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  1. LittleBigPlanet; A Birthday Present To My Little Sister
  2. Might as well start off with an easy one...Who's getting it?!
  3. Lbp 4 psp
  4. The One Question
  5. Download or UMD?
  6. Has anybody tried it yet?
  7. "Your First LBP PSP Level" Contest! *WINNERS!*
  8. Space Cake wallpaper for PSP
  9. Got LBP PSP beta
  10. PSP Level Showcase?
  11. LBP PSP impressions
  12. PSP LBP Levels....download questions for the near future
  13. Yeeeeeesssssssssssss!
  14. Soundtrack list?
  15. Eggstracrion code help.
  16. LBPSP is mine! Tell us you have it..
  17. Unstable Physics in Create Mode
  18. So, what are you doing while you wait to download LBP PSP?
  19. How do i get my psp online ?
  20. Not connecting.
  21. Contacting SCEA directly?
  22. Where is the cross-talk?
  23. Ratings
  24. LBPSP Create tips, tricks and anything else.
  25. Everything I have relized is diffrent between LBPSP and LBP PS3.
  26. Senseless rioting
  27. Wobble bolt timing problem
  28. Story Mode - The Ultimate Showcase
  29. Stored momentum problem
  30. How are the community levels so far?
  31. Making Vehicles
  32. Fog Gas Glitch.
  33. Post your lbp psp CUSTOM costumes :p
  34. Sticker Glitch
  35. Post bug list to email to Sony?
  36. First Level kangaroo problem...
  37. Star Sticker?
  38. Possible Problem Acing Sections or getting all items in a section
  39. Unable to use bolts
  40. Bugs in PSP version
  41. Material merging
  42. What is that bar indicating?
  43. I have a question
  44. A Rant on LBP PSP create mode
  45. LBP PSP Pre-Order Problem
  46. WTF Is This?!?!?!
  47. Missing prize bubble in 'Walkabout' level
  48. a few questions and then some.
  49. Community Level Comments???
  50. Infinite lives?
  51. SERIOUS problem needs a SERIOUS solution
  52. Is it actually worth it...?
  53. !It Happened AGAIN!
  54. It's nearly getting the better of me...
  55. It's a conspiracy
  56. Making a PSP level is not so bad
  57. Everything on my moon has broke! Just as i was starting my new level!
  58. Republishing levels
  59. Emailed bugs to sam_protagonist, got feedback
  60. how to uplaod lbp levels to lbpc
  61. Material shifting experiment, results confirmed!
  62. How to capture an object made of captured objects
  63. Capture tool experimentation
  64. Wobble bolts and rotation, gluing
  65. Capture tool dynamic/static trick
  66. Anyone got any ideas?
  67. Walkthrough for LBP PSP?
  68. Calling All Little BIG Celebs!!
  69. lbp beta news? on my psp? *head a'splode*
  70. The corrupt profile thread (Back up your data NOW!)
  71. Slowdowns : Problem or feature?
  72. 6,925 levels online to date!
  73. Cambridge Community Picks from Sack it to Me...
  74. Need some aesthetic tips..
  75. What are all the main problems?
  76. My gripes with the game
  77. Fullmoon (sharing levels by data)
  78. Was LBP PS3 This bad at launch?
  79. Need ideas / help with a "chase" scene
  80. PSP vs. PS3: which platform fits which levels?
  81. Where is the JetPack object in LBP PSP?
  82. Problem downloading levels
  83. a few questions...
  84. Hidden prize bubbles in Mortar Do?
  85. Acing Levels
  86. 2nd Key in The Orient?
  87. On the back of the box...
  88. Keys
  89. Didgerido Didgeridon't
  90. LBP PSP update?
  91. Psp Shut off during Story Mode
  92. lbp psp glitch
  93. What do you miss the most?
  94. LBP PSP game save tranferable?
  95. so i got it...
  96. What stickers/decorations am I missing.
  97. Lbp psp help
  98. what have you made so far???
  99. The best music in LBP PSP. EVAR!
  100. scaling and rotating an object doesn't work??!!
  101. Can you make your own stickers?
  102. Need help on thief monkey boss!
  103. Guide and Tips to Creating on PSP
  104. Frying Saucers story level
  105. Something I enjoy that others probably hate...
  106. How NOT to create a level (aka Taffey's list of community level pet peeves)
  107. My Pod - empty space under My News...
  108. Save file Request
  109. Need Help with 100%
  110. Any help with doors?
  111. Changing your name?
  112. Cant find all the items in story mode!
  113. Making waterfalls?
  114. Hooking up player proximity switches to dissolve material - how to avoid glitching
  115. Sharing levels privately?
  116. My Buttons and Switches don't stick down?
  117. Wheels and wheeled vehicles
  118. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  119. Why use LBP for PSP?
