View Full Version : SA reviews "Private Eye part 1: The Diner"

Shining Aquas
03-28-2009, 07:05 PM
Super_Sonic5411 has at this point become what I would consider very much a repeat customer. Aside from The Final Frontier and Sonic's Aid v2.0, this will be the 3rd level I review from him and that is more than anyone else I've done reviews for so far. Sure it doesn't mean much, but I do feel pleased that people keep coming back after all the general bollocks I've given them about their levels.
That and I figure I owe it to S.S.5411, since he's been here offering his levels since I first started this little project and hasn't abandoned me yet. That, and his levels certainly weren't all that bad either.

Anyways, onto Private Eye.

PEP1 is almost exactly what you think it is: an old fashioned private eye investigation set in an old fashioned environment. That's the general way the level should be made, and I don't think the author could've possibly done a better job.

Simply put, the stage is gorgeous. The detail is top notch, the setting is excellent, and the entire display in monochrome provides its own variety of lush art. This is a level that is easily enjoyable to anyone with simply its appearance alone.

Appearance aside, what is the level about? You are the private eye, who is in this case nameless so I shall call him Joe Diamond to forever prove my ridiculous nerdism. Joe receives a call from the lady at the diner, saying that a murderer is on the loose at her location. Springing into action, Joe starts moving to the diner to investigate. Your job is basically to get him through the city to the diner to catch the criminal. Along the way, there are a hidden series of clues all about the city that can be found. It should be noted as well, that these clues are all very difficult to find and generally well hidden, and they also force you to deeply explore the cityscape and it is through this that you will begin to discover the sheer degree of detail this level was built with. I suppose the only beef I had with the level is that it never felt very exciting, the only enemies that ever try to kill you are the occasional street dog or alley cat, and they aren't exactly what I'd call a threat or a need for excitement. I know this level really doesn't require that much excitement, but having some more dynamic platforming segments every once in a while couldn't hurt.

Once you get to the diner, you find out that the criminal has already escaped before you could make it, and the level leaves itself open for a cliffhanger. Although, when I played the level the "Part 1" in the title was taken out, so it's hard to tell if the author has abandoned the project completely or is just on hiatus.

Overall, there really isn't much to say about this level. It pretty much speaks for itself, and by speaks I mean shouts. Lush detail, fun setting, monochrome appearance, and the most appropriate music this level could boast. What more could you possibly want? Well, other than some actual platforming....

Final Score:
9.0 / 10
It's not so much a level as it is a piece of art, and a marvelous piece of art it is. Everything in the level presents itself in a hope to cause its players to nostalgia to death. Excellent presentation good sir.

On a side note, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date.