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  1. Yes, use F4F Ratchet & Clank: LittleBig Problem
  2. Chronicles of the Caw King: Clear and Present Danger
  3. Yes, use F4F Crooked Canyons
  4. Angels of the sky ***SPOTLIGHT***
  5. ARABESK : The Spell of RahSack [Part1]
  6. Yes, use F4F The Secret Temple of Elements
  7. Yes, use F4F Caverns of the Lost
  8. Yes, use F4F Insanity (now F4F)
  9. Yes, use F4F A Quest for Stratta Various
  10. Yes, use F4F The Chase (Gardens)
  11. Yes, use F4F Cybernetic Adventures Zeta: Storm Armada (Spotlight Honorable Mention)
  12. Yes, use F4F Chip's Challenge
  13. Yes, use F4F (LBPC3) Mansion of Music
  14. Yes, use F4F Sackraider 3 - Apophis's scepter - Part 1
  15. Sackmagnet [1 Player only]
  16. Yes, use F4F Health Meter Toolkit - All your health meter needs
  17. Yes, use F4F The old red Industry Canyon
  18. LBPC4: The Fourth Wall by comphermc
  19. Journey to the Moon--Spotlighted! Yay!
  20. Yes, use F4F Sackraider 3 - Apophis's scepter - Part 2
  21. Yes, use F4F Zwing
  22. Yes, use F4F |New Spheres| Act I-2: The Sour Apple Path
  23. STAR WARS: Escape From the Death Star: err...Etc! (Special Edition)
  24. Velox Nation
  25. Yes, use F4F Cybernetic Adventures Sigma: Game Zone (Honorable mention)
  26. SewerCide: The Descent of Larry Slime (Introduction to the Spotlighted Sewer-Cider!)
  27. Yes, use F4F Sewer-Cider (Now Spotlighted! Woo!)
  28. Yes, use F4F BattleSnake 3000 [1 - 2 Player]
  29. Yes, use F4F A christmas carol
  30. Yes, use F4F Stop Cloning Around
  31. A Perfect World 4
  32. Mission imPAWssible!
  33. An Unexpected Turn
  34. ArabesQue: Odyssey To The East
  35. Yes, use F4F Bearry Button's Mansion
  36. Yes, use F4F Deliver me from Eve: Hollow Earth
  37. The Explorers
  38. Yes, use F4F 'Snow Place Like Home
  39. Yes, use F4F CRySTaL MeTHoDoLoGY (Part 1) [PUZZLER]
  40. InterKinetic
  41. Yes, use F4F A Christmas Tale
  42. Sealed Fate - Chapter 1 (Action RPG)
  43. Aeon Quest - 20 Level Series!
  44. Yes, use F4F S.K. SAGA_Act 1-1: Rising Nation
  45. Yes, use F4F Elementalis Part One The Wilderness Trials (Spotlighted!)
  46. Yes, use F4F The House of 1000 Skulls (remastered for LBP 2)
  47. Yes, use F4F Abandoned Mine
  48. Yes, use F4F Liberator - Spotlighted! Team Picked!
  49. Yes, use F4F Waterworkz (Fixed and remastered)
  50. Yes, use F4F Little Big Top! Attract-O-Gel Platforming Level
  51. Yes, use F4F Vinewood Swamp (MM PICK :D)
  52. Yes, use F4F The Adventures Of Tone: The Silverton Manor [RPG] *SPOTLIGHT NOD*
  53. Yes, use F4F LBP on PS Vita: Welcome Home
  54. Vector Storm
  55. Aura: Visionless Dreaming
  56. [Move] Lights Out Puzzle Level (Puzzles 01-25). Please play!
