View Full Version : "Single Player Only" by CENTURION24

05-18-2009, 06:36 PM
A friend of mine showed me this today, and although it might be a bit tough to implement in a thermo heavy level or confuse players so much that it will incite a bad rating (moreso than normal lol), and result in the scoreboard tallying up all names for multiplayer scores...

...it is still a sound concept for all you creators with mind bending visuals and too much complexity who suffer from framerate issues and internet lag, or have story driven levels that lend themselves well to an immersed patient single player who can take their time to read... or for those levels where camera follow just is not up to snuff.

Someone should check it out, and play with it a little for possible improvements until MM finally gives us a single player only option.

Level: "SINGLE PLAYER ONLY" a creators level.