Mulberry Woods
  34. Scorching Witchcraft
  35. Yes, use F4F The Hero Chronicles LV4 The Lost Lagoon
  36. Yes, use F4F Cubeworld: Stormy Skyway
  37. Portal Tech Demo
  38. Steel City
  39. The Last Guardian
  40. Yes, use F4F Kurtz and the Dead City of Fabul
  41. The GREAT TREE Prologue: (1P) Stand And Be Counted.(Only on LBP1)
  42. Yes, use F4F Stop Finding Me! NO ENTRY!
  43. Yes, use F4F Sycophant (With Pictures + Video) *SPOTLIGHTED!*
  44. Logic Island and the Switch-Trigger Tribe *Spotlighted*
  45. Trapped 2 (LBW7)
  46. Yes, use F4F Morbid Despair part 2 (Horror)
  47. Yes, use F4F Seeking the Meaning : Part 2 - The Great Tree [SPOTLIGHTED]
  48. A Realm Forgotten
  49. Yes, use F4F EPIC Zombie Apocalypse
  50. Yes, use F4F Sackboy and the evil H4Hers LBW7
  51. Shadow Flare
  52. Yes, use F4F Deep Into That Darkness Peering
  53. Gundam Vs Tom_Molecule!!! Lightning Fast Mech Action!!!
  54. PS3 Down Under
  55. Yes, use F4F The Comic Book Adventures of Molecule Man!! (LBW7)
  56. Yes, use F4F (LBW7) Comic Calamity! Rescue the Cool Pages
  57. Wunderkammer - part 3 - The Grotto ...and side level The Lighthouse
  58. Yes, use F4F The Hero Chronicles LV5 Glacier Volcano
  59. The Evil Orange! (LBW7)
  60. Yes, use F4F Mr. Pollock's Dream
  61. Yes, use F4F Rohar's Run *SPOTLIGHTED*
  62. Yes, use F4F Forbidden Temple of the Hollow Mask
  63. Play Gamer Platformer (SPOTLIGHTED)
  64. The Life Of Toys: Level 1
  65. The Final Hour (Now with video) *Spotlighted*
  66. Identity Crisis [LBW7]
  67. Dragons of Myth: Greece (SPOTLIGHTED)
  68. Yes, use F4F Realm Of Magic *Spotlighted*
  69. Yes, use F4F Sand Castle Chronicles (LBW7)
  70. Yes, use F4F The Land of Dreams-A Prequel to LBP
  71. The Life Of Toys: Level 2
  72. Kikaiwa: Vertigunner[Hard]
  73. Yes, use F4F Color up your life
  74. Yes, use F4F Orphan
  75. The Tricky lil Temple *SPOTLIGHTED*
  76. Yes, use F4F Put Your Jetpack... Off! [Spotlighted]
  77. Yes, use F4F Lost in Time: Specimen Hunter
  78. The Ultimate Sky View Drift Race
  79. Foto Frame Frenzy
  80. Yes, use F4F Kitchen Katastrophy
  81. The Liquidizer
  82. Yes, use F4F Farewell Ruins of the Moon: Chapter Two
  83. Yes, use F4F Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy - Part I
  84. Yes, use F4F Mirrors Edge Speed run
  85. Granite Gardens
  86. Sack of Persia 2 - The Planetarium
  87. Yes, use F4F Comix Zone: Night of The Mutants
  88. Draconia Cave
  89. The Dead Sack-series!
  90. F4F: OK Space Accident
  91. o0-WOODEN BUTTONS-0o
  92. Survival Line - A co-op survival challenge - Spotlighted!!
  93. Yes, use F4F Magical Musical Workshop (Create Your Own Music Mix)
  94. Yes, use F4F Death Swamp
  95. F4F: OK Worlder
  96. F4F: OK Space! Mach 4 (repaired even more?)
  97. Yes, use F4F Pollen Maiden (Touhou-styled) mini-game
  98. Black & White Planet 3
  99. Yes, use F4F The Hero Chronicles LV6 Sky Metropolis
  100. Yes, use F4F Invasion of the Sack Men From Space! *very nearly SPOTLIGHTED*
  101. Optimal Gemini .01
  102. Yes, use F4F Mining Mishaps (Spotlighted)
  103. Yes, use F4F Calamity of Colourful Cubes
  104. Yes, use F4F Loch'd Up! Part 1 (WITH PICS)
  106. DRAGON SLAYER - 6 levels
  107. OK Murder Mystery on the Mississippi Express
