View Full Version : Building machines in a finished level

08-29-2008, 10:38 AM
I was wondering if anyone has been thinking of the actually machine that would allow you to build things in a finished level. I have read many level ideas that people wanted to allow people to create their own fortress or tower but nothing about how you can allow people to make their own once the level is published as you can only push or pull in a finished level.
For Example:
A forklift to pickup and move many objects or a single heavy one.
A crane to lift things up high and to rest it on top of another object nicely.
If anyone has ideas about how these could be made or was thinking about it please share your ideas.

This would be so cool so if you were playing a tower defense vs match each round would always be different and exciting to build something while having to worry about a enemy knocking down.

08-29-2008, 12:40 PM
Good question.

I'm just guessing here but this might work. It would have to be tested in game.

If you could place emitters on the ground facing up and have them emit regular 1x1 square blocks one after the other without knocking each other over you'd be halfway there. If you can set a limit on the total number of blocks emitted from say... 8 different emitters, you could in theory pull a series of switches to build a castle.

Another way would have an emitter set on a movable cart set above the playing area. You could pull one switch to make it go back and forth and another to drop a block or have it drop blocks automatically for a set amount of times. The second option would create some interesting looking "castles". :)

Then use a cannon to knock your buddies castle down.

Not sure how any of this would work. Just ideas. You'd have to have the knocked away or hit blocks dissolve.