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08-15-2008, 05:37 PM
Building Blocks of a Good Member
Most forums have rules. It's an easy way to say, "Here's what's O.K., and here's what's not O.K." The problem with rules is glaring, however: they have to be updated to match the current problems a forum is facing. I believe if you define some simple principles, people will be able to use their own judgment to decide for themselves. I really want you guys to be able to do that, so I've decided to lay down some simple "building blocks" that you will(hopefully) take to heart.

Respect. Everyone here deserves to be respected. You don't have to like someone, but you still need to respect their opinions. They have a right to their opinions just as you do to yours.
Courtesy. This one's easy; for example, if someone makes a thread with the same information as another thread, let them know the other thread exists. More often than not it's just a simple mistake, so there's no reason to tear into someone for it.
Cleanliness. I know this one sounds odd, but hear me out. It's pretty easy to capitalize and punctuate, so do so. It makes it a lot easier for others to read what you are writing. On the same note, double-posting is also something that should be avoided. I merge double-posts when I see them, but I also hand out infractions for them. Just don't do it.
Common Sense. Let me give you an example: if you can be banned from PSN for sharing your account with someone else to obtain games for free, then why would it be O.K. to post about that here?
Individuality. Be yourself! Share your likes, dislikes, ideas, and complaints. If someone rips into you because they disagree, that's their fault and they will be reprimanded for it. I never want you to feel uncomfortable about sharing your thoughts. Your ideas are what make this site what it is; without you, we wouldn't be here!

Helpful Hints for New and Existing Users
Okay guys, so as you know we have updated to the latest vBulletin and we also have the vBExperience mod. To make the forum cleaner, more accessible and easier to browse, I am just going to post a few reminders.

It is important to add RELEVANT tags to your threads or onto threads that have no tags/ sensible tags missing. This will make the forum easier to browse and people should find what they want with ease. Tagging threads also gives you some experience, but don't go crazy. Keep it relevant, please.
It is also helpful to rate threads using the thread toolbar at the top. A rating can be from 1 to 5 stars, and they only appear publicly after a few people have rated the thread. Rating threads will give users a good idea of the content of the thread, and if it's worth reading. It also helps mods to seek out bad threads and remove them/merge them with other threads.
Finally, there's a few extra reminders I need to run through:

Try to keep your comments on topic, please.
Instead of posting a link to youtube, you can use [youtube] tags wrapped around the video code from the URL (random combination of characters after "v="). You can even wrap the [youtube] tags with [spoiler] tags to hide the video from view until the reader wants to see it.
You can also edit the look of your profile via the "Customize Profile" button in your User CP.
Delete any double posts you may have made accidentally. Mods don't like to have to merge posts constantly because you don't know where the "Edit" button is.
You can also delete any comments in your profile that you do not want to display, in order to clean it up.
As a final note, when you create a thread, it's always nice to choose a relevant icon, so that we can get an idea of the content of the thread before we click.

Thanks for reading, I think that's about it. You can test what you've learnt by rating this thread now.