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04-10-2009, 02:37 PM
I know, this is a copy of another one, but now im offering F4F, and i've asked the mods to remove the other one under "projects"

Okay, so it's probably not the coolest one, but with the help of an awesome community like this, how can it not be? This level is very nearly finished, but i wanted the feedback and ideas anyone is willing to share on making this level even more awesome than i could do alone.

The Cart i made that is in this level i'm willing to share, so long as you credit me with the creation of it.

This level has a ball selection menu, allowing you to choose between 4 balls with stickers from the killzone pack, and the wipeout pack. if you lose a ball in the water hazard, and have to emit a new one... it's still the custom ball you selected!

This level has a complete tutorial, par 5 golf hole, and even a scoring system which is much like golf... the more hits you take, the more points you make. you also cannot complete the level without putting the ball in the hole.

unless you are a wizard.

anyhow, the level is locked, so you must play my level "50's diner, key level" and the password is MOO9. put the password on the colored blocks on the wall. Please let me know what you think! and remember, the lower your score, the better you did!

Particular things i'm looking for:

how i can make the controls easier to use.

How i can Improve the atmosphere to make it feel more golf-like.

How i can decorate it better

what about it did you like best?

04-11-2009, 06:23 PM
You know... the more I've been playing LBP golf games for the last week, it still keeps amazing me what creators are coming up with.

I gotta say, I REALLY like the mechanics you put together for this. Whereas I was going for a "twitch" feel to golf, you are going for a much more mature strategy-based golf which gives an entirely different experience - and I love it.

The graphics you've created are really nice, and I especially like the indoor areas and the waterfall area.

The mechanic for the angle of the shot and the camera that allows you to look far ahead were done really nicely.

A few suggestions:

Speed - I would crank up the speed of the vehicle a bit. It seems to take a long time to drive up to the ball again, and timing is a REALLY important aspect of games. If you make someone wait too long, they will lose interest.

Camera - I would make the "default" camera zoom out some. It just felt like I couldn't see ahead enough during normal driving, which gave me a slight sense of claustrophobia.

I'm not sure what happened, but I lost my ball..... i may have hit it too far, but when I drove the vehicle completely forward the ball was just simply gone.

However, I can see where this is going and even if you don't win the contest I would highly suggest expanding on this and creating a great more serious strategic golf level.

Gave 5 stars, a heart, and an "ingenious" tag. Great job!

04-11-2009, 10:23 PM
Thanks for the feedback! Are you sure your ball didnt go in the hole? if you could finish the level, that's where it went. if not, it may have been out in the lake behind the green. I'll put in a cheer sound effect if you make it in the hole, and an invisible wall in front of the lake to keep the ball from leaving.

I'll work on the speed thing too, but im hesitant on making it too fast, because you gotta situate yourself with the ball...

I think the default camera is zoomed out as far as it can... if not i'll do that.

What do you think about the camera angle? should i have it angled further so you can see forward more?

04-11-2009, 10:57 PM
I'll spend some time with this one tonight when I get home TJapan.

04-12-2009, 12:43 AM
I gotta say, I REALLY like the mechanics you put together for this. Whereas I was going for a "twitch" feel to golf, you are going for a much more mature strategy-based golf which gives an entirely different experience - and I love it.

The graphics you've created are really nice, and I especially like the indoor areas and the waterfall area.

The mechanic for the angle of the shot and the camera that allows you to look far ahead were done really nicely.

Exactly this. The level looks fantastic and has very nice mechanics. The golf cart, club mechanism works so much better than many others I've played and you really deserve to be one of the winning creators in this competition. There is a problem though, your golfing mechanism is fantastic but you have to go through a lengthy tutorial to learn how to use it. I can imagine some players just skipping it and having no idea what to do. This laziness of many players, I'm sorry to say, may be the downfall of your level. I really hope I'm wrong and that you do get awarded the high ratings you deserve, but we've all learned what LBP players are like.

Good luck in the contest. :)

04-12-2009, 02:30 AM
Hey i didn't notice you had a level for the contest buddy. I'm gonna play that tonight.


04-12-2009, 03:19 AM
i have to agree that the golf cart needs to speed up a little.

I really liked the level. i think the golf swing mechanics are really good. So good job on that.

One thought i had was maybe try activating a magic mouth to activate a camera when the ball gets near the whole so if you shoot off screen and it goes in the hole you get to see that. Also maybe at the waterfall thing (if it is possible to lose your ball there). I wasnt sure if my ball went in the hole or if i lost it at the end, but i could go down the whole to the scoreboard.

