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05-09-2009, 05:18 AM
OMG, nobody made a thread about this? This is one of the best community level I've EVER played. It's full of eyecandy and very, very fun. It has some sweet technology and is very creative. I hearted it and the creator, and rated it 5/5.

LEVEL NAME: The Bunker
PSN: Poms


05-09-2009, 06:22 PM
It is a very very good level. Definitely worth playing.

It looks amazing in parts (under water) but I have a few reservations about it. I think these are mainly due to the phenomenal position it's holding at the moment within the game, personally I'm not sure if it is fully worthy.

While there is no doubt it is an amazing level and definitely better than 99% of the levels out there, I felt it was a bit short and a bit samey. You seem to just do the same thing quite a lot...(pull a bomb switch, blows a hole open, pull a switch located in the hole...it opens up a path). I feel it just needed a bit more variation in concepts and contraptions in order to fully deserve the praise it is getting.

The boss also seemed a bit of a ripoff of one of the MGS ones, and was also abit tame and easy.

I'm sure I'm being overly critical, there is no doubt everyone should play it. I think it may just be because of the outrageous hearts : plays ratio it had last time I looked that is making me overcompensate to even it out :)

05-10-2009, 01:19 PM
Meh, it wasn't the best level; but it was alright. I mean, I've seen better.

So yeah, I gave it a 3/5.

05-10-2009, 05:36 PM
Hi there, I'm the bunker creator.
Thanks for your constructive opinion. The truth is I never spected this "success", and I never pretended to be the best creator of the comunity or making the best level.
I published a so much challenging version of The bunker at the end of January... and nothing happened. I've been updating the level continously by playing online with other players. I realized very soon than players not ever do what creators spected. I mean the boss can be a bit "dummy", but still some players think it's too hard.
My intention was that players arrive to the end of the level, cause if they don't you normaly get 1 star.
I know than average players may think my level is too easy, but we have to accept than the most of the players of this wonderful game are young teenagers or even younger.
I know it's not the best level ever, and I accept that some people doesn't like it, but, wich is the Best level of the comunity? this is a very personal opinion, and what it's sure about The Bunker it's than it's easy to play for lots of players, it's very detailed, and it's funny to play... and that's what this game is about.


PD. Jackofcourse, I love your flaming timberland 1 and 2.

05-10-2009, 05:55 PM
Poms, I fully agree with your point, my first two levels (which I have now took down) were far too difficult for most and as you said the players rarely do what you expect. As I've created more, and I'm sure this is the same with a lot of us, you start to realise and understand what is possible and viable and also eventually you start to understand how a subjective player thinks.

I think this is the key to making good levels, while it is hard not to get drawn into your own little world, you must try and stay subjective in order to think how the average player thinks. This then means the levels stay precise and understandable and while the obstacles can still be tricky, players won't mind this as long as they are fair and it is clear what you have to do.

Your level is definitely worth playing, in my opinion. It is very well made and incredibly detailed (the underwater part is beautiful.) While I'm not really a fan of the jetpacking kind of levels, I thought it was used quite well in yours, and as a creator I can definitely appreciate the effort that went into making it. Looking forward to seeing more of your work :)

Thanks for giving my levels a go :) Glad you enjoyed.

Matt 82
05-10-2009, 05:56 PM
Yeah I liked it. I agree that pulling the switches to progress wasn`t exactly exciting, but then there was at least a challenge to get to the switch in the first place. And it was a very detailed level so it got 5 stars from me.

05-14-2009, 09:34 AM
Yeah I played this level when I first saw it, it's fantastic.

05-14-2009, 07:35 PM
Hi, I'd just like to thank the whole comunity for the more than 40.000 plays "The Bunker" had this week.
I know than being in front page helps alot to reach this amount xDD, but after months of getting 1 or 2 plays per day, I feel very shocked everytime I read the number of plays xD.
This is a link to a French page that's got a video of my level:

I'd like to ask you guys, if you think it's ok to leave messages in other levels announcing your own levels. This is something I never did with my levels, and I wonder if these people really play other users levels. I think they just leave the message and go to the next level to leave another message.

I'd also like to mention, that after this last week, I found out there's alot of competition between creators.
For instance, some messages were left in my level saying how crappy it was, and he was giving the level only 1 star.
I watched this guy profile, and I saw he hadn't published any level, but his hearted levels belonged them all to the same creator (yes, a good creator of the comunity), so it's clear that he was using a second account to put other creators work down.
I think this is very sad.

Anyway, the 99,9% of the messages were positive. And I'd like to thank them all.

One last thing. I'll do "The Bunker 2", but first I'll do another level, the thing is I'm affraid this level will take me so long, that maybe I'll publish it in LBP2 xDDDDDD

Thank you all guys!!

PD Sorry if my English is not very good... I'm Spanish xD

05-14-2009, 11:54 PM
Hi Poms,

Really cool level. Great scenery with some fun platforming woven in. Great job.

..to your question concerning putting ads on others levels. I don't do it.

I ignore it when I see them left on on my levels, but it sometimes bugs me a bit. I would like it if they would at least leave a comment saying if they liked it or not when they leave their ad. That would be a bit more genuine for example if they commented and they suggested one of theirs as they did something similar etc..

However there are quite a few that don't even play the level and just visit any level getting plays and and spam away. Oh well... I'm not losing sleep over it!

Again.. great level !!

Take care!

05-16-2009, 06:44 PM
This level is really good - go play it now if you haven't!
I just played it the other day and was very much impressed, just genius ideas and creations.

05-18-2009, 04:51 PM
I played this level too. I thought it was fantastic. I loved the visuals and effects and it also had some really cool gameplay elements. The boss was cool too.

I gave it a 5 stars and a heart.:)