  57. The Button by comphermc
  58. Yes, use F4F Scrapyard Falls
  59. La Casa de las Rosas (w/video)
  60. Yes, use F4F Little Big Penalties
  61. Yes, use F4F "Technology in deep space"
  62. Grabby Gorge (Platformer)
  63. Yes, use F4F Scarlet, on the Dark Side
  64. Yes, use F4F Bioshock Return to Rapture Part 1
  65. Yes, use F4F [LBN Tribute] Back To The Future: Paradox
  66. Yes, use F4F ...And down it goes! [Fast Platformer!]
  67. Yes, use F4F I Dream of Genie: The Bottle
  68. Yes, use F4F Scorch the Cardboard
  69. Yes, use F4F The Shadow of Your Smile
  70. Quite Simply GOLD
  71. Yes, use F4F Laser Chess Deluxe: 2-4 players
  72. Yes, use F4F inFAMOUS Pinball (1 Player
  73. Yes, use F4F Flowers of the night
  74. Yes, use F4F Geometry Wars Galaxies
  75. Yes, use F4F TiltWorks: Platforming with a twist!
  76. Yes, use F4F Rocky Desert Swarm - A Tower Defense Game (SPOTLIGHT Nod)
  77. Yes, use F4F Atari Fighter 2600 (Now with A.I.)
  78. Yes, use F4F Space Police: Landfills of Mars
  79. Yes, use F4F Metal Gear Sackboy - Unraveling Stitches
  80. Yes, use F4F Deliver me from Eve: Bathhouse at the Bottom of the World
  81. STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back: Hoth: Err...Etc! (Special Edition)
  82. VR3 - A Survival Challenge (SPOTLIGHTED!)
  83. Yes, use F4F A Strange Garden // Platformer // Best as 1 Player // UPDATE!
  84. Yes, use F4F hardwired
  85. Pooptopia:Adventure in the land down under
  86. Yes, use F4F Lost Underground [My First Platformer]
  87. Yes, use F4F Sigma Prime (Platformer)
  88. Savage Planet - A Spaceman Spiff Adventure
  89. By Myself, but Not Alone (Survival Horror)r
  90. Blobby
  91. Plant life!
  92. Japan Beauty
  93. Yes, use F4F Beyond the roots [ part 3 ]: The Dawn of the Secrets
  94. Houdini's Great Robbery - ACT 2
  95. Yes, use F4F Awesome Gingers' Cardboard Garden
  96. Yes, use F4F Sack Raider: The Gauntlets of Power (1 player)
  97. STAR WARS: Episode V: Dagobah: err...Etc! (Special Edition)
  98. Yes, use F4F Aztec Jungle Gold Hunters
  99. "CraftworldCollab" Presents: The Craftworld Christmas Collaboration Music Giveaway...
  100. Yes, use F4F Treasure Dash!
  101. Yes, use F4F Atlantis: The Beginning
  102. Yes, use F4F Smurfy's Hidden Objects (Graveyard Edition)
  103. Houdini's Great Robbery - Act 3 - Part 1 : Red or Green?
  104. Beetlejuice
  105. Yes, use F4F MGS-L1: A Futuristic Music Gallery System
  106. Yes, use F4F Mastas Technic Tunes
  107. Yes, use F4F Hanging Fortress [Plattformer]
  108. Yes, use F4F -sun set silhouette- (1-4 players)
  109. Yes, use F4F Tower of Ginger
  110. Yes, use F4F Lamb & Wolf (a stealth adventure)
  111. AQUA-FRIED --> (1 Player)
  112. Yes, use F4F Contrast - A Single Player Puzzle/Platformer (Spotlighted)
  113. Yes, use F4F Smurfy's Hidden Objects (Wild West Edition)
  114. Yes, use F4F VR Virus
  115. Yes, use F4F Lost Paradise
  116. Yes, use F4F Close Your Eyes
  117. Haus
  118. Yes, use F4F Smog City
  119. Warblade Battle Forged 1 Player
  120. Radiant dawn
  121. Cobblestone Cove
  122. STAR WARS: Cloudy With a Chance of Carbon Freezing: Pt Two
  123. The Curse of Hatred - ACT I (Top-Down RPG) [1P]
  124. Dungeon day (Old style Dungeon Crawler) [Spotlighted !]
  125. Yes, use F4F Nuclear Rocket Into Unknown
  126. STAR WARS: Jabba's Palace: err…Etc!
  127. Yes, use F4F LBN SackQuest: Green Ash
  128. Egress
  129. Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  130. The Little Seamstress
  131. Esmerelda's Snack Shack: Prepare to Dine
  132. The Printz Diaries Chapter 2: Pumpkins and Slippers
  133. Expand - Randomly generated puzzler fun!
  134. Lost in the depths of the ice.
  135. Yes, use F4F Smurfy's Hidden Objects (Road Trip)
  136. Yes, use F4F "Temple of water pressure"
  137. Yes, use F4F [update4.0]Skunk Bunny Adventures 2: Stomp & Vore (Dragon Attack)
  138. Beyond neon
  139. 1st published level! (Through the Inferno)
  140. Yes, use F4F Kingdom of ice-olation
  141. Yes, use F4F The Haunting of Merch Hill
  142. Close Your Eyes (Vol. 0)
  143. Star Wars: Ewok Village...Eeeeccteeeraaaaa
  144. Yes, use F4F The Goop Factory
  145. Yes, use F4F (LBP3) Sackboy Gets a Grip
  146. Biosock (DEMO)