One more thing is i wasnt sure where the tee was i actually drove a little bit then figured i was suppose to drop the ball right away. Maybe could have the cart glued down with a bit of the disolve if ou arent suppose to drive before hitting, then after first swing the disolve activates freeing the cart to drive.

good job. i have a golf level i made if you want to check it out.

04-12-2009, 03:46 AM
Ok I played this and I loved it.

- Nice deco buddy. It feels good right when you start and the tutorial makes you craving for having a play.

- Nice caddy mechanics! lol The most advanced caddy in the universe, it also plays for you! I would need one of those to actually play Golf in real life. :P

- That country dog made me smile.

I have a couple of suggestion for you. First off, do not speed up the cart. It would actually increase a problem I have with you thing: aligning the vehicule at the right place so it will hit the ball proper.

I wonder if you can make it more apparent as to know where I need to position the thing for an optimal shot. Maybe have some red zone on the base of the truck lined up with the place the ball should be.

Also, at some point there was a water a pit. How about some sand pit somewhere between the beginning and the water pit? You could make it will little edges so the ball doesn't roll in it easily.


04-12-2009, 05:30 AM
Thanks a lot for the feedback! Wow, now i have a ton of stuff to do, and some great ideas for it. As far as speeding up the cart goes, i figured a way out to make it faster in the long run, but easier to adjust while making small movements. so i think i covered all the bases there :)

I had a sandpit in, but it had some issues with this golf mechanic. i'd love to have one in there, but it would take a revamp of the cart to accomplish.

@Deboerdave I'll go check it out right now.

I'd like to mention that the "country dog" is actually the capybara from my Hungry hungry capybara level. i'm creating a bit of a plot to throw in for this level, complete with an end boss which should make some people giggle a bit.

I will add in a spot to tell you hwere the ball should be lined up. but for now, just know that the ball can be anywhere lined up with the flowers on the side. also, if you were wondering why those are there, use your decoration tool to remove them, and then play the level. there's a bit of the mechanics of why this cart doesn't go flying when you swing.

as far as the improvements i've made so far-

zoomed the camera out, and changed the angle a bit to make driving less confining.

there is now a crowd's "awww" when you lose your ball in the water

there is now a cheer when you make it in the hole.

worked a smooth acceleration- throttle in so for longer drives, you can cruise faster.

You can no longer lose your ball in the lake.

Something i was wondering... did you guys know that right after you hit, you can push triangle to watch your ball? if not, how can i make it more apparent? if so, how did you lose the ball?

04-12-2009, 06:53 AM
Yeah I noticed you could press triangle. I'm not surprised if many people miss that detail though.

The only way I see you preventing this is by having a new ball all the time. But that would involve some really complex mechanics in order to replace the ball wherever it stops rolling...


04-12-2009, 08:43 AM
Just finished this up and I really like what you've done. It's a great traditional/technical approach to a golf hole. I had no issue with the tutorial and the amount of stuff you explained. I guess that's because I've played many golf games before and I just expect to have control over a lot of variables. I loved the attention to detail (the divots at the tee box), being able to pick your ball, the flyover camera is genius, and the follow camera is very well implemented.

I did however run into some of the stuff mentioned above. The first time I played my ball disappeared on my approach to the hole. I went looking for it at the lake but it was not there, so I went down the hole but the door was not open and I couldn't get out. I used my 'try again' and ended up at the beginning of the level. I think you should put a small checkpoint on the cart in case someone falls down the hole or into the water hazard. On my run back I noticed a mag switch that's visible on the front of the scenery about half way in. I got back to the cart and tried to drop a ball but the cart was stuck at the end and the emitter couldn't do anything with the angle I was at. My second play the ball kept rolling backwards on me, I guess I found a spot where if you hit it and the ball doesn't make it up the hill, it will roll further back than where you started because it keeps gaining momentum. I decided to just drive to the hole and drop after about three or four swings. I got there and dropped right next to the hole and my club hit the flag which got stuck under the club and I was unable to move or finish. On my third play I hit my first ball, then drove to the hole and dropped a ball near the end, took one more swing and finished the hole with 30 points. I think that you might want to make the drop mechanism add to the score on top of the cart, that way you can penalize someone for the water hazard + the drop. I also think that you should get more points for a lower score...just so that the players that do the best are the ones on the top of your leaderboard. Maybe also consider gluing the flag down or moving it, I dunno. I wish there was a decent looking flag in the thin layer besides that tattered cloth. Anyway. I'm super impressed with what you've done so far. It's certainly the best golf level I've seen so far that uses an impact mechanic. Just keep improving it and it'll do great!