  108. Yes, use F4F The Mystery of Mystery Island
  109. Yes, use F4F Firestarter *SPOTLIGHTED*
  110. Yes, use F4F Evelyn
  111. Yes, use F4F Children of the Echo (1 Player)
  112. Butterfly Boxes
  113. Yes, use F4F Zhani´s Palace: Treasure Hunt
  114. Yes, use F4F A Shadow of a Forgotten Past *Video*
  115. 'Nocturne' *SPOTLIGHTED*
  116. F4F: OK Space Invasion
  117. SteamFunk
  118. Yes, use F4F The tanks factory 2
  119. Yes, use F4F Pyrostilskin's Mine
  120. Nocturna Suppresio (WITH VIDEO) *Spotlighted*Sequel to The Somnium
  121. How Does the Community Spotlight Actually Work?
  122. Cave Story
  123. Sky Factory 2
  124. Yes, use F4F The Realm of the Ancients: I
  125. Steam Paint - Locomotive Leviathan
  126. PNM Corporation.
  127. The World's 3rd Largest Cardboard Box Factory
  128. World Conflict: Top-Down RTS: Skirmish
  129. Yes, use F4F The Phoenix Star Disaster
  130. Yes, use F4F Space Assassins: Vol 1
  131. Wood World (with VIDEO) *SPOTLIGHT*
  132. Umbra Valley 2: Perpetual Escape *SPOTLIGHTED*
  133. Umbra Valley: A Lost Soul (w/Video) [SPOTLIGHTED]
  134. Yes, use F4F LBL:4 in 1-Defence of the Gargant [BOSS]
  135. Yes, use F4F The Gunsmithe's Workshop V1.6-Bosses Updated
  136. Nights into Dreams
  137. Yes, use F4F The Hero Chronicles LV7 Dragon Ruins
  138. Yes, use F4F Flying Saucers From Mars (remake)
  139. LBL: 4 in 1 - Gundam Shark Survival Hunter... The Ultimate Shark Survival! new update
  140. Yes, use F4F LBL: 4 in 1 ATTENDER-ALLIANCE (co-op) [SPOTTLIGHTED]
  141. Yes, use F4F OK Choice (Act 1: The First Curve of Mobius) *delighted *..at you reading this thread
  142. Yes, use F4F LBL 4 in 1 - Archaic Ascension (video)
  143. King Quest. (3 levels)**SPOTLIGHTED**
  144. Enter the 36 Chambers Disc 1
  145. Sack in a Box
  146. Yes, use F4F The Burning Platforming Tree
  147. Deep Jungle (Honorable Mention)
  148. Yes, use F4F Crazy Canyons! VIDEO! (*SPOTLIGHT NOD*)
  149. Yes, use F4F Beneath The Machine (Pinball) (SPOTLIGHTED!!!)
  150. The Unknown Caverns [PICS] *SPOTLIGHTED*
  151. Whispering Oak
  152. Bernard's Day Out (3D)
  153. Yes, use F4F 'Tales from Steam City' Late Arrivals *SPOTLIGHTED*
  154. Yes, use F4F FF7: Midgar Mission
  155. Yes, use F4F Marshy Dungeon of Mysteries (Screenshots) SPOTLIGHTED!
  156. Vile Anchorage
  157. Yes, use F4F Bunnies Just Wanna Have Fun
  158. Foulmouth Grotto [Spotlighted]
  159. SSBB- Battleship Harlberd Interior
  160. Yes, use F4F Into the Castle Depths
  161. Robo-rampage x 3
  162. Forgotten Hollow
  163. Yes, use F4F Jungle Fever
  164. Yes, use F4F Old Pyramid
  165. Sacktastic:Ptts- Pipe Dreams (LBP2) -in LBP 1-
  166. Fire & Ice
  167. Yes, use F4F Sky Palace
  168. Unknown Space Prologue - First Contact
  169. Yes, use F4F What a Difference a Jump Makes
  170. Yes, use F4F Shady Movements
  171. Yes, use F4F Serenity
  172. Yes, use F4F Sacktastic: ptts Pipe Dreams 2
  173. Yes, use F4F Giant Spider Challenge NOW UPDATED WITH LBP2 FUN STUFF!!
  174. Yes, use F4F Absolute Zero
  175. Yes, use F4F The Magical Factory
  176. Yes, use F4F Ashton Chronicles 1: Hidden Water Temple
  177. Yes, use F4F Through a Nightmare, Darkly
  178. Yes, use F4F The Hero Chronicles LV8 Phantom Planet Part 1 and 2 [SPOTLIGHT DEBUT]
