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08-25-2008, 03:59 PM
An idea I just had... hope it works. no level designs yet though.

The game begins with your sackboy going up to a house, reading a note.
“Dear Sackboy… You have won a free house! Follow the directions to your FREE house…”
Then, Sackboy opens the door, and just finds a bunch of… nothing. There’s no furniture in the house at all, except for a note on the ground. Go to the note to read…
“Sackboy… I have stolen everything in your house! And there’s no way you’ll ever be able to find them again! Muhahahahahaha!”

So, Sackboy decides to go find the furniture ffrom his house, and the story or what there is of it) is set.

Here’s a list of items you need to collect:


And, finally, for the final level…

Stix-Vision (with his permission, of course.)

The furniture list is only temporary- it can change and such. Also, the way I see this working is you have to search a few levels located in the woods to the right (the hub world)- once you find them, I hope to make it so that it automatically appears in it’s pre determined place in your house- if this isn’t possible, you’ll have to carry it back to your house and place it down. Once everything (except for Stix-Vision) is in your house again, the final corridor to the final level appears, where you fight the guy who invited you to your house and stole all your stuff. Once you get Stix-Vision from him, you go back to your house and watch the ending- i.e. some guy walking on careen and something falls on his head. The End.

I may make some level designs later if I’m bored, which I probably will be, but I think this may be enough for now. So, essentially, you have to find a bunch of furniture, it magically appears in your house if I can get that to work, and bingo, a (hopefully) original idea.


EDIT: A few level designs.


The game starts off with a bang.
You appear on a platform over a conveyor belt; jump on the conveyor belt, and then a minigame ensures where you have to dodge those presses. Oh, and there will be a few scraps of cloth on the belt, all free from restraint, so you can technically move them.
At the end of the belt, you see a beetle- the beetle has two switches on it, one on its back and one on its front. It has a shell that moves between the two switches, so you have to jump on the one that isn’t covered by it. Once you do, the beetle is destroyed and the door opens.
Now, you are in a giant conveyor belt area. A stool is in the center of the room, so you have to jump up conveyor belts with more beetles and a new enemy, mechanical bats that you just have to jump on the heads of, to get to the stool.
After jumping across conveyor belts going to the left and right and using springs and such, you finally get the stool. Once you touch the stool, it disappears and will reappear in your house. Yay!
But we aren’t done here yet. There’s a Window left to find! As such, you have to go back to the entrance- yes, that conveyor belt at the beginning may have been moving to the right, but it also had a path to the left! So, go back and go to that path.
Here, There’ll be a couple of cogs, with a Window at the top. You have to jump from cog to cog, dodging the bats, while the giant cogs turn. Once you get to the window, and both stool and window are yours, a path to the entrance and your house appears.


When you arrive, you are on a racetrack flying a few feet above the ground. Go to the right, and a Sackboy will tell you he has a stool for the one who can beat his best time. Accept this challenge and a door opens- one you can’t go back out of. You now have to go through a racetrack as quickly as possible while fighting Bats and Beetles. Beat his time, and he’ll give you a stool. Yes.


When you enter, you are in a space surrounded by boxes. So, push the small block infront of you to get it out of the way, and go up. More block puzzles!
There will be some puzzles here I can’t really make on here, but you must move boxes to open paths and give you a place to jump up.
In any case, at the end, you’ll find a Couch- but wait. It’s too big. And it has eyes!
So, a boss- against a couch. The eyes are the weakpoint, and they are on the place where the indents on couches are- you know, behind your back when you sit. Anyway, you must jump up the sides, and go to the armrest. Then, a leap onto the eyes.
Each eye must be hit twice. And each time, you must climb up the armrest to hit that particular eye. When you defeat this beast, it shrinks into a- yes- couch!

08-25-2008, 08:12 PM
That is cool, but it started off like one of those old video games you type in, I think Zork. Funny stuff!!!!

08-31-2008, 04:53 AM
Sounds fun! I wouldn't mind you using Stix-Vision =D

I also wouldn't mind helping you make this :D