04-12-2009, 10:00 AM
Thanks Jaeyden! i appreciate the feedback, and the bug reports. I'll glue down that flag, (didnt even think about that)

Which would you prefer? right now i've got fewer points for fewer strokes. would you prefer more points for fewer strokes? that would just take me going over and reversing some pistons. not a problem at all.

I'll go ahead and put a checkpoint on the cart, just in case. and, i'll make the spot the ball lands in hazardous. i'll also make the water hazardous.

I will make the drop add a ball on the scorekeeper.

Thank god all these fixes are small... but i have a feeling you guys might have more difficult things after you see what i've done. I personally haven't run into any new bugs, but you guys might have some input.

the reason i say that, is i added in a basic plot, and a "boss battle" which is only for laughs, not to add difficulty. i just cant have a plain old golf level. i had to add this in.

tip: think "caddyshack"

OKAY level is completed with a plot, endboss of humor, fixes all around, everything should be great, pleat let me know what you think.

04-12-2009, 02:16 PM
Just went through this again and had a lot less issues. Managed to get the ball in the hole and everything! Great job.

04-13-2009, 12:23 AM
Hey Tjapan, I played an early version of this when you sent me the key waay back.
Sorry I never got around to giving you feedback on it but now I'll definitely have to give this a shot to see how far its come :D

Really nice golfing mechanics in the version I played so I'm looking forward to seeing the finished one!

04-14-2009, 09:25 AM
Thanks Pitcard! did you want me to get any feedback for your levels? let me know, so i have something to play with tonight :)

So, the level is done, although i may go in and add a few decorations here and there tonight. I really appreciate everyone's feedback, and bug reports, as the level would not be at it's current state of polish without it.

I'm wondering if I should delete and republish it before the deadline hits... what so you guys think? is it a 5-star level or 4? what can i do to make it a 5? should i delete/republish it?

04-14-2009, 09:34 PM
Hope its not too late for some feedback. You could always make some little changes and update it, I don't think it'll affect the judging.

Firstly, I was really amazed by how far you've taken the golf mechanics. I haven't really checked out too many golf comp levels besides some of the ones on central. But as far as golfing simulation goes this level has it down perfectly!

It not only has a very slick and easy to use Golf mechanic, but the whole level really captures the nature of GOLF as a sport. I found it just really relaxing, with a nice and easy learning curve (especially for a such a technical golf system).

The tutorial was very clear and concise and choosing your ball was a nice touch.

The as soon as I got to using the golf-mobile's tools, like the scan switch, and the angle switch, it just felt like I was in a REAL golf simulator or something.

Making that first tee-off shot was beautiful :D
The angle of the club really makes a difference and the "ball-cam" really has you anticipating your landing spot and your next shot.

All the capybara references were fun and kept the environment alive. Loved the side quest at the end ;)

Enough praise though, I think I've made my point!
Here are some things I noticed that could be taken into consideration :D :

-Possibly a quick route at the end of the tutorial to bring you back down. Its a bit of a trek to go back through the hall and down the elevator. Maybe a glass slide down the other side that brings you out to the ball room. Also I didn't see a sign saying Tutorial on the lift, maybe if you give a sign people will check it out first before jumping straight in but still have the option to skip.

-Not sure if I tested this... but can you not just drive to the end and set your ball down next to the hole? Are there barriers to keep the game fair. You could have invisible rubber barriers that move away once your ball has passed certain points.

-Some of the trees block your view of the club angle. You might wanna leave it the way it is though, its only a minor obstacle, and the hole is nice and easy the way it is, but still highly rewarding.

-Not quite sure how the level is scored? Are you looking for a low score or a high score? Or are there any points at all in the current version. Probably won't be too important as it's not the most competitive golf level, as its more relaxed ^^

-Any chance in another obstacle? Maybe a bunker? Although it'd be hard to chip it outta there considering the ball would still have to be level with the club. Maybe some capybara-potholes. Have a section that, if the ball is rolling along, a capybara will pop its head out of the ground so the ball falls into the hole he left behind (Capybara's don't tunnel though... do they)

-First time I jumped down the golf hole, I ventured to the right, jumped through whatever was hidden in the background, and ended up in the concealed scoreboard. Is this meant to happen? Cause I went left and helped clear out the rodent problem second time.

That's about all I can think of. I wouldn't make any drastic changes before the deadline. You're better off taking it easy and not rushing things :D Its lovely the way it is.

Good luck with the competition btw. You've put a lot of work into this, I hope it pays off!

