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04-09-2009, 09:41 PM
In LBP, it's been a while since I've been in a fiery cave. Most recently I've been in a snow temple, in a barn fending off zombies, jumping over pieces of sushi while dodging a giant knife and collecting points, and in create mode working on a survival challenge. So thank you, CRIFFER, (AKA ccapel on the forums) for taking me back into a cave. I guess it's a cave.


In Journey to the Center of the Earth, you take a slow five second elevator ride down to the center of the earth. You must explore the unexplored. You need to find out what is in the earth. It leaves lots of room to grow, so sequels could go many places.

JCE looks very good. It's lighted excellently and very subtly. Sometimes the lighting is a bit yellow or blue but there are no lights in sight, so the lights are probably hidden behind walls and There are tons of details and everything just fits. The boss looks awesome, and the moving lava near the beginning was a very nice touch. All materials match, too. There are no sloppy sections at all.

One of the best-looking sections of the level
The level is eccentric. It's the same oddness that made me like Tree Fortress so much. After the first couple sections you meet two underground otter-people (You get bonus points for the otters, btw) named Peep and Poop. Peep is Poop's dad. Peep and Poop pop up randomly throughout the level telling you stuff that's part useful, part random. Usually Poop tells you stuff that helps you in now way, shape, or form, but it definitely makes the level much better. (It did for me anyway). Poop likes dinosaurs.

Peep with his son, Poop.
At the end you fight a giant boss, and it's easily one of the best looking bosses in the whole game. This boss is hardly a boss at all though. It doesn't really hurt you. Just moves around opening and closing its mouth and makes fireballs come down, but they all miss the layer that you're standing on. The only way to get hit by them is while jumping on one of the brains. I must say the boss feels REALLY epic, but it certainly could have been harder. It was really, really cool looking, though. I couldn't help but love the whole fight, even if it was super easy.

One of the coolest looking bosses ever ever ever.
I have a few complaints, but none broke the level for me. There's a part where platforms are emitted and you have to jump on them. When you get to the end you jump forward and a giant wall pops up in front of you. I didn't know I could grab it so I was on my last life before I figured out what to do. The section where you had to grab the sponge to go up and the walls came out and crushed you took me a while, but that's not really a complaint.

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a fantastic level. It has barely any flaws, the best two otter people in all of LBP, and an awesome boss. You need to check it out.


I feel like putting these pictures of me at the end just because.

04-09-2009, 09:49 PM
Very fair and lengthy review Awesomemans, keep the great reviews coming.

I keep on coming back to this level because of the challenge and it's excellent visuals. CRIFFER, you have made a master piece here, too bad that all the immature kids that played this level has rated it lower than it should be. =[
My favourite level in the series is the second one though, mainly because of that amazing waterfall section near the end.

Great work again Awesomemans, and thank you.