  120. LBP PSP, refreshing in comparison to PS3?
  121. New PEGI guidelines jeopardizing LBP community?
  122. How to: Corner edit around a scoreboard
  123. IGN Level-Lovers Anonymous - Featured levels.
  124. That's it, I give up!
  125. Level Promotion Tactics for the PSP
  126. Finding More Thermo: How to Harness the Final Notch
  127. PS3 recreations?
  128. Zoom zoom! (glitch)
  129. Play, Create ... Shoot-Em-Up?
  130. Question about using sticker switch on levels.
  131. This is getting ridiculous!
  132. Thin gas
  133. Could piracy ruin LBP PSP?
  134. How do you unlock rockets?
  135. How do you unlock rockets?
  136. Suggest a costume for Taffey's Sackboy
  137. Automatic Filling-in
  138. 6 Layers Glitch
  139. Bolts to noisy?
  140. Modnation Racers PSP announced!
  141. Urgent Help Needed... DLC Issues.
  142. Is it worth, when having the PS3 version?
  143. 1st PSP lvl of the week!
  144. Status of LBP PSP
  145. Question about Material that has to dissolve
  146. LBL PSP Level of the Week
  147. Question about some features of Community Moon
  148. The "Update 2.03 Bugged Piston" thread - SOLUTION FOUND
  149. Brady Games: LBP SUPER BOOK
  150. Updating problem
  151. New costume glitch (found by me)
  152. Official Statement from Cambridge: Update 2.03 Announcement
  153. LBP PSP Worth Buying?
  154. Gahh!
  155. Does Anyone have an answer...
  156. First time LBP playing and Loading error
  157. Warning regarding Copy Funtion.
  158. Can proximity sensors be used to trigger magic mouths?
  159. Jetpacks drifting
  160. Recovering Thermo?
  161. Anyone know...?
  162. How To Make Walking Objects And Vehicles
  163. Level won't Publish problem.
  164. Red Screen Crash?
  165. Contests?
  166. PSP Spotlight
  167. Laggy Corner Editing?
  168. Playtesting levels without Ad Hoc Party
  169. LBP PSP bugs in update 2.03(besides piston bug)
  170. Technical Problems
  171. descriptions are fun!
  172. My PSP keeps shutting down?
  173. The Unofficial Level Acing Thread!
  174. Into The World of Thoughts and Creativity: A Member's Review/Guide/Advice
  175. Sharing is caring right?
  176. When I'm lost for words...
  177. A Little About the Aborigines (Death in their culture, mostly.)
  178. Pseudo Lighting effects
  179. Game-Guide Flaws
  180. I transferred my save data! :P
  181. In littlebigplanet psp are much great creators
  182. Clap Your Hands For A Corrupted Level :]
  183. Sackboy immobilized!
  184. Once again about corrupted profile
  185. The corrupt *level* thread (Copy your creations and don't lose your work!)
  186. Placing Score and Prize Bubbles
  187. Pistons
  188. Video preview of my level
  189. How to solicit feedback?
  190. im a noob that needs help (logic fun and creativity)
  191. Connecting a switch to a checkpoint
  192. Synchronizing offset emitters
  193. Where do you get your insperation?
  194. PSP version: Grid always on?
  195. Creature "magic eyes"
  196. Does anyone know this Creator?
  197. OMG! Now and Then Banned!?
  198. Opening Level crashes my psp.
  199. How to get rid of lag in a level?
  200. Ali's Tutorial's
  201. HELP!!!! I'm Under Attack!!!
  202. Missing eyes
  203. How To: Vehicle Controls
  204. Little Kids
  205. Featured Players?
  206. Does anyone have Motorstorm Arctic Edge?
  207. Editing sticker placement
  208. PLEASE HELP... Everything from Creator's Edition is gone..
  209. Bolts
  210. Copyright Violations and Tribute Levels
  211. Should I get this game?
  212. Why don't you use F4F?
  213. Environment Tutorial
  214. How to Make Holes in Objects!
  215. I'm getting tiked off by all the levels on the community moon!!!
  216. LBP PSP or PS3?
  217. Conceptual Sketches
  218. LittleBigPlanet.com's psp images and videos
  219. Free Pre-order costumes!!!
  220. Ages?
  221. Logic Pack
  222. After the PS3 packs...
  223. Who here draws storyboards?
  224. does material change its properties when dangerous?
  225. Can Someone design a Signature for mee???
  226. The tutorial request thread
  227. How to: Make an automatic door
  228. PSP editor on PS3
  229. Annoying bugs that need fixing
  230. Environment Tutorial
  231. How? Simple flipper
  232. Puzzle construction
  233. Anybody else get a MNR demo code?
  234. Red Screen of DEATH?
  235. Dynamic Avatars?
  236. Cool Levels
  237. Stickers!!!
  238. In response to "ONLY 4 tsr13" by blueninjaluke96
  239. PSP Level Quality Improving
  240. Race Track Ideas
  241. Magic Eyes
  242. I haven't played LBP PSP for a while...
  243. When Publishing....
  244. The woes of Create Mode
  245. The Importance of Acing
  246. "Apple of the Alpine" cancelled
  247. Who's buying Modnation Racers PSP
  248. Please Tell me that LBP 2 will be coming out for psp...
  249. Testing?
  250. Turbo pack FAQ?