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Shining Aquas
05-10-2009, 06:16 AM
Before I go into HEIST, I need make known an especially large crevice that seems to have popped up recently, the origins of which spawned from the renowned MGS level pack. Obviously, we all loved it. How could we not after all, when the contents of which included some cool music, awesome building materials, and the paintinator? I suppose what is confusing me is the fact that it hasn't really expanded much into the level creation process with any apparent level of synchronization. When you play a level made by fans, you can see as many as several different backdrops and themes present. I've seen levels that can go from desert to blizzard and finish with a jungle basin, and I've seen levels that travel from grasslands to caves and even into the pits of hell. However, I have yet to see one level that has a decent amount of compenents from both MGS and the standard pack. All levels I've seen are either made entirely from MGS pieces, or not at all. Where's the union?

Anyway, onto the main portion of our feature film, HEIST is a level designed entirely with the use of MGS materials, MGS theme, MGS music, and maybe a couple of standard pack pieces. Also, try not to take my initial rant in the wrong direction, because despite the fact that this level feels about as close to Metal Gear in theme as painting camo on your ****er and eating snakes, the level is absolutely fantastic. I spent a good majority of the level simply being blazed by the baffling beauty that boasted brightly binged benevolence out of every bloody orifice (whew). The main premise of this stage is that you are an expert thief that's part of group of bandits. You are infiltrating a museum said to hold one of the world's largest diamonds, and plan to jack it before security is none the wiser. This entails going through the entire level swiftly and unseen, silently stepping through secure safeties sealing simply sound riches using stealthy skills and strong senses. Also, I need to stop doing that.

While I won't overview the entire level because half the fun is playing and experiencing the level yourself, I will point out one of the key characteristics of the level: multiple pathways to an ulterior goal. Aside from the generally gorgeous graffiti ingrained graciously within gorgNO NO NO BAD SA! NO BISCUIT!!!

.......It's ok, I feel better now. Anyway, the level boasts multiple paths that will all lead to the end goal of stealing the diamond. Mutliple paths as we all know have the ability to be amazingly good but can also make things feel lackluster if neglected (cough Twilight Portal cough), and luckily in the case of HEIST we can travel through a myriad of fun and exciting courses all of which feel equally satisfying in their own ways.

Once you reach the end, you must attempt to grab the diamond while remaining undetected. After you grab the diamond (which I should warn is ENORMOUS) you make it out of the museum and laugh in cheery glee at the success of your robbery. Extra points (literally) to anyone that can manage to steal the gem undetected.

Overall, the level is flawless. Everything is absolutely perfect from the atmosphere to the textures, plus it's also mildly challenging and overall incredibly engaging. A wonderful treat for anyone and their mum.

Final Score:
10 /10
Yes, you are reading that correctly. This level is absolutely flawless in every way, and I really couldn't ask for anything better. Members and many more shouldn't miss this magnificent memoir amongst morally missed menageries and makeshi-"GUNSHOT!!!"

05-11-2009, 06:02 AM
Thiefs and diamonds? Exactly what I need ...

05-11-2009, 01:20 PM
I totally agree with the review and the score. Only one problem... the sequel to this was better (with one of the most interesting final bosses I had ever seen). Which means, if you gave it a 10 out of 10 what score could you give the sequel? 11?

Does MrGenji know you're doing this review? I haven't seen him in a LOOOONG time.

Awesome series!

05-25-2009, 06:25 PM
*cough* I am still alive, I sort of got bored for LBP though. Nice to see this review done though :D (Even if it was 2 weeks ago hehe)

Thanks for all the great comments, It's spurred me to finally get HEIST 3 finished if nothing else

05-26-2009, 12:20 AM
'sup Genji. I agree with the review and with Ccub. HEIST 2 is one of my favorite levels... I love it.

Hope you enjoyed the break... ease back in slow, that's what I did.