  179. Yes, use F4F Time Bandits Of The Holy Land
  180. Yes, use F4F Resident Raytech
  181. Yes, use F4F Industrial Caverns Part 1
  182. Yes, use F4F Inception 2
  183. F4F: The Long Night of Mr. Krom [Pics & Trailer]
  184. Yes, use F4F Tales from Steam City: Union Freight
  185. Yes, use F4F SteamJunk *Spotlighted*
  186. Steampunk Skallywags [Spotlighted]
  187. Yes, use F4F Purapril (..This Is An RPG! [Spotlighted?])
  188. The Cursed Clock Tower
  189. Trouble in the Canyons! *Spotlighted*
  190. Cumulus Paradox *Spotlighted*
  191. The Arabian Ruins
  192. Yes, use F4F Lost Ruins of Panatra
  193. The Lost Pharaoh
  194. Yes, use F4F Highschool: Winter Chronicles
  195. Yes, use F4F Cursed Mirrors
  196. Yes, use F4F Explosive Adventures - A Bomb Based Platformer
  197. Yes, use F4F Catastrophe Core *Spotlighted*
  198. Yes, use F4F "Over The Fence!" 2 player minigame
  199. Yes, use F4F A Broken Paradise (Spotlighted)
  200. Trail Mix - Score Challenge [Spotlighted]
  201. Yes, use F4F [LBPC] New York City
  202. Fall of the Dark Queen (Spotlighted)
  203. Yes, use F4F High Tech Cave 2 ( Spotlighted !)
  204. Obsidian Depths
  205. Yes, use F4F ginormo burger
  206. Yes, use F4F Lost Christmas Tree Angel
  207. Yes, use F4F The Machines That Feed on Our Dreams
  208. Fight for Justice
  209. Yes, use F4F Little Big Noise
  210. GRAVEL MARVEL: Hero 4 Hire (Only on LBP1)
  211. Yes, use F4F Cool guys don't look at explosions - Explosive race level!
  212. Cause And Effect 5
  213. Yes, use F4F House of the flying diggers
  214. Yes, use F4F That Search for More Skills (spotlighted skilllls!)
  215. Frigid Facade
  216. Yes, use F4F Deadly Complex
  217. Yes, use F4F Ruins of Albion (Spotlighted + YouTube Video)
  218. Yes, use F4F A Salty Space adventure: Save the Girl!
  219. Yes, use F4F Ethereal Musings
  220. Steam inc
  221. Bad design 101
  222. Yes, use F4F Cart Survivor
  223. OH NO!!! THE PRINCESS!!! World 8: Castle of Dinosaur King
  224. The Ama Toor Project
  225. From cheddar with love.. [Spotlighted]
  226. Rogue Panda Rescue by Jackofcourse (TV ad level)
  227. Yes, use F4F Sack Laser Deathmatch (Not your ordinary deathmatch) - 3 arenas, 2 modes [PICTURES]
  228. Yes, use F4F Deliver me from Eve: Adventurer's District
  229. Yes, use F4F Bird Hunting (Beta 2.0) + Multiplayer!
  230. The Lost (Demo)
  231. [2P] A Helping Hand...err...Cursor! (w/pics)
  232. Yes, use F4F An Average Adventure: 1st discovery
  233. Yes, use F4F Little Big Wooden Labyrinth
  234. Zen Mastermind by Elijah_Caine
  235. Yes, use F4F Portal Concept/Tech Demo - MAJOR UPDATE
  236. Yes, use F4F Tech Tonic (Challenging Platformer)
  237. Yes, use F4F Deliver me from Eve: Carcosa City Gate
  238. Clockworx 2
  239. Yes, use F4F Sackboy in Distress (FILM)
  240. Islands of Birds (1P)
  241. Yes, use F4F Jelly Cave
  242. Yes, use F4F LittleBIG Air Hockey
  243. Saviour Machine : Prologue
  244. Yes, use F4F Space Shooter V2 (One of the best twin stick shooters around!!)
  245. Yes, use F4F Tilt, Roll, and Drop
  246. Area 51 Level Hub - !! With new level !!
  247. Dr. Dooley's Contraptical Obstacle Course
  248. Director's Cut
  249. Caribbean Carnage
  250. Pinket Ball