04-14-2009, 11:55 PM
Just posting to let you know I've played it, and thoughroughly enjoyed it! GJ!

04-15-2009, 10:36 PM
Thanks dkjestup! every level i make is better than the last i think, which is a good feeling.

Anyone know how some people are getting thousands of plays on their golf level? i'll never win by letting it just go like i do all my other levels. any help would be amazing.

04-16-2009, 11:45 AM
I hav'nt been keeping up with the entries for the competition, I've played Ccubbages level, Jaeydens, and ARD94's and thats been it. I've just played yours though....

+ Great details in the house, loved the bookcases and the kitchen downstairs
+ Your couch even has individual cushions :)
+ Unique looking rocks outside
+ Nice idea with the ball selector
+ Outstanding mechanics for the golf, great idea using the cart to keep up with the ball.
+ Nice idea with the gophers at the end.

- Its hard to hit the ball on the green with all of the bumps
- You can just drop the ball into the hole

It seems you've got most of the problems sorted out by reading through the thread, still it was an enjoyable play, I loved the mechanics and playability, they were first rate

*****, brilliant and hearted

My F4F is in the sig

04-16-2009, 09:10 PM
So, i'd just playied your level, and i think it is very very funny. You made a really cool "golf car", that mix the golf controls and the movement trough the big green.
The grapich is very wellmade, and the tutorial was simpe but useful. You used very useful and funny controls in your level, like the "scan cam", or the "ball cam". All these cams let me fell like in a real golf game! Then, the angle of the golfclub was a nice idea. I suggest you to add a "power" switch, so you can select the power of the shot. The only thing that you must fix, is a cam problem: when i was near a tree, i wasn't able to see the camera showing the angle of the club, it was hiden by the tree.
Then, to make the level better for the grapich, you can add some people watching you. It helps to make the feel of the golf match :p
The very detailed house, the ball selector, all this little things add class to the level ;)
Oh, and the capybara was awesome at the end! (i playied that level too some weeks ago and it was fantastic too!)

So, the only suggestion i have is to add a power indicator, all the rest is at high levels XD

5/5 stars and hearted, i hearted you too as creator.
For the F4F, please try my level Sack Quest, link in the sign ;)

04-16-2009, 09:29 PM
i will try it soon O.k? i will try to remember to leave you feedback here. I have been looking for a good golf level! :)

04-17-2009, 11:45 AM
Wow. I played this yesterday, and thought how brilliant it was, and how skilled the creator must be, so that must be a thumbs up from me. :D

I love it. I love the way you're the golfer, rather than the ball. So many of these golf levels have you as the ball - it's just irritating. You're guaranteed to get it into the hole without any real skill. With this, you actually have to show some skill, which is great. :D

I got it in on my second go. The first time I didn't really understand it too well (even though I had done the tutorial). I started going well over in score (my fault), and decided to redo it. I got a birdie that time! :D

I love the camera views, the hints, everything. It's the best golf level I've seen so far. ;)


04-18-2009, 04:48 AM
Hey I played it again tonight and noticed you added a boss!! Wow. That was cool and unexpected. Thumbs up!


04-18-2009, 05:14 AM
Man, I am throughly impressed. This is the best LBP golf experience that I have had! I loved all the detail that you put into it. I mean, not only do you have the golf mechanics like angle, putt, and course view, but you also throw in a story, a golf shop, music selection, ball selection, and a boss. And I certainly must have benefited from everyone's suggestions, because I didn't run into any issues and absolutely loved the experience! Great job!

04-18-2009, 01:44 PM
Man all the great feedback... *sniff* this is what keeps me creating levels for the community. I'm really happy to have made a level that so many can enjoy. you guys kick butt. mrsupercomputer- is there any levels you want me to play? let me know so i can get you some feedback.

04-18-2009, 03:54 PM
mrsupercomputer- is there any levels you want me to play? let me know so i can get you some feedback.
I've finally started working on a new level, but it's probably gonna be a bit before I finish. I'll let you know when I do though!

04-19-2009, 01:37 PM
Ok, the level has been republished. This may remove me from the competition, but in actuality, i'll be more satisfied with you guys being happy. I love to hear from you guys the great ideas which transform all of my levels into a shiny new penny (metaphorically speaking)

so if any of you guys hearted it, and you feel like you want to keep it hearted to play again, you'll have to go back and re-heart it. (please?) :) if not thats kay too. thanks for the honest feedback, F4F is closed for this level, however, if you REALLY want feedback, go ahead and post it up in here, and i'll get to it when i get a chance.

You guys ROCK!