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Shining Aquas
03-28-2009, 06:32 PM
Oi, everyone can wakeup now. I finally got a little break from school. Just enough time to throw a couple of reviews in the window before outside forces take me away to Singapore...tonight.

Alright, let's see here...haven't done this in a while so maybe I start with the level intro,or maybe just go straight into the content. Do I want there to be a moral? Ah screw it, I'm just gonna wing it.

First of all, I was a tad skeptical about this level, mostly because amongst the other levels made by this person existed the general bane of the network, a level known as "RAMP 2", so call me prejudged in this endeavor but I feel my reasons are good ones.

Air Blasters is an arcade styled level designed to be solely about flying around in a ship and shooting proximity mines at things. And really that's it, I can totally end the review right here and you wouldn't be missing a thing.

AB starts you off at the top of an over-elaborate electric wall where you will be able to find your first actual ship, though don't expect to keep this one since ships in this game seem to disappear faster than a Gradius game. Across the course of the level you will encounter absolutely ferocious things like WALLS! and MORE WALLS! and SMALL HANGING BLOCKS!, which is usually followed by MORE WALLS! and in a single scenario GAS!. Of course, there are things that resemble actual enemies at the very end of the level but I'll get to that later because I have an entire paragraph of ******** I want to call on that topic. The entire level is a process of traveling from start to finish, over the course of which there will be three separate race segments stapled on the ends of each other in a manner similar to a first grade paper chain. Normally I'd call this one out and throw out the question of "why not just might one big giant race instead of 3 short ones?", but the level is designed in such a way that 3 smaller races is actually a better function overall. It's unfortunate that the stage provides no actual degree of challenge in the first 2 races though, what with scary WALLS! and ominous GAS!, and although there really isn't any threat you will actually find yourself dying a lot due to the use of proximity mines, and the general fact that they always blow up near you.

Of course, then you have the third race, which involves something slightly tougher than WALLS! and GAS!, specifically HEADS!, and let me be the first to tell you that the creator behind these enemies was an absolute ***. Making floating heads that shoot prox bombs is totally fine; making floating heads that shoot prox mines in semi-random directions while moving up and down is also totally fine assuming I can kill them; but that last point is particularly the reason why I'm calling an ultimate case of shenanigans on this whole mess:
Making floating heads that move up and down, are covered in gas, shoot in semi-random directions with prox bombs, and REQUIRE 2-3 SHOTS TO KILL THEM, AND CONTINUE TO SHOOT AT YOU AFTER THEY DIE!
I'm sorry but this is what some of us like to call a **** move, and a presumably large **** move at that. I can't even go to the degree of saying that the creator "made a mistake" because that whole thing would've been ultimately easy to fix with 1-2 play tests beforehand. Is it really that hard and time-consuming to play test a level like this? Honestly, I would've enjoyed the level much more if I didn't feel it was punishing me for making the right actions, that's like hitting a kid with a ruler for bringing home an A- paper.

Overall, the level is mediocre at best. The backgrounds and general layout are both stale and very sloppy, with overly obvious Dark Matter floating around that totally clashes with the rest of the level. The level while trying to be challenging doesn't really provide any level of challenge till the very end at which point it's just frustrating and annoying like a swarm of bees in your house. The replayability is only available to those that like blowing things up randomly, like specifically 7-year-olds. The level has a fair amount of potential but it seems to waste a good portion of it doing close to nothing.

Final Score:
4.5 / 10
The person that made RAMP 2, yeah I'd believe that. Generally, there are better levels you can be playing instead of this. I suppose there are worse things too, so if all you want to do is just blow things up then tally-ho.

On a side note, packing for week-long trip is frustrating.

04-03-2009, 02:33 AM
yeah thanks for checking it out. it basically an old level to test out the a flying machine that shot out mines. also one of my first trys at a level. i had the emitters on the heads on a distructable material and was to easy becuase they stopped shooting before you destroyed them. now the keep shooting on the floor and you have to keep bombing them. but that was a funny review i was luaghing while i read it. oh yeah and ramp 2 is a parody of ramp. i dont know if you tried it or not, but that one is a joke. My levels are usually hard to pass or more of a joke.